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  1. This is so sad, I'm seriously looking forward on the process on how they'll fall in love with each other. From EP1 that really bothers me, they made HW and JS look so deeply in love with history backing them up, childhood friend as a foundation is strong to begin with. It went on and on for a couple of episodes which for me is a risky one.. some viewers refuses or is not easily convince with the subtle changes/moments the Main Leads had.. that for me is a make or break situation production wise. The drama had a very different approach too, well tbh I find it a tad slow and boring at times too.. but the chemistry is there and I really love the pairing, I'm a fan of theirs individually.. or some already knew that HW is already captivated with SW without him realizing the obvious, that makes other viewers impatient. Whatever the reason was.. It is still a great drama for me! I'll be watching until the end.
  2. @egv same here, I'd also like to know if OSTs are going to come out as well Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. for me all I know is Itaewon Class stint had me going for 3 months, I was happy and excited more delulu lol felt frustrated at some point but overall it became my #1 Drama.. maybe because I've fallen so hard with Ji Yi Seo and Kim Da Mi. Park Seo Joon is already a top tier actor and as expected he was brilliant throughout but (for me) KDM is the masterpiece of the show.. she made JYS my most favorite FL, she's just crazy good. The drama was terrific for me, I thought with the story flow and build up.. I was pretty sure that'll come a tad bit short at the end as I'm not really a fan of this Love Triangle that lasts almost forever. At first they convinced me that SRY truly loves OSA in the long run I realized no, that wasn't the case.. he just felt the attraction from the first time feeling admired and that OSA (PNR) is a beauty. Am I saying it's just attraction or puppy love? no, I still consider it as genuine love romantically.. she was his first love that's just how it is, but she wasn't the one, the one that'll made his heart beat like anything before.. the one that he had no idea what and how much it hit him. One only thing I hate about the show, is that they made me hate OSA in the beginning.. gosh I felt so bad throwing stones from someone who swore to fought injustice by her own method, it wasn't as glorious as SRY but she suffered as much as he does.. she might not be blood related but she was hurt and retaliated like a real daughter. I'm glad how they compensate her lol kidding aside, she deserves to be free and happy like how she wish for SRY, her "daebak" speaks VOLUME we all know she's tellin the freak^n truth. Also commending they finally gave SK his moment he gave me almost all the laugh in the show, but his character is truly unique and the most realistic one for me. He is not special nor had an exceptional abilities in the show.. he was simply woken up by SRY's conviction that made him realize to believe in himself that he also deserve and is worthy of a decent life. Itaewon Class, FIGHTING! Each one of the cast had been stellar that goes for the whole production as well. Manse! (P.S. I hope they publish the webtoon in English Subs.. also release blue-ray DVD and OST too *wishful*) Back to lurking mode, looking forward to the next drama that'll make me come out of the cave again...
  3. @Alice Wonderland On point, YS and SRY was written constantly that makes it more appealing.. I get what you mean by slowly changing them into a cryfest, they change them in a way that their characters distinction or identity is suddenly lost, with IC you see that those change are actually developments, progresses with the character traits still being intact. EP 12 highlights for me: SRY got schooled. "Freedom comes with a price." (This was deep ) MHY fighting the world. Poem. JYS is no kid. She's being an adult sucking up her personal problems, fighting and taking responsibility head on. OSA getting rejected. (It seems for me that for once, SRY acted cool for JYS infront of OSA) TK's grandma. (Lol, I knew it ) Ms. Kang still being active on the drama. OSA should've stick with Ms. Kang as a mentor. Preview.. FINALLY, JYS with long black hair and SRY looking slick the I LOVE YOU-fest is coming kyaa~
  4. Be putting this on spoiler, sorry late replies KDM is really something! I mean PSJ is a well known actor maybe one of the top tier in the industry.. but KDM is solely the reason I'm crazy waiting for fridays and saturdays that scene particularly broke my heart, as she was currently in cloudnine then here come SK setting up a wild fire..
  5. I feel terrible, my poor heart cries with YS I may borrow SRY's word "it's bound to happen" . It's heartbreaking how she had hope with the SRY's words can't blame the guy, from the start he seeks her for business advice. Their first encounter is just him really being upright and that's just him. Overall, I think YS liking SRY had her back in life.. I thought she just goes with it, I meant for DanBam crew was just all for SRY.. but it wasn't the case, I was badly mistaken. She did adjust, tried to be understanding and eventually accepted the things she'll never bat an eye with before, her relationship with HY proves that she grew in a +note. With TK didn't see that coming all I thought was the grandma in the alley was someone who is somehow related to Jangga Co. HY sure knows what's going on, she's a manager material. SK thinks the same with the chestnut minus the mischievousness (romance dept) GS, hmm.. GS is digesting everything, man-ing up with his decision.. Yea sure he's acting the bad guy with the chef but he did the right move, for me it's all just reality hitting him hard in regard of business.. but went a total jerk with truth or dare game, jerk in a way that it's excusable for me, imo. Romantic feelings will always have expectation just like JYS with SRY.. GS is claiming a mark on her and is checking on where he stands, I mean his purpose maybe selfish but it also helps JYS to get her feelings across.. but was still a trash move. Gotta say, GS he just earned a spot on the poker table. Now that it seems JYS is going MIA for a while, clearly seen on the preview that JYS is the brain of DanBam we'll see the team struggle without the bad richard simmons kid leader also the perfect time to know if the drama could hold the glamour. Personal thoughts: No hard feelings with SRY, he simply doesn't like her back. JYS tasting her first defeat, looking forward on how she'll manage. HY, GO GIRL!!! SK the catalyst lol. SA, glad that she's finally back on track with her character. I'm nervous with 5 episode left with the pending time skip, I seriously hope that it's not going to look like it's being rushed.
