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  1. @PlummpychanThanks dear. I'll definitely watch soon. At the same time, I found one Thailand drama title Sorn Ngao Ruk and the synopsis is quite interesting. Haven't decide to watch this but It will be my 1st Thailand drama series.. Now I just randomly search for a drama and have yet to find the series that can cure this bitter feeling. Luckily I could laugh with Mystic Pop Up Bar. I didn't expect Born Again left this much bitter compare to other drama that I've watch. Sighs. Btw, I would recommend a Japanese drama " Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo" very cute drama with a happy ending. I watched this drama before BA. Tsundere doctor with his nurse @whiteclover JSY - Born Again JKY - Born Again LSH - The scholar who walk the night. Actually I finished Local Hero, during ep 11- 16 (BA) and to my surprise his characters was different from one drama to another. One thing that never change, he is a walking statue
  2. At least we got our closure. Lets embrace 10 episodes of BA as it is the original story. Thank you to @whiteclover for sharing this news & now I feel more relieve.
  3. So it was not original writer's fault. Omg I cursed her from episode 10 till last episode. Episode 11 onwards was when we started to feel something was off. I think original writer wanted HBxHE, SHxSB as an endgame. We're not cheated by the writer but KBS itself.
  4. @nitttssI hardly breath when Sabin returned the ring to SH last night. Too much to handle. However seeing the “filter” recognized the chemistry JSY x LSH makes me laugh like an idiot. Real life is so much fun indeed. I’m waiting for the behind the scene vids to recover the heartache. @Yi Gui Do you mind to share what JSY said when she realized the filter capture LSH as well?
  5. You have wrapped up everything nicely. I'm laughing loud for the last lesson. I think most of us here about to go crazy last night hahaa.
  6. I’m sorry but if you said the message, shouldn’t it’s very clear for us that stalking, instigate murder & murder are morally and legally wrong? It’s contradicted with what has been shown here.
  7. @Plummpychanagree Lee Soo Hyuk looks dejected even in his final speech. I was thinking he might be surprised with the last few episodes with how they wrap up the story. Same as you I wanted him to be in a new drama badly. Btw, Jung So Mi vs Jung Sa Bin... could it be the writer wrote this storyline based on her fetish towards psychopath & murderer
  8. @whitecloverThis story line is much much much better & make sense then Born Again. See it's not difficult to have a consistent & good plot. You don't have to waste the chemistry and actors for the sake of hhmmmm
  9. Vomiting icon? He couldn't bear the ending & Sabin
  10. The weird ritual was successful. HB/SH has to live as GJC just because; He unintentionally cause the accident of HE's parents when he chased a criminal. - HB been killed by GJC - Lost HE on his wedding day - Betrothed to a psychopath killer -The girl he love from the past & now belongs to his killer - He become his killer errand boy - The precious place that belongs to him & his fiancee now owned by his ex & his killer Yet the most pitiful life belongs to GJC/JB?????????????????
  11. The worst is Sh was chasing a suspect's car when it happened and not in the same lane with HE's parents car. It was clearly an accident & not his fault. BUt stupid Sabin ran away and couldn't forgive him? Sabin can forgive someone who stabbed her fiancee intentionally but couldnt forgive HB/SH.... The shi^$ richard simmon FL
  12. I laughing off the ending. The fuc%&%& writer swap HB/SH with GJC/JB in 6 episodes. Hahaahaaa omg what a fuc%&^&* RICHARD SIMMONs
  13. Omg Lee Soo Hyuk pali pali sign a new drama pleaseeee................ You're not errand boy. My heart seeing you here. Fuc*&7 bi68979 writer
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