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  1. Same here. Seriously... these are best friends??! *Alexa, play The Closer I Get To You*
  2. Lol same here! To me it didn’t look like he was stiff or awkward or shy. He looks like he was wary and absolutely conscious of their actions. Being careful might be the right word. I mean just in case it gets to another level because to me... why does it seem like YJ is used to doing this?? HAHAHA and Bin was like “omg must control and hold it in or we’re gonna get caught” lol The annyeong was sooo cute! Man, I want more of these adorable silly videos. What I love about these selfies YJ uploaded is that they’re always glued to each other like his head was literally leaning on her head, elbow to elbow, her head leaning on his shoulder. Ahhh major couple vibes tbh. This is what made me ship them. Yejin was right. HB is literally 100% RJH. He does whatever YSR/SYJ wants.
  3. My fellow grocery shoppers, don’t mind the window shoppers. Just laugh it off like what HB & SYJ always do. To lighten up the mood, I wanna share this vid. I don’t see anyone sharing their thoughts on this vid posted by Yejin before because it was probably old. But this is hands down one of my fave video selfies of BinJin. Every time I see this vid, I squeal and laugh I could hardly contain it. I love the fact that even on a 20-seater bus like this, they’re always seated beside each other. (Yeah they’re promoting the movie but the bus is tinted anyways they could’ve sat beside their managers but they didn’t smh lol) And I’m cackling because I just realized the people in the bus are all asleep and then there’s them. *coughs* what are yall doing LMAO. These two silly best friends in love. And he’s even fanning her (best friend/PA/bodyguard). I don’t know if I should melt or laugh. Hahaha. Also, knowing HB’s shy personality, I thought he would hide or try to avoid the selfie but he didn’t, it’s just so cute and sweet how he lets her be
  4. Oh it seems like you crash landed into the wrong thread. But while you’re here, lemme show you a different vibe. LOL
  5. As far as I know, Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara have also paired up three times. I actually think they’re even. I mean, if you look at Yejin’s IG, Binnie’s face is all over her profile. So I can say that HB is also on the privileged side. Lucky Yejin for having HB look at her like she’s the only woman in the world. And lucky HB for melting YJ’s wall and for becoming a special male “best friend”.
  6. Oof. I knew this was really gonna blow up and the denial doesn’t affect me at all. It was expected. I don’t get those fans who scrutinize every little thing and proclaim that they’re sure they were holding hands when it’s not even clear! This annoyed me to a whole other level because as much as shippers were delighted about the holding hands issue, this jeopardizes BinJin’s professionalism and such a stupid issue to add a little stain on their images. Most importantly this saddened me because our couple won’t probably be as open now and will refrain from being seen together. I hope I’m wrong and hopefully though they won’t mind and go out and just laugh it off like they always do and remain the bubbly pair they are. Anyways, I don’t doubt these two at all and I’ll still be here waiting patiently for THAT news. I couldn’t agree more and y’all voiced out my thoughts.
  7. still in disbelief that it has already ended CLOY is one heck of a drama and i don't think i could find another drama as perfect, heart-wrenching and beautifully written as this, with the ideal and stellar cast and equally stunning OST. i'm so glad to have this thread to visit while having withdrawal symptoms.
