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  1. Such an amazing edithttps://twitter.com/maddogbitesme17/status/1273863748516589568?s=20
  2. Nevetheless that girl killed her mate even without LR. So some events are just doomed) May be earlier LR helped Ji -Hun's dad to die but now it happens without his potential help.
  3. Absolutely. That's why he retains memories. He came back with LG to their changed world in 2020.
  4. Because He has to be synchronized with new LG. Or you think the last one just disappeared?) This is what I called a change of memories - when new ones from a new time loop are added to their old ones. Yes, the old ones didn't change. Everyone involved remembers (JY. SJ.TE.) - what we were shown. Others - I guess, the same. The girl investigator remembered that there was no recording of a telephone conversation before) But the main characters know what all the changes and new memories are connected with, for others this may seem like a mystery. The question is how significant they are
  5. It is absolutely essential. Because that's the only way to demonstrate to us that we have exactly the same girl . Who went through everything, like LG. And their story is still real. Otherwise, it would have ruined all their story we had been watching during 13 episodes. Her new experience, although similar to the previous one, is different and it's fundamental to perceive their couple as always and what they went through. And LG remembers a new meeting in the square, because as her memories changed, so did his. Another thing is that we were not shown how our LG and LG from the
  6. Our prince charming:) https://www.instagram.com/p/CA7H7rIgJsa/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
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