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  1. I loved nagareboshi! One of the fewest Japanese dramas on romance genre. About recommendations, Date is also another jdrama I really liked a lot. Then there is 'I'm taking the day off', which is quite fluffy but I liked it just because of the otp I think lol. *I also liked saikou no rikon ['the best divorce']. The banters in Date and in this one is really entertaining lol. Although mainstream but I liked 'thank you' which has jang hyuk and gong hyo jin. It's sad and melancholic but the simplicity of the storyline is quite compelling. None of these are like my ahjussi though lol. I doubt we would ever find anything of this kind. :/
  2. I would say my ahjussi really strikes a chord with the whole philosophy on how today's urban population regard life vs how life should be regarded. In that regard, it might share the ideology of every religion/belief system. Like I love when dong hoon says to his monk friend, I was relieved when you decided to reject the worldly life, I thought one less competitor. But then he had a successful life and a picture-perfect marriage with pretty lawyer wife and a son who studies abroad. 'The society' we're so afraid of and keep mentioning' would say they are a success. But although in worldly materialistic point of view one might say it's the case, but is that really so? Or do you really call someone successful just cause they had been living a comfortable life and apparently have everything one can wish for? The way the writer actually takes two people from two different seas, i.e, the materialistic society and the non-worldly society just gives us a hint about what the writer is trying to achieve or tell us here. Although body needs food, our soul needs nourishment too, and when the need of that soul isn't met, we literally die. Which happened in the case of dong hoon, who has been working in one of the top-tier companies, but still something is missing in his life. The urban society and the typical norms and boundaries made him more suicidal and then the true epiphany occurred when he went to see his monk friend and was finally able to empty his mind and stop thinking about the so-called society and the standards. I think in today's society a lot of people have been facing the problem dong hoon had to deal with, so when we realize that it's not money or status or worldly possessions which would make us truly happy, only then we can live for real. Dong Hoon's friend realized it way early, and although for dong hoon the way to home was a long road, ultimately he reached there. Dong Hoon himself had lots of goodwill in him, which helped people around breathe properly. Somehow in kdramas and mostly in real life too lol we tend to idolize people who are good looking or gets attention just because of their looks, talent or conversational skills, but here we see that how end of the day kindness or helping people is the way to someone's heart. Park dong hoon is an average man [don't deny though he's good looking haha], but he was able to move so many people's hearts just because he doesn't backbite when people aren't around, help people who have nothing to do with him or even has concerns over someone who's stealing things. We don't see this level of integrity often and that's why it was so hard for Ji An to leave him. I could go on and on but somehow through this drama I realized the importance of talking less/ not doing vain talks and what integrity actually means. Also yeah, not everyone has kind bones in them and people these days think sarcasm is very cool and all, but when you are really sincere and earnest, that's what hits you the most. And like the saying goes you would actually know how a person is, when you see how they behave when no one is looking.
  3. Do you have a knack for finding out stories which have similar premises/ context? Cause I checked out the synopsis and this totally reminds me of dong hoon/ Ji An lol. I would love to read the book except I'm not sure if I have still moved on from this drama haha. I have only rewatched ep 1, and for some reason, I was finding it hard to finish the episode, maybe the blame goes to the ruthless Ji An and because how stressed I felt just looking at dong hoon's stressed face and the numerous forehead wrinkles. This makes me think I would love to get a season 2 for MM, but that I guess isn't happening. Meanwhile I look forward to more awesome DC posts, and the analyses from the people here. ^^
  4. I think the ep 16 preview had this scene, but this didn't make it to the actual episode? Quite sad indeed. About the subtitle issue, if dramafever is going to provide the subs, I guess nobody wants to pay again for that right? Lol it's already out there available for downloads. For me the priority would be to have the script with English translation haha. Although as long as we get the script that would be a blessing.