  8. Congratulations in advance to VAST tho I’m crossing my fingers and praying that this will come true soon! I’ve always hoped that they’ll show Junghyuk and Seri’s domestic life with kids in CLOY. But it didn’t, I’ll be even happier if this happens in real life. Binnie said he wants to get married before turning 40. His wish of getting 22% ratings came true, I’m hoping his wish of finding someone and getting married sooner will come true as well. It’s all up to God now. I’m just here waiting for mini BJs hahahaha it’s a waste not to pass down those genes! About the pics, I’m actually confused what the selfie was for? That was sooo not JH and SR, more like BinJin
  9. I’ve gone way past the honeymoon phase cos I literally thought it looked like a maternity/family shoot When those photos came out, I didn’t see the CLOY watermark and also the photos were all over IG so I honestly thought VAST announced something like “We’re expecting!” LOL almost gave me a heart attack!! I badly want to be invisible just so I can peek at their phones to, you know, squeal at their selfies, check what their names on each other’s phones are, or if HB has an Instagram burner account that he used to message Yejin when they were both “coincidentally” in LA Hahaha
  10. Something’s confusing me... It was said that the wrap-up party will be on 13 Feb which is Thursday. But don’t they always celebrate the wrap-up party on the day of the final episode so the actors + staff could watch it together? That’s weird. Hmm. Seems like everyone will be busy on Valentine’s and on the weekend.
  11. Bin is like “ya’ll are gonna be the ones who’ll need this fan” if we see something more than the regular holding hands oof
  12. I’m a hardcore shipper of these two and I don’t want to bring the mood down but I really don’t think they were holding hands during that scene. Yejin was clasping her hands and her left thumb was on top that’s why it looked like it was Bin’s hand. You can see it clearly in the video that @BINGO_O posted. If you observe her posture and by the way she sat, it really looked like she was rubbing her hands. I personally think it would be so unprofessional of HB and YJ to hold hands during filming (it wasn’t even required in the scene). Unprofessional in a sense that them doing it will be at the expense of the drama/them getting negative feedback and creating a scandal, considering there are always knetz who will say something bad about them and scrutinize every little thing they do. There are knetz who support them and there are some that don’t. And we also know how the work ethics is in SK. There’s nothing wrong with holding hands but holding hands at work is something else and especially since our couple denied rumors of them dating, I can imagine knetz protesting that this behavior is scandalous and immoderate. Also, the reason why they were both shocked in the video was because the director said “cut” right away after a few seconds that’s why YJ said “Did you actually film this?!” cos it was too short I respect these two and I admire VAST for constantly taking action. Shipping and fantasizing about our couple once in a while is nice but let’s also be rational fans and protect BJ by not spreading false info that might get them in another scandal again. Just my two cents. PS, trust me tho when I say I badly want them to do more than just holding hands lol
  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as a HB fan! That interlocking fingers seemed so casual for them. No hesitation whatsoever and he looked genuinely happy. I was screaming inside seeing him intently gazing at her. Haha. I haven't seen other actors do that in BTSes, maybe being attentive like getting dirt from the other's face/hair or holding stuff for a fellow actor but not something like this unless it is necessary for the scene but I bet this wasn't even suggested in the script. Like you, I am also overjoyed seeing Binnie this jolly and all smiles most especially with SYJ, considering most of his fans acknowledge that he is such a guarded, reserved and boring person before. It's like seeing a new him. It's the Son Yejin effect indeed.
  14. Glad I am not alone I thought I'm going out of my mind replaying the bts and interviews! Hahaha He totally does! Well if you think about it, work doesn't feel like work when you're with your significant other If they're really together (I'll pretend I don't know anything lol), I'm glad that they get to see each other every day at work doing what they love. But it must be so hard to hide your relationship and keep your emotions (staring at her all the time) and actions (playing with his hair) under control when he/she is just right in front of you. But we know they are professional actors so it leads me back to Hyun Bin's answer on what his definition of a happy life is - "I think it's something that is so close yet so far. It's something you can find with a little tweak of your thoughts or in the smallest things in life. It's something that's right there, but it's hard to catch. Something that I always want yet isn't easy to get." This actually confused me, I mean when you're asked what a happy life is - usually you'll answer: being with family, getting to do what you want to do, having no regrets, etc. But his answer was "the smallest things in life" and "something that I always want yet isn't easy to get", that means his current position and standing in life makes him happy. The process of getting whatever THAT is which he always wanted makes him happy. I'd like to think these small moments with SYJ make him happy too (if it ain't obvious enough with his big boyish smiles in BTSes).
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