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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner


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Is that the first time HS initiated a kiss on WS? Wow I really like her new found boldness and her opening of the heart to WS. I like how she is now all comfy with kissing WS now. Don't really recall HS doing anything close to this to WW previously. So I suppose WS do not need the permission to kiss her now? Haha. Was surprised when WS asked whether the person HS'd loved  was Jung... I was of the idea he knew it was WW all along.

Was amazed how easily Yo was able to barge into the Damiwon and hold Mu at sword point.. Was expecting the place to be much more heavily guarded, but the ease with him being able to do it makes me think why WW wouldn't want to do it himself but to support Yo from the back.

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Just caught up with ep 14 and HOLY SHOOT THIS IS SO INTERESTING

First off, LET'S CELEBRATE FOR THE KISS THAT HS GAVE THIS TIME TO WS, now sneaky WS don't have to steal kisses already AHAHAHAH. :wub:

2 years later, when HS became the highest court lady, there's this aura of respect around her. It's like you compare old HS to this new HS, so much difference! Though I love her current aura-ness, the whole serious, full of respect HS, but I kinda miss the cute and bubbly HS. Hope we'll see this side of her again soon!! :)

How cute is the scene between Jung and Soo. After watching this, I can 101% confirm that JUNG IS IN LOVE WITH SOO so obvious!!!! Now the million dollar question on my mind is: WILL HE MARRY HER TO BRING HER OUT OF THE PALACE?? Hmm, we shall see!! :phew:

Baek Ah and Woohee: CUTE 'nuff said! :wub:

I'm glad we see Chaeryung again, but omg, she's getting used but that cunning prince (forgot his name omg). I'm guessing she still has a crush on him? Sigh. :mellow:

The last scene of the ep tho.. OMG, like Yo came back (with that hair that looks like it belongs in the 70s era + that beard - eyeliner), kill the King and takes over the throne????? Who knew it'd be that simple. But I bet he won't stay on the throne for long, So is gonna find a way to kick him out. B)

Okay, but first, why is our poor Soo always getting accused of doing things she did not do? OMG SO ANNOYING, I wonder how is she gonna clear her own name, and will Chaeryung confess that she herself did it.. Btw, did CR even know that she has been poisoning the King all along? :o

Can't wait for ep 15!!! :P

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1 hour ago, gamer403 said:

Good Evening Guys!!

This is actually my first time joining a forum for a drama. I have been a silent reader in this thread since episode 1...hihi sorry about that...... :blush: I really love this DRAMA!!!! :heart:

But today, I decided to make an account because I just can't contain my feelings for yesterday's episode. It was so LOVELY...the scenes with So & Soo....finally they're in each other's arms. Confirming and sealing their LOVE with a kiss. We could also see the longing in their eyes. It seems like they have waited for so long for that to happen. I also love the stargazing scene and the boat scene. When So howl like a wolf, I really laugh so loud. He was like a kid...so cute. :heart:

But we have to face the truth, that it is not all lovely the entire episode.

I cried when Jimong is calling out the Crown Prince name, it so heartbreaking :bawling:

Then I actually skip some parts of the episode (just a little bit), especially Wook's part. I LOATHED him!!

And then, there's Lion King...I mean Prince Wang Yo and his Evil troops (including Won, Chae Ryung, Wook, Queen Yoo, Yeonhwa)

This episode is really an emotional roller coaster ride for all of us. After watching it, I really feel tired but at the same time happy( of course for our So-Soo couple).

And today we are waiting for Episode 15. Will tonight's episode be another emotional roller coaster ride for us? Will you ride this roller coaster again after getting your heart broken yesterday? 

ME?? OF COURSE!!! Count Me in!!!

Welcome to this crazy club for Moon Lover fans 

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I must say that it was great to see Super Baddie Yo back in the saddle. Although he doesn't look like any kind of Goryeo man... more like something out of an Alexander Dumas novel... Three Musketeers or Man in the Iron Mask.

But really what is ML without its villains... without their plotting and scheming... everyone would be blissfully happy, kissing madly with plenty of time to make babies. All they seem to do is interrupt love. Tsk, tsk tsk.

Part of what makes this show so addictive is that it elicits such extreme reactions from people. The villains do make it happen. 

On another but related note, I'm constantly amused at how much Yo, So and Jung are their mother's sons. Yo and So particularly. They certainly have her best and worst qualities. 

Mummy's boys... all of them... :D 

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5 minutes ago, itzibitzispider said:


I'm not crazy!
Slightly mental :phew: .... or on a certain drug maybe :crazy:


5 minutes ago, itzibitzispider said:


I'm not crazy!
Slightly mental :phew: .... or on a certain drug maybe :crazy:

Me? I am having temporary insanity @ mental breakdown. Hahahah!!

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14 hours ago, liddi said:

Ep14 subs are complete, with deepest gratitude to  @ruizaio's wonderful transcripts of the missing scenes, and @snowglobe147's translation of the SBS preview for Ep15

Again, we see marked differences between the two versions, with SBS clearly So-centric, while the international allows us more access to Wook's feelings through Chae Ryung, and his deepest motivations, which he reveals to Queen Hwangbo and Yeon Hwa, much to their shock, that he ultimately turned traitor because of Hae Soo. And the multiple references to key scenes in the original, beautifully transposed here, yet ominous in what it may hold down the road. [...]
Seeing the rebellion has succeeded, I wonder if we will get to see the scene with Wook revealing his motivations for supporting Yo in Ep15. Now more than ever, it is clearly a shame that we do not have a combination of both versions, because a merged version is definitely conducive to helping us at least understand the two men better. [...]

liddi, ruizaio, snowglobe147, and all other contributors: Thank you for the wonderful subtitles. Really, words can't express the gratitude I feel for your bringing order to the chaotic mess that SHR's production team has made out of this drama, with the different airing versions and oftentimes questionable scene selection.

@liddi Regarding what you said--about how helpful & frankly necessary a merged/complete version of SHR would be--I completely agree, and well, that's why we're praying & pushing so hard for a full, no-cut version of the drama on Bluray/DVD, right? I just hope that, if the project goes through, their production team does a better, more responsible job in the editing room than what they've shown themselves capable of so far. In particular, I hope they'll use the voiceovers that were shown in the SBS version & which contributed so much to the fleshing out of the SoSoo ship.

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It's 5:42am right now and I am having to prepare my heart for today's episode. :dissapointed_relieved::heartbreak:

This is the episode I have most dreaded. I know a lot of people have been criticizing Baekhyun for his acting, but I have loved the way he's portrayed Eun the entire run of the show so far. I'm not ready to say goodbye.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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