  5. Talking about traffic signals, DC people are also searching for them lol. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=mymister&no=54917&page=2 Yoon Hee and Dong Hoon's relationship is red light. [ I know we talked about it as if this red light was meant for Ji An and dong hoon, but I think this could be seen as a red light for the marriage too since dong hoon was going back to the apartment. [yoon hee here] Can anyone detect this scene? I guess yoon hee was probably the one driving here? This one we already know of. Ji An and dong hoon's love is green light. Also, I am back with subbing demand. Kind souls please take a look if you find these interesting. Thanks in advance! I saw this interesting post on the marriage, the author is probably trying to say how yoon hee already gave up on the marriage, and at the later episodes was trying to make things right and move on to the next phase. Google says the title is, think about the divorce of dong hoon. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=mymister&no=54434&page=11 The following one is just about the presence of the moon, cherry flowers, and sky in lots of scenes. I thought it was pleasant to look at. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=mymister&no=54426&page=11 This one is just for fun. The shipper is on our wavelength it seems. He/ she is talking about Ji An's inner thoughts here during the reunion haha. Where were you crazy shippers, when all the uproars were taking place? Sigh.. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=mymister&no=54430&page=11 At least that's the best part about reading a book. You can read about what the characters are thinking. If MM was a book in the first place we wouldn't be having so many elaborate discussions on the ending lol. I am still waiting for the writer's interview, hmm. But yeah, like you said, LSK's best work is MM no doubt, I don't think slice of life was ever done so well as this one.
  6. Lol maybe he overused the slipper ji an gave him hence the new slipper. Really loved the post. Thank you! Made me feel like it's the description of everything unsaid between ji an and dong hoon lol. It was really the point of no return for her, the more she got trapped by the wiretap. @justamom I would have continued with pretty noona maybe if the director stopped using 'stand by your man'. I mean it's played every 2 seconds, which gets pretty tiresome at some point. Whether they laugh or cry or go bonkers it's always stand by your man. Huff. :/ Anyway it's really really hard to go back to conventional kdramas from MM. The mood really gets you and then you want to keep feeling the same way lol. I remember back during my book reading days, whenever I finished any of my favorite author's books, I would go on to her next book, since there would be at least some of the old flavor, and the same undertone left there. But with dramas you can't do the same. :'( I also want to say something about the use of lights in the drama. From personal experience, I have this tendency of using darker lights, sodium light in my room whenever I feel down or need to declutter my mind. So coming back to the drama, Ji An's room was always dimly lit, sometimes we wouldn't even see anyone sitting there, most of the time light was only on her face or the bedside table. So I guess part of the reason for no light is also because in all those times she wanted a hideaway, to not face the reality, to keep living in those sad moments. Kind of the same goes for dong hoon, and yoon hee as well. There is barely any bright light in their home. In fact for their interior, it's more chilling with almost greenlights, which are more disturbing, and makes me remember some of the horror movies like Saw. So again I would say a lot of thoughts went behind each and every detail, kudos to the art direction team and the creative director.
  7. I hope Netflix buys this drama sometime in future. At least they have paid subbers and better ones than dramafever, so the original message won't be lost in the transition.
  8. @africandramalover Thank you so much for the link to this blog! I got to stumble upon this awesome gif montage ever made, on the lyrics from 'What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get? by snow patrol. https://anditendshowyoudexpect.tumblr.com/post/174380799576/what-if-this-is-all-the-love-you-ever-get-youd#notes Go visit the link to see the awesome thing. A screenshot for a quick look.
  9. You are doing a public service by translating all these posts I am telling you. If you guys need any help with setting up the new site, I would be happy to help in any way. And what a beautiful, awfully romantic post. I didn't fully understand the highlighted line but I think the gist was never in all these episodes Dong Hoon initiated anything, it was Ji An who asked for a kiss, bought a slipper for him, which he ignored, it was ji an who asked if he wanted a hug and then he said he was okay without it, and it was always him who wanted to leave first, while leaving halmony in the care center, he was the one running for the bus, as if he didn't want to be alone with her for a longer time. So when on the last episode he asked for a handshake that was a big deal. [He was the one who wanted to stay a bit longer when previously it was always him who would leave first.] In the writer's words, 'it is a reflex action stemming from his own hunger (desire)', wow. As if he is giving her a green signal, he is giving away some of his own emotions, he is saying, she matters, her contributions to his life matters. So Ji An who thought staying in the neighborhood would be a wrong idea since the one for whom she would always take a walk in the neighborhood isn't interested in her. So wasn't it weird that she was immediately going back when her colleagues were calling her? I just realized that she would go back without saying anything if dong hoon didn't initiate that handshake right? So seeing that he cares, she mentions about meeting again. That was like the first ever move from the stoic/hermit park dong hoon lol. And in Ji An's expression while holding his hand we seem to see a shy smile evading that desire. - a shout out to the original writer and to @justamom for the beautiful translation. <3
