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  1. 560 @Dhakra @CamelKnight For both of you
  2. 510 Sorry @Dhakra To make up for it I'll share with you a cute girl gif
  3. Sorry she's fictional I was thinking of the speed dating concept @Berou pioneered... pity she left it completely dead in the water 500 Where the heck is Team Subtract?? I'm a lone ranger ..
  4. @Dhakra That's some list. Very heartfelt though. Your a stand up guy, I wish you all the best in finding your Though as @triplem says, that first list will go out the window when you do find her. 920
  5. 860 @Dhakra great minds You think on your quirks and I'll go count some sheep
  6. @Dhakra Is that a list or an essay.. I can see your not that fussy... But you've actually put some thought into it, so I applaud you good sir Likes : Pop Rock, Elvis and Gummy Bears Dislikes : Rain, Puddles and Animals 850
  7. 810 @staygold Omo great minds think alike
  8. I've gathered a little tutorial together from my experiences with different users on the forums. I hope some may find this helpful as well. How to upload and post a picture from Imgur.com 1. Click on upload image and choose a file. Once it has processed, copy the direct link. Your picture must end in .gif or .jpg or .png. Then just paste your image here in the reply box. You will have to remove the [i m g] tags for the picture to embed. Like so. Click submit to finish. You can also use Postimage.org to upload and host your images. Just
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