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  1. I know right? This could be one of the possibility if ep24 really was her last appearance in the show. It's a shame if this is the case.. Because she played her character very well, and ppl should know that whatever villain role played by an actor/actress doesnt describe who they really are.. I know Johnny Depp could be very good as a villain or a hero (just a simple example lol) If anything..a villain role is more difficult to acted..moreover if the actor's character is the opposite (nice,warm,etc) Well, I won't start blabbering about something out of topic.. Forgive me Anyway.. I just want to say that I'm okay whether MYR still in the drama or not.. Guess we'll just have to wait and see
  2. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I logged into my Soompi account for a drama.. Can I give my little two cents for this drama? I hope u all dont mind Anyway.. At first I don't really want to watch the show (I cant bear the thoughts of watching that long episodes.. But then again I did it for one of TVN drama this year, lol) but CJH and JNR are parts of my fav actors.. So I got tempted and I watched it and I got hooked by it so yeah.. I kinda cant wait to see the next eps now.. Haha I like dramas that show the capability of the actors and actresses, the depth of the story, the complicated things in it.. And I saw all of that in TLE.. I like SSR's face expressions, u can see that he starts develop feelings for Sunny (when her mother speaks ill of her at ep24/ep12).. Or CJH expression when MYR talked about scheming Sunny again (disgusted and disbelief), or JNR's eyes when she hugged LH at the end of ep22/ep10..I guess thats why he looks shocked when he sees Sunny with Chun Woo Bin (maybe he thinks that the one who really love him is her? It made me pity him a bit) Oh.. And I like @philosophie theories.. And.. I cant help but think that this one is going to have a sad ending (again) but a sad ending still better than the cliffhanger one, even though I'm a happy endings lover (that TVN drama made me cry just by thinking of the ending..literally cried) Guess I'll prepare tissues from now on Nice to see u all.. And have a great new year to all of u
  3. Hi everyone!! So.. Uhm.. Hello to all of u, and sorry because I've been inactive on soompi for sometimes now.. Works, wife, a mom and all that.. Lol Anyway.. I just wanted to ask or maybe confirm about something.. So, anyone know IU concert's schedule in Taipei? Or maybe LJG's schedule? (I'm not too active on social media or on the internet in this case) This is bothering me and I just cant go 2 sleep like this (almost 2 AM in my country) So.. I just saw IU's insta story.. And there's a veerry energetic man, dancing and jumping like "someone" we all know whose got this hyper energy (lol)..and there's also a girl with a long hair in a white shirt who looks like the queen.. I cant get the clear view though.. I mean.. Yeah, maybe I'm just missing them on screen together.. well, I'm off to sleep now. Love you all chingus, have a nice holiday to all of you and wish all the best to both IU & LJG
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