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  1. Me too! To be honest I don’t care about all this political staff, for me it’s boring. I only need our King and Queen! I’m really upset, they didn’t have any interaction in this episode:((( even the Queen didn’t know that letters were from the King:((((
  2. Aaaaaa I just love this moment when he stopped kissing her, looked into her eyes and then touched her face and kissed again but so gently and after this kissing he still doesn’t understand his feelings towards his wife??
  3. They look so adorable together! I also want another drama with them as leads. Was School 2017 really low rating? Really? Kim Jung Hyun is so hot there!
  4. Don’t be upset on such comments. I recently read views on “Crash landing on you” which really surprised me. They said that there were no chemistry between OTP! No chemistry between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin!!! I was shocked how sometimes people could be blind and could not feel an obvious strong tension between two leads! So don’t be upset on those comments!
  5. Thank you! Thank so much for your thoughts! It’s like a medicine for my anxiety for new episodes
  6. I’m with you! I also want our Queen get pregnant but more then this I want the king and the Queen confess their true feelings to each other and again have hot make out session
  7. To be honest I’m pretty sure that our Queen and Bong Hwan are actually the same soul. Just Bong Hean is reincarnation of Queen in 21st century. Probably Queen from past is really dead that is why her soul from future returned to her previous body. We already had some clues to that like Queens memories which Bong Hwan had seen.
  8. I just love the king’s expression in a lake when he realised that his queen was about to die. It’s despair! Now I’m convinced that he never could kill her even he said he would. And his true feelings about his wife are more complicated then they were showed to us.
  9. I agree with you. Especially about kings feeling towards queen. Sometimes it seems to me that he is actually in love with her but doesn’t realise it. And yes, he tried to avoid killing her every time.
  10. Same! I am also a big fan of Chinese drama even though the end was some strange. But Korean version is currently even better in many moments. More serious, deeper characters, and stronger intension between the King and the Queen.
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