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  1. I saw a lot of articles that state that season 2 is going to be made, but unfortunately Zanilla aka the actress playing Chu Qiao doesn't want to take up the role again. Apparently she wants to try different roles and therefore doesn't intend to come back. But netizens expressed their wishes that they want the original leads to return - they've been expressing this wish for a long time, so I think that it's kind of irresponsible from her not to finish something she already started. I mean I understand her wish to explore new things but this role had a big impact on her carrier and she could just look at it as a gift to all those who loved the story and the characters and give us closure, and not to mention that the sequel would most likely be a success and she could only gain more success so it wouldn't harm her in any way. And I remember that after the series finished back in 2017 she and Kenny Lin basically expressed regret that the story ended unfinished, so I feel disappointed that she is seeing this role kind of like something that isn't worth her time anymore. At least that's what I'm getting from all this. P.S. Sorry guys, I just had to vent after seeing this news, and I got all of this from several articles I found through baidu so if they got some facts wrong I did too
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