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  1. Last night's ratings went up to 5%! https://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Beauty_Inside/Episode_Ratings Congrats to the team!
  2. This post about ISH's perspective of the drama and how tough the filming was done but came out beautifully like that. So happy they got what they deserve like the high ratings and great popularity without too much forced exposure unlike other dramas. Even when I watched the latest vlive of them, one of the comment said that his/her grandma also loved our drama, means that this drama really touches the heart of anyone who sees it. Daebak! https://www.soompi.com/article/1234103wpp/im-soo-hyang-explains-id-gangnam-beauty-means-working-cha-eun-woo-like
  3. May I know if it is just me but I can not see your posts including the latest post which you posted a vlive alert. Can you help me about this?
  4. Wow, means that we are gonna get a bunch of lovely pictures of the casts again. So happy that they get such rewards which is absolutely meaningful for them as they will feel that their hardwork has been paid off congrats to the casts and crews!
  5. Hope you enjoy the ride until the last episode! I currently also love this drama so much and I bet that I will love it for a very long time. It does not have any confusing plot. Just a very enjoyable ride that makes us feel less stressful. I feel my youth finally came back as I watched this drama although I am still 23 y.o., I do not know why but I already feel that I am old lol. This is a really refreshing drama unlike others. Actually WWWSK was also light but I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoy this drama. Hope that it will be aired in other countries as well so that this drama will get more and more popular.
  6. The OST Dday sung by Jung Gi Go is definitely my current favorite now. The music just lights up my mood and starts imagining the romantic scenes and Kyung Suk's smile lol. Hope to see the best ratings for the finale. Glad that this drama becomes so popular and so with the casts.
  7. Already got this withdrawal syndrome so soon. The BTS is so cute. This is what I would call a drama to relieve my stress though it is contented with life value to follow. An unforgettable drama with unforgettable cast. Im Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo, Jo Woo Ri and the others are so good! Sad that I did not join this thread sooner
  8. Hi, guys! I am new to this thread but I have been a silent reader for a while. Honestly, at first I really did not have any interest in watching this drama because I thought, "Okay, the lead is handsome and an idol but surely he can not act." But after a couple of weeks I saw a few videos on my IG about this drama, I began to see something interesting, like the female lead's fashion which was totally my type and also the handsomeness of the male lead really attracts me. His eyes and gaze though OMG. Although he appeared to be quite stiff in acting, I can understand as he is a really newcomer in acting but he is so adorable in his role here. Though his acting is not that good, but his chemistry with the other actors is very very good, most importantly with Im Soo Hyang. OMG Cha Eun Woo is so handsome. I thought that no korean actors born in 90liners are handsome but Eun Woo suddenly came up to this drama. The last time I was so into a drama was when I watched Pretty Noona but that show disappointed me in various ways that it did not exceed my expectation. But this drama, how I should say it, that I did not have any expectation and I just went with the flow of the story and the story just won me completely. The warmth of the story, the actors' acting and chemistry, and finallyyyy the kiss!!! Thank God It's Friday!!! A beatiful friday indeed because we got a really passionate kiss from our Do Kyung Suk. The scene in the preview when they are cuddling while Kyung Suk said something like he would propose to her in the future like that, OMG, Kyung Suk's lovely stare to Mi Rae is just killing me. Actually I do not like to watch a drama with an actor younger than me but Eun Woo made me want to watch this. He is 2 years younger than me, but he is so manly in this drama. Do Kyung Suk character fits him so well. Im Soo Hyang is also really good. Her New Face dance was really good. Hope to see a really beautiful finale
  9. Actually I love spoilers but I can not open the link that you attached on your post. I really want to know about Dong Mae's character and Hina's character. Do you have another link? Thank you very much. Oh, so sad for those two. Why would they yearn for the leads when they have each other to lean on. If they become the secondary couple, it would be epic!
  10. How I wish Kim Eun Sook will create a secondary couple from the second leads like she used to in her most dramas because that is one of her strength in writing her dramas. Unlike other dramas that tend to stretch the love triangle until the very end. Maybe it is because Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Min Jung's great chemistry that makes me ship them even we are just in the beginning. But Eugene and Ae Shin are also described as non lovers in the relationship chart while almost in all of the synopsis in various websites tell that Eugene will fall in love with Ae Shin lol so can I still expect a love story between Hina and Dong Mae? Even if it will end in a tragic way, at least let them have another love line therefore they will not be yearning for Eugene nor Ae Shin whom will be the end game.
  11. I also love Hina's character even we are still in the beginning phase of the story. Though we are introduced by her attraction to Eugene, I wish she and Dong Mae will have a love line despite Dong Mae's character is described as a man who will love Ae Shin. I don't know why but I am more attracted to Hina than Ae Shin. Hina is just effortlessly strong and mysterious.
  12. Hi. I watched the long trailer last night and I saw the scene where Yoo Yeon Seok hugged Kim Min Jung. I thought that they would be the second lead couple like Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won in DOTS and Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na in Goblin, but the character poster of Yoo Yeon Seok tells that he will love only Kim Tae Ri's Goo Ae Shin. It even says 'the one and only woman he loves'. And the character relationship chart color is green which is a friendly relationship, not romantic. So, we won't have any secondary couple? Because the chemistry of Kim Min Jung and Yoo Yeon Seok is already good just looking at that one hug scene.
  13. I know that I am very late to join this thread but I am really in love with the Yeline, especially with Lee Jun Hyuk. God, I have also heard about the shipwar back when the drama was still airing but I have to say that I was already on the Yeline ship even in the beginning of the drama. When Dr Ye character first popped up, I was already smitten by his handsome face and his mysterious aura. And when he finally smiled in the end of ep 4 when he looked at Bo Young's shadow, God, I was onboard on that ship! If anyone says that his character is not a first male lead material, IMO, he is a really first male lead material. He has that mysterious aura in him and he is also distant to others and I find his character is quite a mixed of various first male lead, except that he does not have a lovehate relationship with our female lead, but he is just making a distance. I really love that he is so mature and when Bo Young lied when she went to the interview, he did not get mad at her, instead, he thought that it was his mistake that he was unapproachable to her. He tried to fix his unapproachable behavior and thus made our female lead become more smitten to him. How thoughtful he is. He is so lovable in his own way. And I agree that when I really love someone, I try to show my best side of me to him and it is not because I am not comfortable to him, it is just I want him to know that he also loves the right woman. Dr Ye is a really good listener and finally Bo Young can open up to him. A relationship like that, IMO, will last forever because the man is really mature and the woman understands her man really well and tries to understand him and his own way to love her. A relationship when the couple try to learn each other slowly but surely like that is my favorite. I knew Lee Jun Hyuk since City Hunter and I remembered I loved his character so much back then. He has an amazing acting skill, killer smile, and a very handsome face. Truly a male lead material. I hope to see him in a drama again soon and also Lee Yu Bi. I love her in a comedic like this.
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