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  1. I just watched the first episode and to my dismay they decided to dub NiNi's voice??? Who made that wrong decision? Otherwise even though first episode wasn't amazing, I'm still so pumped.
  2. Damn that Concubine of the Emporer's is really trying to make him distrust GTY and wife. What's her problem. She's on the ED side??? How does that help her, she's married to the Emporer?
  3. Dang! I'm finally caught up and finally caught up on everyone's frustration with Minglan. GTY is absolutely correct, Minglan acts like a 3 year old in romance. I'm finally frustrated with her. She is ridiculous. She's so smart, she can fix other people's marriages, why can't she talk to him about it, at least? I accept she doesn't get it. But she knows he's mad at her, she should swallow her pride to fix things with him. He should also spell it out for her because she's too darn clueless.
  4. On your point one, I remember reading it and you're no doubt absolutely correct. It's just that it's so fresh in my mind. It's not a reasonable reaction but I just hate it. 2. Yep, he gave her honour that allowed her to rise above her station and be married as a legitimate daughter. 3. It's so frustrating - I need it to happen soooon.
  5. I don't think he tricked her though. He maneuvered the situation so that the family was forced to comply (so I see your point), but when he met her at the polo match he said (and I think both of them knew it was sincere) that if she still didn't want to marry him after he talked to her he would accept it. I believe she trusted him enough to belive in his scheming to get her out of the marriage as much as he had the ability to set it up in the first place. Edited to add: I don't think she did love anyone at that point. They have't made it really obvious but quite a lot of time has gone past between Qi Heng and her. I think he knows that her heart isn't full of someone else. He also knows at that point that it's not full of him. He wants her to love him now, but he won't say it.
  6. Agreed. I also want to say that I don't hate GTY at all. In fact I can't wait for him to convince Minglan to open up. Still I'm not frustrated with Minglan, I think she's doing her best. I understand that it frustrates the audience and GTY but I don't fault her for her actions.
  7. I do understand where you're coming from, but I see a lot of posters berating ML for her behaviour and saying how much they admire GTY. And I suspect it's because by modern standards GTY is being a romantic hero and Minglan is being backwards. But by the standards of the time the show is set in, Minglan is going above and beyond. None of what GTY promised her (easy life) when he schemed his way to marry her has come true (let's not forget she had very little choice - when he talked to her about marrying him, he wasn't promising love and faithfulness but a marriage of equals). She has given him as much as she can (so far), she's scheming for the team, she cares for him, she takes care of his children, she sticks to the rules of a good wife in their society. I don't blame her for not giving her heart to him because he hasn't asked for it yet. Has he said he loves her? Has he said he won't ever have another woman? She has already explained (and he heard) that loving him and expecting faithfulness is a recipe for an unhappy life. He's never had a conversation with her about it. She's just supposed to work it out and decide its worth the risk? Even when it's not even something he's promised? I honestly don't understand why there's not a lot of sympathy for her here. What man in Minglan's world only has one woman for the rest of their life? She's not thinking about the next month, she's thinking about the next 50 years. If she loves him the way he wants, what happens in 5 years, 10, 15, 20. She has no reason to ever think he wouldn't have another woman. There are literally no powerful men with only one wife. She's worried about her heart, when the inevitable happens - and it could be waaaaay into the future, but it would still kill her (because only we the audience trusts that GTY would be faithful to her forever). I hate the insistence on Erlang because Maniang kept using it in the coaxing tone that we know is fake (but GTY really wants to be real from Minglan). It just creeps me out.
  8. For someone who's so astute and scheming I really don't understand why GTY is so blind to what he's doing to his wife. I would have thought he'd be smarter than this. She works so hard to be a good wife to him and I feel like he wants the kind of doting that Manniang (and Concubine Lin with Sheng Hong) "acted" out. We know they were both acting and Concubine Lin even admitted it. But Minglan has even said, he would know she was faking it, so what would be the point. I get he wants it to be real, but for it to be real he has to soothe the parts of her that can't give what he wants yet. He has to convince her. And that means explaining to her and promising her and then showing her what she needs to love him the way he needs.
  9. To me, she’s showing what she said right at the beginning, that he overheard. He loves her now, but if she believes and acts like it will be like this forever, she will be hurt when he inevitably disappoints her. She’s only ever been disappointed by her father. In this time a main wife can be divorced for being jealous and not letting concubines in. She’s protecting herself it’s true. But she knows she will be crushed if she trusts him not to go elsewhere. Has he actually promised her not to take any yet? She’s see her father be lead around by a concubine her whole life. She’s seen her main mother be hurt by her father. And even then he goes and visits his other concubines enough to conceive her and her brother. It’s just so rare for a man to only have one woman that it’s almost a perversity in that society. She’s protecting herself. It doesn’t help that he teases her about it. That he basically wants her to show him jealously (that she can’t fake like other women can because he sees through her). She’s trying to give him her honest and best self while still being a good main wife. I feel bad for her more than him. He has all the advantages and one day whenever he wants to he can have another woman. And another. And another. And he would be lauded for it. I can’t blame her for protecting her heart. It’s her entire life.
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