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  1. You know what - just be happy that its Monday today - that cliffhanger tomorrow .... omo - I will not think about it - but i am sure they will find another scene for that to let us suffer.
  2. Mian - you are right - i just got it a bit wrong because he was asking with his fist.
  3. After the Double Date the both Couple goes there seperated ways again and it came what we expected. When YR and SY where alone again I thought for a moment if we will get a new kiss scene but he asked her to come to his place so he can show her something - not sure about that in detail of course - but they went to his place and we knew the pictures before - i am just way to pervy - that wouldn´t be my reacting knowing the man i love is next door and get out of his clothes. He shows his body - sorry - his arm to her - and i guess he asked if she is still okay with him - or what did he say??? end for today
  4. He really was ready to kill! credit to Owner - and thre are more - check them out this broke my heart today
  5. I knew my screen will stop the moment they enter the house - knowing what will follow.... ahhhh - but I managed to see it - just the next freeze was right after - help - was there a preview?
  6. Sorry - I missd a few scenes - SIW wa out and he met the bad guy - and it sounded to me like he was treaten with SY. At the Airprt YR needed to give her statement aoubt what happe - SY is with her and they met the stalker for a short moment and after that TADAAAA Double Date
  7. Just a few moment ago he made me crazy beeing in hot revenge mode - now he is cute again - trying to figure out his outfit to meet her - and I laughed so hard --- YR can choose now - both mans are waiting at her place . so hilarious.
  8. We had a few scenes with the Security Couple - she can´t lie anymore aobut meeting her boyfriend - they are out now eating korean fast food - ramen. And YR is at her place and SY visit her - or is it her mothers place - not sure. still so lagging - but she said sorry and he remembers all that scene when she lied about beeing fine.
  9. The peacful time is over - an i can just repeat myself - wow his eyes - even with that mask... wow... he found the stalker - and he looked like he was about to kill him - but in the end - he prepared him as a gift for the security team. And he is back to his normal state -with bloody hands - he is deperate about what he was capable to do... crying in the dark corner... making me suffer with him.
  10. Gladly its not so bad - "just" her arm. And I like that she is asking for her mobile phone the moment she got over her shock a bit. lagging like hell.... SY took the risc to be seen in the wheelchair hurted himseld not even caring... And his eyes are crazy - he is angry -
  11. I fear what will come - and i still can´t wait to see the next episode. I fear he will go to Se Ras Side out of his free will - pretending he cares for money and power. Se Ra will believe she was so right about him - and she will hate it so see that JK is able to weaken him. I fear we will see him broken and ruined - whenever he believes noone sees him. I really like the metapher of the burn scars. he protected JK in the past - he could not rescue her from all harm - but even as a kid he protected her the best he could - and he will do that again. And he will suffer a lot to do that. I already can sense how hurtfull it will be for me to watch him in even deeper inner pain than before. Now he knows loves - and he needs to get away from it to rescue the one he loves. And all the people will believe JG was right about MY. So my only hope is - JK should never believe his lies. I wonder if they will let him think on one point they are siblings - that would trick us too - or if it really will be the my father killed your father case. As I see MY now - he could deal with JG killed his father - but he could not deal with my father killed her father. He did not blame JK for her brother to harm him too.
  12. Yes it is - and I can sense hard scenes to come - she will fight for him - and she will not give up easily - and this words will be even more reason for her to get after him when he start to push her away. And he will become even more evil to protect her - and I believe that will be the time he goes to Se Ra - to make his choice clear for everyone to see - not caring about his own life anymore... Great - even writing that makes me sad - how can I stand watching something like this to come...
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