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  1. @ck1Oz I also think OMS is a great actor, and he isn't a sterotypical evil or pathetic character here either. There is certainly no perfect human being and everyone makes mistakes but JW's mistake was doing everything on his own and hurting both himself and SA in the process. Now do I feel bad for him bc of the divorce, losing a year of his life and his mother being the way she is? Yes I do, I think their relationship could've been a lot better if there was no pressure from his mom, but would SA fall for him in that situation I don't know bc I don't know if he would have changed if his mother wasn't around so much. Now do I think he is a nice guy and is worthy of getting SA back? No, I don't think so, not yet. If you remember his exact words after SA alluded to him having an affair and she left, he said "I have been caught", that sounds to me more like he thinks his mistake is that he was caught and not that he actually did it and he didn't even tell her about it yet, so he still isn't ready to communicate honestly with her. Sure his way of thinking and actions can change later on and at that point he would deserve a second chance in my opinion but he isn't there yet and sadly SA will not be waiting around until that happens bc their time flows differently now, they are at a different starting point and that sure is frustrating. So I like the actor, he brings forth the emotions beautifully but his character is a complex character that made some mistakes that aren't easily corrected and in this premise they are irreversible. I hope that the writer doesn't choose a dark path for this character and instead shows that he can change and get over his pain and frustration and disappointment, that he can realize that loving someone and wanting to have someone are not the same and that some things just can't be forced. I hope he ends up happy bc he has the potential to be a good person but I don't want him to be with Hae Rang, she is someone who feels no remorse and despite knowing things are wrong she nonetheless does them. Everyone has a preference when it comes to actors and styles of their personalities just like everyone has a different taste when it comes to what they want in a partner, so it is understandable that all of us will have different views, hopes and expectations for the more complex situations and characters and sometimes some of those views surprise me when I read them.
  2. There are so many people ready to forgive Jin Woo for his infidelity and treat it like it's a minor thing when it's not. He had an ongoing affair with his secretary while telling his wife that he loved her, he got exhausted bc she didn't tell him that she loved him even though he knew all of that when he decided to pursue her. How come so many people think that it's okay to betray her trust and lie to her, when she has at least always been honest with him? How is that true love on his part? And what is wrong with Tae Rang being a nice guy and giving off those vibes? He protected Seol Ah when she was being mistreated, he got angry for her sake, he gave her comfort, he made her see some of the errors she made. For someone like her who was extremely selfish before, who didn't understand what giving love meant his tender and patient love is what she needs in my opinion. She needs to realize how being there for someone, doing simple things together can bring happiness. In my opinion she grew to love her husband but never really fell for him, he never really challenged her which I think was a big mistake. I believe that the good kind of love is the one that makes you grow as a person. The flame that ignites slowly but burns brightly for a long time is better than the quick sparks that disappear as fast as they appeared. Jun Hwi and Chung Ah need to have more screen time, the annoying blond ajumma has more screen time than the two of them and it's ridiculous. Also the police cases so far were boring for me, can't they give her something more exciting to work on. And where did Baek Rim disappear anyways? Aren't they best friends, why is he not around? Jun Hwi and Cheong Ah are the cutest part of the story so far for me but the screen time they get is way too short, especially for a lead couple. Seol Ah's story is interesting now but occupies too much time. I should've waited for the drama to finish before starting it, it really is addicting. Sidenote: Tae Rang and Seol Ah are supposed to be friends at this point in the story. but still it is shown that both of them feel awareness and are flustered whenever they have any sort of physical contact or in they are in close proximity so it's still early for anyone to say that they son't have chemistry.
  3. I saw a lot of articles that state that season 2 is going to be made, but unfortunately Zanilla aka the actress playing Chu Qiao doesn't want to take up the role again. Apparently she wants to try different roles and therefore doesn't intend to come back. But netizens expressed their wishes that they want the original leads to return - they've been expressing this wish for a long time, so I think that it's kind of irresponsible from her not to finish something she already started. I mean I understand her wish to explore new things but this role had a big impact on her carrier and she could just look at it as a gift to all those who loved the story and the characters and give us closure, and not to mention that the sequel would most likely be a success and she could only gain more success so it wouldn't harm her in any way. And I remember that after the series finished back in 2017 she and Kenny Lin basically expressed regret that the story ended unfinished, so I feel disappointed that she is seeing this role kind of like something that isn't worth her time anymore. At least that's what I'm getting from all this. P.S. Sorry guys, I just had to vent after seeing this news, and I got all of this from several articles I found through baidu so if they got some facts wrong I did too
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