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  1. After the 11th episode I made up my mind-I love the Japanese version. Explain me someone please why the second female lead has so much screen time, skinship and kisses with Yoo Chan? It gives the feeling that Bo Ra is not the main female lead at all. To be honest the last kiss between Tae Ra and Yoo Chan was really hot. So writers please-just let them stay together because this drama is not Rich man poor woman-you made the different drama where the second female lead became the main. So so frustrating!
  2. @jgismyking +1000000 likes! I also can’t understand why MTR has so much screen time:(( it is so frustrating! Probably actress is someone’s protégée and they think this way they will draw attention to her acting. I have no other explaining for this!
  3. I suppose if Yoo Chan was too sweet with Bo Ra, huged her or even kissed her then everyone would complain that this story is too romantic and not so serious as the original Japanese story is. What I mean is we can’t complain! The character of the main lead is rather complicated like all geniuses. I mean all genius people are rather strange and usually don’t behave and feel in ordinary way like other people. My thoughts about the last episode- I don’t like Yoo Chan behavior - it pissed me off!! I watched Japanese original story and yes, the male lead pissed me off as well. He simply plays with Min Te Ra and Bo Ra. If you decided to stay with Te Ra then just stay. Stop this flirting and playing with Bo Ra. If you like Bo Ra then stop dating with Te Ra!!
  4. He defently will! He already likes her a lot but too stupidly stubborn to admit it!
  5. @USAFarmgirl I like your thoughts! They are pretty the same as mine! Probably Yoo Chan fell in love with Bo Ra six years ago but couldn’t find her and in his memory Boon Hon mixed with Bo Ra.
  6. @angelflower. Thank you so much for your recaps! I love them! Why! Why?!! Why?!! Yoo Chan still meets with Te Ra?!! He defently likes Bo Ra but still can’t admit his owns feelings towards her! It’s not very honest for Te Ra as well! Usually episode 9 is a kiss episode for most Korean dramas but I’m not sure that we are going to see it! Anyway the prewiev doesn’t show it at all. But we had 3!!! kisses between Yoo Chan and Te Ra
  7. Hello everyone! I love this drama so much! Actually I’m a big fan of Japanese original story but I also love the Korean version a lot! From my point of view Korean version is more romantic then Japanese and I like it! LYC is such a little kid! It’s obvious he likes KBR but he’s afraid of this feeling and doesn’t understand he likes KBR as KBR or he just likes her resembles with his first love.
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