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  1. Hi All, Just dropping by to say how much this drama has hooked me and we're not even halfway there yet! Can't wait for tomorrow's episodes. I've been wondering about the songs that JNR sang in the musical during the earlier episode, is it available for download or on iTunes? If it is, can you PM me the link? Thanks so much in advance for any answer. _/\_
  2. Totally agree with these! Yes, it's true that we shouldn't compare the novel and drama, not when both are still align with the theme, however, when the drama made too much changes yet stay similar that's when I cant help but comparing. The whole core of the story is NQ-SS as the inseparable power couple. They may not realize it when they're young and there may be other distraction (MSS or others), but regardless whatever the obstacles / challenges, they continue to stay true to each other. For me, Ever Night is not a romance story with all that jealousy, but it is about 2 people realizing how much they mean to each other and how far they can grow together. In NQ-SS world, there is no room for other people. That's why in the novel, when NQ has to let go of MSS, he feels slight regret and apologetic yet he is not too broken-hearted about it because he knows which one his heart wants. So when the drama took that out and digs more on the romance side, especially NQ-SS-MSS triangle, I cant help but cringing. To be fair, if we dont compare drama-novel, then the drama is the story of NQ - not NQ-SS. It's NQ's journey for cultivation and his romance with MSS, whereas SS stays as the side story. But the title Ever Night itself is not about NQ, it's about SS as the you-know-who. Oh well... It's done. As an audience, I'd just choose to skim through the part that I'm not too happy with.
  3. I agree. I've read half the book and I must say I like the book SS-NQ more since I can understand their relationship more as well as their inner thoughts. Perhaps because Mao Ni is not a romance writer, so romance in the book is not explicitly implied and we can only read between the lines. That's okay for me. Some lines still make me grin like a fool. In the drama, SS looks head-over-heels towards NQ but in the book, she's not like that. Like @dzareth said she's serious and quiet. Even when MSS came in the picture, there's no outburst/jealousy in SS, but we know from her action - leaving NQ - that she's unhappy. NQ-MSS has not met yet right? So it'll be next week? I only watched the clips of the love triangle. NQ towards MSS in the book is also different compare to NQ and MSS in the drama. Not sure if I get this wrong, but NQ in the drama seems more active in returning MSS's feeling, while in the book, he's as cool as cucumber - interested yes but not thaat interested. MSS is the active one in this relationship. Maybe because this is the drama version, so everything has to be dramatic! The infatuation, the jealousy, the pull and push. That's why whenever I watch the clips of their love triangle, I feel so sad for drama SS. I know that MSS is a phase that NQ has to go through but I prefer the book version than the drama. At least in the book version, I feel comforted reading NQ's thoughts and know that he missed SS and neutral towards MSS; whereas in the drama.. it doesnt feel that way.
  4. Aaah.. I must have forgotten that part. I remember reading it but not sure. Hope she can read in the drama later on. Yes, I'm not looking fw to NQ-SS separation. Although I know how much NQ loves SS in the end, but knowing that NQ has his first love while SS doesnt is a bit... (LQ is not SS's first love .. it's sort of teenage girl's crush which died so soon because of sock)
  5. Aarggh.. just when things are getting good, it ends! I didn't know that SS cannot read. I always assume that she can. That's too bad.. I wish that she will learn to read later on. Question: on the Ep 0? https://v.qq.com/x/cover/rpup19lfbuf2skc/z0028ypgr8i.html?ptag=887 Who did Xiahu kill when he's with WGM? The lady in red? Is that his lover or the sister?
  6. What ep is currently playing now? I have been wondering what is SS's height, stand up straight she only reaches his chest. Hahahaha... I wonder how she will be portrayed later on. Right now she's a lot shorter because she's 13-14 yo, so still 'growing' but later?
  7. Yes, no wonder I feel LQ's story in the drama is missing from the novel since I only just read up to chp 174. Perhaps later when I reach that part, I can understand better. Oh, another part that I didnt notice in the novel is Lee Yu's brother (third prince). Did I totally miss this guy in the novel or is the drama simply advance his timing? That guy is annoying.