  6. @Alice Wonderland It's unfortunate really.. but the show is trying to convey a message so I'll keep my faith with JGS and SRY till the end. That plan is what I'm hoping for and wish it will be done discreetly like an unsung hero -- For romance part.. exactly! it's way more interesting than waiting the mildang-trope-unrequited kind of drama. I bet she's gonna leave.. her sole reason is SRY and none of the crew is really bonding tight with her.. I also want to see how others(danbam crew) would truly accept JYS as she is, I mean for me it kinda feels they are just tolerant about her. Someone already mention about being "solid" (DanBam as a team) as of now I don't see the density of it. Why I wonder using more time by dragging the triangle when there a tons of thing to work on, like hmm? showing us how the crew is little by little forging the foundation to have the same relationship with one another, like they have with SRY
  7. @Alice Wonderland I know it's frustrating but that's how he is different from the Father and Brother duo. He values family even if it's rotten, he once left the household.. before he feels not needed which is true, he is only a 2nd option by Chairman Jang. The difference before now and then is right now Chairman Jang is getting screwed and might go under, you see the dilemma he was at the rooftop then HY assures him that what he feels is normal, blood is blood. To me that's like 40% of the reason, sooner or later he had to leave DanBam coz involve or not personally he already has an ill fated relation with SRY tho if it was just GS without the J they could really be brothers. The rest probably is his growing spurt of emotion towards JYS, it's really hard to be a bystander while watching the one thing you treasures the most is being disregarded by someone else.. that ignited him to take YS away. It's pretty much evident when JGW went to DanBam for scouting JYS, he said 'Whatever it is, don't mess with YS' that certainly says he's prepared and more than willing to go through hell to protect JYS, we all know that his father and brother is his demon. I KNOOOW! This romance thing is not handled carefully, they tested the waters for too long and probably will for 1-2 more episodes. It's getting frustrating.. I'm not really sure what they're trying to do this time? slow-burn romance then a sudden time skip? Yikes.
  8. @ari_bian Yeah.. honestly it's frustrating how she needed to go that far, showing how SRY doesn't even have the 1% idea of something. Thus she ended with the conclusion that his head is just full of Jangga Co. then there goes JGW who had to receive her pent up annoyance. Probably HY is the most quick witted, aside from JGS who knew what's going on. We have to wait for another week to see.. I mean I'm basically cussing while watching.. why the hell doesn't he have a clue on why JYS chose DanBam when she has like none absolutely nothing to gain in her stead talking about career-wise and it wasn't even her dream, she didn't have one to begin with. More over she's not the nosy type to care with other's affairs. Get a clue but that's just me losing it @serenilmauve The biggest dilemma for forum users, I do use other sites too.. rips. probably but the layered advertise and pop-ups are a real headache.. I just gave up EP 10 (thoughts)
  9. Itaewon Class never fails to amuse me, from plot twist, angst, especially the story flows perfectly. Here's my 2 cents on EP 9 ( had to put it in a spoiler tag, I spouted a little bit too much ) LOL! I missed gushing over KDM's aegyo with just her voice over on the group chat. It got me squealing all over the place, with just her voice it seems like a HS kid stanning on her crush Yi Seo,Ro Yi, Love HAHAHAHHA!
  10. @serenilmauve Oh I see, thanks now I don't need to bother looking for one. It's a little frustrating that I can't screencaps or anything with Netflix too I have not watch EP 9 yet, and it seems that were gonna have this love triangle for the long run.. well might as well enjoy the ride. Off to watch EP 9.
  11. @serenilmauve It is, and a terrific point. I love your interpretations of their clothes that stays true or speaks a lot with the characters respectively. Same goes with their pub, as I see the exterior and interior of Jangga Co is quite the vintage type, distinctly opposite of DanBam. Now by looking at the press con photos again, I can now distinguish or it is easily distinguish who's side who's on, mean OSA and Chairman Jang is dressed uptight lol Modern hanbok by Chairman Jang is aesthetically pleasing in my eyes, though in real life I'm a SRY and probably prefer Jangga Co for a night out. (I just love/prefer traditional ambience) Do you guys mind if I ask where do you watch Itaewon Class? I'm watching it on Netflix but the subs keeps on changing, I'm not sure if they were updating it to be more accurate. I do want to go over other subs too, just to compare.
  12. @serenilmauve I'm going to vote for the chic style they went for any day! But I do love that they went webtoonie with chairman Jang, it's a rare one or I'm just not familiar with the kind of style.. but yeah pretty much tired with the chaebols-villainy going on full suit/tux ('makes a man') but again they were working on corporate formal attire is an ethic. I find it so amusing and charming how KDM pulls off every clothing she wears up until now.. gotta admit, I'm not the fashionable type..barely appreciate every clothing from kdramas as they were supposed to be stylish. JYS wears every sort and somehow I'm liking every outfit only exception when she wore a full boots KNR is dashing as always, if I heard it right? she's an idol turn actress right? she's definitely got the visual that cold eyes perfect for OSA. Meanwhile PSJ is a babe
  13. Kim Da Mi look so gorgeous! that full black-pony'd is stunning I was a bit curious why didn't they go full blonde following the webtoon, on second thought, trash that idea lol