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  1. This week we know we can find KJW among us. He is the 1st male lead that I watch in Kdrama has this background. 1st of all he is not a 3rd generation chaebol (thanks to the writer for this!) or with influence. He was a bank officer, did routine work and intend to commit suicide after his client committed suicide. He saved by a lady (LSH background still an open question) and decided to stay with her until she disappeared. I think LSH acted like his guardian angel. Same with what he does for Dayoung. From his past, I think KJW is emotionally weak which is contradict with Dayoung. Our female lead, physically weak, low self-esteem, naive but she survived even though with the mortgage and all unsettled bill. She lives alone in that big house while KJW dependable to LSH and Tae Soo. I'm glad KJW admit that he changed after he meet Dayoung. The most touching moment this week was when Sang A received a text message from her friend after they transfer the money. We can feel the warmth of their friendship. Not to forget, Chief Ahn punched the ***hole. Based on the incidents happened, its really clear that human perception could lead to many misunderstanding and how people tend to make their own assumption without even bother to clarify the truth behind it. People are always judgmental including Ms. Ahn. It is sad if the same event in this drama is the reality in SK. What is the significant Ms. Ahn status as a single mother with her work? She is an excellent employee yet they focus more on her status. Instead of protecting a single mother and women, they're forced to keep quiet though being openly harassed.
  2. Just finished episode 7 & 8. I come to like this drama more. I used to have a staff similar to Dayoung that required me to guide, correct her almost every day. Sometimes I lost patience and scolded her like Ms. Ahn did. But, she grows and able to be independent now. I think every new hire or intern prone to make mistakes. This is why I feel so dear to Dayoung. Maybe I'm one of the small viewers who likes Dayoung. Such a pure soul, lack of confidence, honest and make people want to care for her. Some might perceive her as vulnerable, unable to defend herself and unreasonable because she is absentminded. However, for me, Dayoung is a brave and strong girl. She managed to go through the stumble after his father passed away and her close family abandoned her after she decided to keep the house. Being strong doesn't require one to be aggressive or a pushover. You can still be strong with a soft heart and being feminine. It's too cliche if the drama ends with Jiun and Sang A as a couple. We can say being comfortable with each other shows chemistry, however awkwardness also a sign of chemistry especially when you attract with someone. For me, Jiun - Sang A relationship is more like brother/sister, and I don't see that with Jiun - Dayoung. The way Jiun react to Dayoung request also different with Sang A. He is more caring and gentle to Dayoung. After he voluntary gave his mobile no. to Dayoung, I think he started to open up and want to be part of Dayoung's life - indirectly he wants to be Dayoung's white night like her late father who adores and love her ingenuously. Another character that attracts me here is Hyejo and Mr. Jang. I love this two cupid. They play their role well. And I would like to know who is Sohee. What is her relationship with Jiun? As she looks more mature than Jiun. This drama getting more and more interesting. It feels too short with 16 episode.
  3. I accidentally watch the 1st episode of this drama and saw Bona and like her since 1979 GG. She represents k-drama fresh look and cute. Of course, she should improve her acting skill, but overall her acting is not too bad. I just get to know Ha Seok Jin here and it is true that he is very handsome which suit his character. This drama shows dynamic in each character and we can relate to each of them which give us a warm and soothing feeling for each scene and not to forget the cleaning tips! The metaphor through each episode gives us something to ponder as well. Tbh, too many strong female characters in K-drama lately make it too boring. Dayoung maybe looks timid, helpless at her workplace but she so lovely and very considerate to others. She doesn't try to look cute but people will fall in love with her same with Ji Woon. Dayoung is the 1st client that Ji Woon has the courage to ask whether she wants his help of course after Mr. Jang pushed him. I remember in early episode Ji Woon narrated the lines that he did not has the guts to ask the client to open the door for him. The client should call him for his service. Whilst nothing much to say about Sang A and dorky Jin Kok. They make a cute couple. Somi and who? I wonder who will be her couple here and poor Hye Joo with her gay friend. Not to forget i would like to know what is the relationship Tae Soo had with So Hee. I'll look forward to the story-line and read from Ha Seok Jin interview that this drama will partly deviate from the original but not sure which part it is, perhaps Ji Woon background?
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