  8. Chao Xiaoshu is dreamy! Oh and Elder Brother looks a bit like Cho Seung Woo (Korean actor - Secret Forest, Life, etc).. a bit! So, I just finished ep 4 and 5 and the whole demon sect + Hades worshipping + Long Qing and the General. Now I'm confused. Did I miss this in the book? Who is planning to kill LQ and what's the deal with the demon sect and LQ? And the whole LQ killed the tribal leader - tribal leader rose from the 'dead' and attacked the general feels so wrong. One thing I notice after reading the book how contradictory LQ and NQ are.
  9. I'm reading and watching slow .. because I want to savour the moment. Hahaha.. Since translation only up to 500ish something and drama only subbed till 12.5 so I'd rather go slow in both reading and watching. If I finish all, I have to suffer in waiting mode. Yeaah.. that's my impression too. Both from the novel and from early eps. The Empress called him 'brother', it could mean real bro or it could be brother from the same sect. Perhaps Xiahu is the SLS in the triangle Emperor - Empress - Xiahu?
  10. Hi guys, I am currently reading the webnovel and watch the drama only up to ep 3 ... slow slow slow But I'm a bit confused on the relationship btw Xiahu and the Empress.. they're brother and sister? From the demon sect? So that's why Xiahu killed NQ's whole family because of the pact he made with WGM to kill child of Hades? I cant remember if I read that part in the novel... Oh, I'm okaaay with spoilers so pls spoil away..
  11. Loving the discussion so far! I'm so rooting for our OTP and though this is not purely a romance-action drama, these two characters are the backbone of the story. So naturally I wish for their happiness. 2 Oh, who did Sang Sang want to marry in the trailer? She looks so fierce. Question, how many eps this drama airs per week (1x per Wed, Thurs, Fri) so only 3 or more?
  12. Relationship chart that I found in IG: credit to owner Too bad I cant read Chinese so no idea what it said there. Anyone here is kind enough to translate? Thanks!!
  13. From the novel. I've been reading the translated version on Webnovel... Aaah thank you for the spoiler @lynne22. I really don't mind spoiler but for those who are no no, pls don't read it! I'm still reading ch 38 so long way to go, I think it's ch 580ish? The translation is indeed a bit difficult to digest but it's readable. Thanks again!!
  14. Hi guys, Glad to know that there is a thread on this drama. Has anyone read the novel till finish? I just started reading the translation. Despite the first long-winded chapters, it's actually quite good and got me hooked. But question.. does anyone know who Ning Que will end up with? I reaally don't want to have a high hope for NQ-SS.
  15. Woww... Just when I was about to feeling hopeful for this show, it brings me right back down. If SAT is life imitating art imitating life, I certainly wouldn't want to live in that life, where 70% of the characters is bad or baddish, and only 20% decent and 10% good. We're at Ep 94 and it's still HN-HG against the world, backup with JH.. even EA is fighting for herself? Too much negativity here, making me lose all faith in humanity. If later, somebody pull up a data on how much goodness presented in this drama vs how much evilness, I'm pretty sure the number is around 20:80. I'm being generous with the 20 knowing that the large part of that 20 will go at the end of the show where everybody who is ever cruel/mean/wrong will be forgiven and accepted with open arms. hasthag kdramalogic. What I don't understand is why is the writers feel that audience will be more attracted seeing people doing mean things to other people. Suffering and misery alone aren't going to make for a very interesting story. I can imagine the writers in their group discussion, be like "I don't think HN suffers enough. Let's add more character to torch her!". "Oh, it's getting boring with only HN as the victim. Let's bring HG in the plot too, it'll be fun!" I try to be positive and think ... Perhaps the writers are just giving examples to the general public on What Not To Do To Other People? Like don't slander. Don't envy. Don't steal. Don't manipulate. Don't think bad thoughts and put it into action? You know, something like the ten commandments of Kdrama. Or perhaps this is the only way for the audience to practice empathy and sympathy, because apparently watching the news about suffering in other part of the world is not enough, so they have to add more suffering in a daily drama where it's supposed to be entertaining and family friendly drama. Excuse the diatribe but really frustrated by how things are going on in this drama.
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