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  1. LOL Yes I did but really I'm speaking for myself So jealous of you young things and I'm.. well..... ANCIENT
  2. High five to us discerning ahjummas The chemistry is off the charts, I love them. The captain is such a strong silent type but shows his admiration in little ways. The smuggled goods he bought for her from the South.... just... SWOON
  3. Oh your so sweet to remember, even I had forgotten. MLSHR left a lasting impression on me and I think for a long time I held every other drama to its image and found them lacking. I loved that pairing. I haven't done a video in a long time and my skills are quite amateurish, but I will definitely give it a go. Love this main pairs chemistry. Think of a song you'd like it to be, think of a few, and I'll see what I can do. Just finished ep 5..... I think I may forgo sleep tonight and just marathon the rest. See you comrades on the other side.
  4. Hello chingus/comrades!!! Just finished episode 3 and I'm in love I haven't been as captivated by a kdrama since .... forever. I had been going through a bit of a kdrama drought. I just couldn't find one to spark my interest but lo and behold, along came Crash Landing on You, and I'm hooked ... Not sure yet where this is going, but speculation is for sure half the fun.
  5. I've gathered a little tutorial together from my experiences with different users on the forums. I hope some may find this helpful as well. How to upload and post a picture from 1. Click on upload image and choose a file. Once it has processed, copy the direct link. Your picture must end in .gif or .jpg or .png. Then just paste your image here in the reply box. You will have to remove the [i m g] tags for the picture to embed. Like so. Click submit to finish. You can also use to upload and host your images. Just follow the steps. You can use any image hosting website. Just remember, for the image to embed here it must be a direct link... ie. one that ends in .jpg .gif .png or any image type. It's the same if you want to copy and paste an image directly from the web.