  10. To our Korean language specialists, sorry for adding these few links to your never-ending list lol. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=mymister&no=50126&page=1&search_pos=&s_type=search_all&s_keyword=5화에서 From the pictures and the post, it seems like something about how ki hoon always had an idea that Ji An has preoccupied dong hoon's mind for quite some time. The below 3 comes from the same writer. https://m.blog.naver.com/tavola/221288813855 Don't know what this post is about but it's quite a long one, and I'm just genuinely interested. https://m.blog.naver.com/tavola/221282920761 It seems to be similar to the one @rellea posted regarding the building's construction and strength effect, only that the writer finds a similarity between ep 6 and ep 16. Apparently, it was on ep 6 that dong hoon was shocked after discovering yoon hee's affair and he was watching something on tv like he did on ep 16. https://m.blog.naver.com/tavola/221282930738 On dong hoon. Just sharing in case it's anything interesting. Was taking a look at MDL and I like what the writer had to say here adding more to the already extensive analysis on Ji An's last words posted on this place. rznl 1 day ago Hi Snowflake. Well, from my perspective, the first yes it's because the time that she spent alone allowed her to find herself. But the second, a more vehement one, is that now, that she found him again, she will become more herself than she already was. Like... he was the missing piece. Dong Hoon was the first person to know her deep inside. So when she needed to leave him, and start a new life she did it but she wasn't completely happy about it, and I believe that she left a part of herself with him. So the first one she was thinking about herself (bc of the meaning of her name as well) and she made a pause, remembering him, and then she said the second one like: yes, now I'm complete. edited Quote
  11. This! Yes, this totally echoes my opinion. Thank you so much. You are saving the lives of lots of shippers.
  12. LOLL. So embarrassing~ Is this what the other side looks like? Haha.
  13. Lol I am sorry for bringing this up, but if we try to understand what's reinforced concrete I think it would help us better what the writer is trying to imply. [and of all places we are talking about this for a drama :S]. So in case of dong hoon if we consider the metaphor lol, dong hoon needs the reinforcement, and the right amount of it, which comes from ji an. Just like how without the proper system or amount of reinforcement, any concrete cast buildings might have a structural failure, or have cracks or might crash, in the same way, dong hoon's system might collapse without the right reinforcement. As they said, '(the strength of concrete is not sufficient)'. Is the writer talking about Yoon Hee here maybe? And by this '' I think we will have to look for a different method of reinforcement." -- giving us the indication that dong hoon needs to change his reinforcement bars and adopt a new one which is Ji An. I don't know if we are digging too deep lol, but if this was also a parable that the writer wanted to add carefully, I would say this is just brilliant. An amazing metaphor indeed by using the example of Reinforced concrete. Like how any good building's durability depends a lot on a good structural system, its skeleton, us humans also need to have a good, strong, healthy core without which we might hit the bottom. Which was very much the case with dong hoon. I feel like we keep reaching some philosophical high note while talking about dong hoon and his existential crisis lol.
  14. They are trying to decode the relationship as much as us, haha I think. Here's the gif link. I am also posting here since I couldn't avoid the temptation haha. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=mymister&no=53619&page=2 This is just a collection of the gifs, but if anything I guess this shows the gradual rise from her nonchalant attitude to the complete submersion of emotion towards dong hoon. Also sharing the google translated text for lack of Korean language skills lol. 1. Ji An, Ji An! 2. What is the price? One person ... ten million won Thank you 3. I do not think I have ever been tempted. I did not have temptation . So I do not know. 4. somebody knows me . I think 5. A scene that catches Yoon's affair 6. 7. Let's be happy 8. 9. 10. 11. I like it because I like someone who is close to me 12. 13. 14. 15. Let's be happy 16. Ji An Have you reached comfort? Yes. I think the last two scenes are quite amazingly paralleled. Ep 15 ends with a night scene, dark sky, dong hoon going back to his gloomy den, while ji an switching off the lifeline and thinking of his footsteps/his shadow which fades in the background. In contrast to that, ep 16's ending scene has a bright sunny sky, sunlight shining on their faces, and they see each other [and the lifeline is connected again], and they are confident of meeting each other again. Dejected Vs. elated/hopeful/ assured. And looking forward to the journey ahead.
  15. Beautifully said. I think if we could get to see the script, there must be at least 3 lines written on how Ji An should give expressions, when she was saying this to dong hoon, and mostly for the whole 5 minutes when they see each other, talk and look back. So it seems to me that the writer was strongly trying to give us the message that it's a happy ending, not a sad one.
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