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  1. Very nice mv... music fits it perfectly she has a series of gd MVs......
  2. http://kyzqsz.lofter.com/ One of the many very good fanfic writers in Lofter...Am not sure if you folks can access her page. if you can access and read chinese, it is great. There are some "mature" fics in the thoughe hehehehehe.... Enjoy
  3. Oh I just realised, for SIngapore fans who have cable vision and have the TVB channel, Channel 838, they are showing the HK TVB version now
  4. peeps... must watch this...darn funny! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRmQ78FRdYo
  5. just wanna ask...Yukee is older than Joseph? Cos i read in some sites she's born in 1997 same as Joseph and some sites stated as 1992... its a bit confusing lol....
  6. hahahahah wow, you've done so many already??? I've only just started a few days on this site and there are so many fics out there! Thanks for recommending these, will really go read them slowly!
  7. No problem! Good things mush share hahahahah! and Im a fellow Singaporean too
  8. for those who can read chinese, should download this app: Lofter LOTS of fanfiction in there. You need to register an account or use your Weibo though. Then search in chinese for the full drama name or the chinese characters: Ji Min
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