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  1. Ehehehe, Just one look and the ship has sailed, i've seen a lot of people question the wellbeing of Yangcha on social media too, it seems like people are really fond of Yangya couple
  2. The trailer for part 3 is so good and it matches with the description of the Korean wiki, Saya becomes besotted with Tanya, Tanya becomes the most honorable being of Arthdal and it's very likely that she will be betrothed to Tagon's son Saya so Tagon can secure his power, Eunsome is secretly starting a rebellion and he will soon become a conqueror.
  3. Saya treats Tanya quite harsh because he doesn't realize that he loves her (he even still wondered why he cared for that "filthy barbarian" girl in the last ep, hahaha). So I'm really looking forward to seeing how Saya figures out that he loves Tanya in the next episodes.
  4. Here is all the key information of the main characters from the Korean wiki, it was public on the wiki before the drama aired. Eunseom will become the conqueror of Arthdal (푸른돌 마을의 유목민이며 훗날 도시국가에서 제국으로 향하는 아스달의 정복자가 된다. ) Tagon is the war hero and ruler of Arthdal (새녘족 족장인 산웅의 아들. 아스달의 전쟁 영웅으로, 사람과 뇌안탈의 20년 대전쟁을 승리로 이끈 ‘아스달의 지배자’다. ) Tanya is the first princess consort of Arthdal. She later becomes the most honorable being of Arthdal (This line is really mysterious, many fans are speculating that Tanya is going to be the symbol of the goddess) and her ambition is to become the first great female politician of the Arthdal empire. (阿斯达帝国最初的皇太子妃 / 훗날 아스달에서 가장 존귀한 존재가 되어, 제국 아스달 최초의 위대한 여성 정치가로서의 야망을 펼친다. 또한 제국 아스달 최초의 황태자비이며 은섬의 첫사랑이기도 하다.) Taealha is the most powerful woman in Arthdal. The character is also inspired by Melisandre from GOT and she's dressed like Melisandre. (maybe this is a clue for the future of this character?) At first, a lot of fans thought Eunseom is going to be the first king because he will be the conqueror, but after episode 6, they realized that how could Eunseom marry Tanya to another prince if he's the king? he's still very much in love with the girl. Then they speculate that Tagon is probably going to succeed and becomes the first king of Arthdal, then he probably will force Tanya to marry his "son" Saya (the prince). And then the great war will come and Eunseom will fulfill his destiny and conquer Arthdal from Tagon's rule.
  5. A fantasy drama with a complicated background like AC really needs at least 40 episodes to pan out all of it's potential, 18 eps only is just too rush. No wonder why they need SJK to play twin brothers who love Tanya, it's like they tell SJK to split himself into halves, one will follow the war route to defeat the bad guys, one will follow the romance route to develop the relationship with Tanya, and when the time comes the twin will probably "merge" to become Aramun with "two voices"
  6. It's true, on the Korean wiki page and Chinese wiki page, Tanya is listed as the crown prince's wife. And after episode 6, people just deduce all the information and come to the conclusion that the crown prince is probably Saya (Tagon's "son"/successor), and Tagon is the emperor, Taealha is the empress (as Tagon's wife)
  7. According to the relationship chart, Eunseom and Taealha are enemies so it's very unlikely that she will become his wife/queen consort, besides, Song Joong Ki said Eunseom loves Tanya dearly so I don't think his character will marry another woman. The synopsis said Taealha will become Arthdal's first empress (thanks to Tagon, I suppose), but I think she won't be the only empress of Arthdal's history. Tanya will become the first female politician of Arthdal but it doesn't mean she can't be an empress because there're many empresses who joined the politics with their husbands in our history.
  8. Then one day, Saya fell all of her skin, and a girl opened a visit and his heart moved. I think this line means Saya saw Tanya and touched her skin through Eunseom's pov in his dream before, just like Eunseom could see Saya's room in his dream
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