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  1. Episode 10 was really sweet. It portrayed new love, and how giddy one can be when one first fall in love...so cute. I agree with must of your insight; however, I just want to make one correction. DM did not turn off her cell phone, EG did. New thought I am an American and I do not fully understand how Korean's think, just as they do not fully understand how we think. I say this to say that there are always those who feel sorry for the second lead and I don't quite get it. I have pulled for the second lead in times where the first lead was being a Richard Simmons; however, in this case, the first lead has it all; talent, money, maturity, consideration for others, charisma, and is a sexy hunk of a man. Should DM fall for EG just because they grew up together? Should RG fall for DI just because he has known her for 10 years? Someone explain this second lead, (no matter how immature, conniving, and petty they are), to me. Yes, I do feel bad for EG, because he waited too late to confess. However, I do not feel sorry for him because, he waited to late to confess. If he really cared for DM as he says he does, he would want to see her happy. DM would not be happy with EG, he is like a brother to her. I do not feel sorry for DI at all. She comes to Korea, thinking that because she came, and has known him previously that RG is supposed to fall for her. I was hoping that the writer would make DI more mature, since all of these characters are in their thirties. DI knew when she told DM that RG wanted to end the fake relationship it was because he wanted a real one with DM. Therefore, why should I feel sorry for her. As I stated earlier, it must be a cultural difference that has some rooting for the second leads even when they are without merit. I cannot wait for episode 11. I am already feeling sad seeing RG crying. I hope whatever it is DM can help him and soothe his fears/worries.
  2. I am glad I watched last night's episode (#9). All the actors did a great job. You could feel the tension at the gallery because of RG and DM. I loved the lunch scene in the restaurant. It was hilarious, yet heart-wrenching to watch because everyone knew the two of them were hurting, but were at a lost as to what to do about it. Cindy was cute; when RG asked her why she did not let everyone know he was not cheating on DM. She said why should she he threaten to sue her. For the first time, I really felt bad for EG. He really loves her, but she sees him as the brother she never had. EG hurts when DM hurts, but this time she did not share with him as apparently she did in the past. This made him realize, DM really cares for RG. I hope the writer let's the character of EG come to accept his loss and wish DM well and let her know he is there for her always. The confession scene was perfect. Both of them nailed their parts. I cried when she cried, I sighed when they kissed. I loved it. Episode nine was well written and directed. I chuckled, laughed, was sad, cried, and sighed. I hope tonight's episode is just as good.
  3. I said I wasn't going to watch tonight's episode. @Sky8lue Thanks for the GIFs. Okay, okay I will watch tonight.
  4. I love this post because my interpretation is different from yours. DI knew RG did not like her when she, paraphrasing, said she needed him to be more than a mentor and critique her work and RG told her he could help her with he work, but could not offer her anything more. To me it was clear, I will help you as a friend, but that is all. It was not hard to interpret.; "I am not into you, in that way." The chemistry between DM and RG was so strong that the furniture maker thought that they were a couple. Sometimes, others can see the attraction before the two individuals involved. If he could see it, everyone else could see it also, including EG. EG, might have blurted out "innocently" (which I doubt, noting his behavior) that it was fake relationship; however, if he did not think that the two were attracted to each other, it would have been no need for him to embarrass himself as well as DM. I give you that EG might not have known that DI liked RG; however, EG does not know DI well enough to "innocently" blurt out DM's business to her. I do not think he is a simpleton, or as clueless as we think, there is a method to his madness. I also think he had a inking that DI liked RG. If he did not feel things were heating up with DM and RG, he would never ran to the furniture factory the way he did. When EG told DI about the fake relationship, he was also giving her the signal that RG was free, in the hope that somehow, RG would stop liking DM and turn his attention to DI and DM , heartbroken would come to him. If EG do not get his act together, he will also lose DM as a friend.
  5. You are correct in your assessment, DM would never imagine that it was EG would who told DI about the fake dating; however, RG is the one who told DI that he wanted to end the fake dating and why. Therefore, she knew he wanted to date DM for real when she made it appear to DM that RG wanted to end the fake relationship and inferred it was because he liked her, (DI). It was underhanded, lowdown, and sneaky; especially when DM just helped her put her house together...just plain rotten behavior. You are also correct that DM was feeling insecure about RG's feelings for her. I get that, I really do; however, DM and RG are great at communicating with each other. DM should have asked him, casually, about DI and their friendship. RG is a straight shooter, he would have either told DM the truth or that it was none of her business. I think, had she asked, because DI is also an artist, she would have gotten an honest answer. Great post.
