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  1. In boys over flowers manga, there is a scene where Makino loudly muses if Rui should declare his feelings for Shizuka before she leaves for Paris. Rui was hesitating as he didn’t want to hold Shizuka back. But then Tsukasa points out that in not disclosing his feelings would be to equivalent of not loving that person. What does difference does it make then? Friendship or love... It’s a tough choice. People may ask, why not have both? The risk losing a close friend who has been with you through the best and worst of times can be daunting.There are people who tend to stay
  2. @Nodame ❤️ Love your bullet points... Didn't like the part where VP was remarking that he and EH used to correspond with each other for a year. He is trying to create insecurity in CH. It didn’t help that EH didn’t disclose the truth. Well, all is fair in love and war... Simply adored the way, CH was looking at EH at the pub while relating to what EJ had mentioned earlier about EH. I just hope CH gently nudges EH to look at him only and gives her no room to create fake excuses to get out of her comfort zone. But did he not really realize his feelings for her all thes
  3. @Redpinkboxes @triplem ❤️ Loved EH telling off the ex. She doesn’t deserve this negativity in her life. VP needs to take some time off and understand what he wants in life and move on. And maybe take some classes in how to not to get the girl through stalking/cat fishing. Love how both the sisters are looking out for each other. EJ knew that EH would be hurt had she had taken advantage of CH’s crush on EJ. It goes to show that even though family might hurt you, if you are lucky enough family will be there for you when it counts. Next 100 % pct sure that EH wil
  4. Was CH telling EH about his marriage interview? Did EH jokingly say that she likes him the most? Hopefully, in tomorrow’s episode, CH doesn’t tell EH to return back VPs feelings... Really think that there is more to Father’s other son story. Maybe Father Must have thought it is easier to lie about the affair rather than tell the truth and fall even further down in Mother’s eyes.
  5. The parents marriage started off totally off balanced. The father had an insecurity of not being as well educated as the mother & the mother had to be obliged to the father for marrying her while she was carrying another man’s child. Adding to it were the financial crisis which happened when the father supposedly supported a second Family. (We still don’t know what exactly has happened). Worse part, was when the mother tried to self abort the brother by keeping EJ as a witness. On top of it, she had only stayed back in the marriage for the sake of her children. Both parents were
  6. @larus EH is a person who tries to make everyone happy. Her redeeming quality is that as soon as she recognizes her mistakes, she tries to fix them.(apologizing to EJ &CH) Now that since her brother has pointed out that she was taking advantage of CH, she is trying to keep a distance from CH. Hopefully, this will help her realize how people around her are. The way her colleague, VP & ex girlfriend were treating her might end up being a wake up call. Like EJ pointed out, EH has a tendency to play the victim card. She reacts impulsively but she does have everyone’s b
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