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  1. Stumble upon this drama during WFH period. Didn't realize that it's ongoing! Aaarrgghh.. Now I have to patiently wait every week. Can I check, how many eps release per week and which day? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to slow down my watching pace since subs has yet to finish all 55 eps (now only up to 44, right?) I'm at ep 39 where Yan Shi Fan is taking Lin Ling. Question: did Yan Shi Fan really love Lin Ling or is this his twisted idea of loving and owning someone who hurt him. I mean with her taking his eye, in a weird way, he becomes obsessed with her and mistakenly think it's 'love'. I dont mind spoilers..
  3. Aaww.. shuck, somebody should've.. I guess I'll do google translate but that is painstaking work
  4. Hi All, First post in this thread. Loving the series so far, I have put it on my TBW list but since the subbing takes a while and have been busy with work, just manage to watch first eps on Sunday and cant seem to stop! Loving the couple.. their chemistry is amazing. Just wondering: for the novel, is there an English translation yet? I tried to find but it doesnt seem there is an English translation. Appreciate if anyone can share the info. Thaanks!