  6. I have not had time to read the responses to the last two episodes; therefore, I hope that I am not expressing an opinion that has already been expressed. I was so disappointed at the end of episode # 8. I was hoping against hope that Da In would be as mature as character Jo Hye In was in Encounter or character Song Hae Rin in Romance, is a Bonus book. But I was wrong and now there will be wasted, as far as I am concerned, episode(s) of misunderstanding between RG and DM. These characters are supposed to be mature, (in their 30's.) I know, I know, fangirling is not mature. These characters have completed college, own their own business, or have successful careers, and still artist DI In has to stoop to this level, oh come on. As adults EG and DI should know by now, just because you come between two people does not guarantee that the person you like will suddenly fall for you. I am also sick of the "oh I am so humble" attitude. Just because some girl says, I like him, you are going to move aside and put away your feelings. My response, as DM, would have been to say sweetly, "well I like him too." Why should DM move aside because DI likes RG? Really? In the real world, DM would have waited until he told her he wanted to end the fake relationship. RG had already told her not until Cindy left the gallery; therefore, why take to heart the word of someone who has told you she likes him. Where are these women brain cells when I comes to men? Did their brain cells take a leave of absence? There are other plot lines this writer could have explored that would have interested me. For instance, why can't RG paint any longer. Why was he abandoned. What about a story line where DM helps RG through his trauma and they both start painting again and perhaps showcasing their art in a major gallery. The show could have also taken the opportunity to introduce us to a few major Asian, as well as new international artists. As I stated at the beginning of my post, I am disappointed. I am disappointed that the writer felt he/she had to write the artist DI character, in such a pathetic way, especially when she already knows that RG is not romantically interested in her, in order to move the story forward. I am thinking about skipping the next few episodes.
  7. I am with you. I think his thumb was positioned over a small portion of her lips; however, if you look closely, his lip is touching her lip. If his lips are touching her entire lips, I do not know, but from my viewpoint, it is a kiss.
  8. I am enjoying this drama to much to worry about the next ten episodes, they will be great. Since I watched "Romance is a Bonus Book", which did not have any, love triangles, major misunderstandings, the crazy mother or mother-in-law, or sandals, but was an excellent drama, I know this dramas does not need any major events to make it good. If this drama educates or reminds the public of the beauty in art and the deep emotions that are often revealed by the artist, then I am satisfied, especially since we already have the amazing chemistry between the leads. I do not think that RG is interested in the woman that was introduced in episode five, because I think he already know where his heart is leading him. From the scene I watched between the two, she seemed mature enough not to act childish...but who knows. I love the fan girl angle, it is hilarious. We have avid fans here in the states; however, almost none of them rise to the level of fangirling in Asia. Wow! I am so amazed at the level that fans will go. It is to the extend that "idols" must date in secret or they will seriously upset their fans. So far, I am enjoying the script, the clothes DM and RG wears, and of course the off-the-charts chemistry between the two. My point is, the drama can show, everyday life without the disruptive love triangle, angry mother, or the couple having a major misunderstanding that separates them for several episodes, and still be great. Everyday can be refreshing. If this drama highlights the importance that art plays in our lives, DM finding love in the real world, and RD working through his issues and becoming a great artist again, I will call this drama a success. @bebebisous33 I recommend this drama, if you are not watching it already. I know you excellent at interpreting art. I am sure your insight would be welcomed here and raise the conversation to the next level.
  9. I was thinking the same thing as I was watching this drama. She was fortunate to work with Lee Min Ho, Park So Joon and now Kim Jae-Wook. Park Min Young is a good actress and she is able to bring her A game regardless of the drama or lead actor.
  10. Chinese historical dramas are enjoyed around the world. I know that I do not speak any Chinese; therefore, for me to watch, the drama must be sub-titled in English. I understand it is a huge undertaking, but I think it is well worth it. By watching these dramas, I have become more familiar with the culture and history of China and other countries. Human history is amazing, and the easiest way to learn about other cultures is to watch dramas depicting their past. I realize that writers do not always stick to history therefore, I've researched the backgrounds of several dynasties or characters because I watched a historical drama. I would like to see this drama, hopefully someone will see the value of translating it into English.
  11. This drama sounds interesting and I love Joe Chen's acting. Is it subtitled? Email me where I can watch it.
  12. I am sorry guys that I cannot watch this drama with you. The first two episodes were great; however, Vicki has the other episodes locked for at least a year, by then, I doubt if I remember to go back to watch the show. What a pity. I do have a membership, but not the deluxe membership and I am not inclined, at this time, to put out the extra money each month. It is the same for Item. I do not trust many other streaming sites; therefore, I have to deal with what is. Happy watching all.
  13. @Lmangla & @Ldy Gmerm Thank you for the recommendation. I had been looking for a good K-drama after the completion of Romance is a Bonus Book; however, nothing caught me attention. I am going to try this drama, it looks interesting and most of the actors are veteran actors. I am slowly moving towards more mature themed dramas with substantive plots.
  14. @avondale16 & @angelmas I also miss Encounter, I would suggest, if you have not already watched it, to try Romance is a Bonus Book. I think you will like the story. It is about everyday people; however, there is no over the top plots, no evil mother or mother-in-law, trying to break-up the couple. Romance is a Bonus Book is not as engaging as Encounter; however, I enjoyed the drama, the main actors and the supporting actors. It left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.
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