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  1. No, the law insists that no matter what kind of the relationship is (adoptive or biological, estranged siblings or grew up together), family is family, you can't have a romantic relationship with family members. But some will still excuse that from the scientific point of view, their DNA isn't the same, therefore they can marry and have children. And Why do we need to keep arguing about whether LLxSR is incest or not when KSO already decided to get rid of that doubt and MSA isn't SR's real child anymore? It's TRUE that there were people, even on this forum, who kept pointing ou
  2. It's obvious that the case of LL, SR and Seol Ah isn't that simple (some people are still very much concerned about the fact that SR was the mom of LL's adoptive sister's), therefore writer nim chose a safer router and changed the relationship between SR and Seol Ah so people don't have to argue about LogSuryeon anymore.
  3. This is KSO's show, so SSR's real child must be the one who can stir up the drama for all sides. SK was already used as a "surprise" twist (of not being SSR's biological kid) in season 1 BRN was already used as a "surprise" twist (of being HYC's biological kid) in season 2 Therefore the real child needs to be someone else, or could be a new character Yeah NAG said that because SSR was being their mother all the time while NAG didn't do anything besides giving birth to them, it's just a metaphorical way of saying. Some cultures value adoptive relationships too and
  4. SBS just posted this deleted scene of Rona and Seok Hoon halo on Twitter: "Why did 5B5 cut such an important happy scene out… You never heard that they didn’t smile at each other from me. Never. Not even once They are so cute omg The way Seokhoon can’t stop smiling https://t.co/mq4XsXooOi https://t.co/FGbyEJnZcG" / Twitter The reason why Seok Hoon didn't tell SK about his "plan" of studying abroad with Rona was because our lover boy suddenly pulled that idea out of his *** in one second after he saw how exhausted Rona was, he was so whipped he o
  5. It's confirmed by SBS that Hye In will comeback for season 3. I wonder whether SK could completely lose her sanity when she finds out her mom has another favorite daughter who is still alive. And not to mention that daughter is also a heiress of that empire too.
  6. SK outrightly hates Rona and JDT threatens to kill OYH and RN in front of HYC in prison.
  7. I'm watching the livestream and Jesus Christ, SK is jealous of Rona because both SH and SSR are so kind to RN and care about her a lot, what the...
  8. This is makjang drama, every character tends to cross the line. SK might not target Rona purposefully but her greed and ego will indirectly do a lot of damage to the good side. Hurting Rona is like hurting SSR, SH and OYH so it's very likely that JDT will try to do some harmful things to Rona (for the sake of his daughter SK).
  9. I've just noticed that in the trailer, SK also said she wanted to attend Seoul university and she begged JDT to "get rid of someone for her" so she could have a slot. My easy guess is JDT might try to kill Rona again and SH goes absolutely ape sh** crazy on both his spoiled brat sister and his father
  10. As I expected, our lover boy will do something controversial in season 3, but at least this time he did it right lmao. That spoiled brat SK is so ungrateful and hypocritical. This is already season 3 and SK still couldn't choose whether she should trust SSR as her mom or not. SK is becoming an adult anw so I guess this is the best time for her to move the eff out of the penthouse. It will be so much better if she has to fend for herself like MSA in season 1.
  11. Just saw these things on twitter Ha Yoon Chul fell down the pond under the Hera statue (his figure in the opening suffered the same fate) Logan's figure look slike SSR broken figure in penthouse s2 opening. It seems like he got heavily injured with broken legs, disfigured face and lost his hair
  12. Honestly, I doubt it, this is a makjang drama and the characters tend to do utterly dramatic and questionable choices (even our angelic MSA did selfish things that served her benefit). If writer-nim truly gave SH room to grow, then he wouldn't be just a simple lover boy like the other lover boys in melodramas.
  13. Every character looks so serious but I'm pretty sure that SSR only turns vengeful toward bad guys while Seok Hoon just acts like a typical K-lover boy in K-drama (becomes more possessive about his Rona). I don't know why on Twitter everyone suddenly is panic and they think SSR and SH become evil or something in season 3, lol
  14. But the problem is you can't expect Korean national public TV network to air a bloodbath-gruesome-GOT-like show. Besides KSO's shows have the same and recognizable pattern and even the characters of this show share similar traits and personality with the characters of KSO's previous shows. And as the others said, basically, Penthouse is just The World of the Married and Sky Castle on Steroid, it gains fame and attention because it's makjang-esque, overdramatic and ridiculous.
  15. I haven't heard anything about PES's new project, but in the hidden room episode that was aired last night, he looks excited and he wants his character to take revenge on those who betrayed him tho
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