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  1. Emotional support? I think all of them are close. Who would want to seat next to someone that makes you feel uncomfortable for more than an hour? Especially in front of IU was Pyo. With the crowd was eyeing to whatever things they do or say, I might as well feel awkward. The good thing is they were not avoiding from being seen together although with such crowd attention.
  2. I just finish Epi 16 and immediately come to this thread. Slightly late, I guess, huh... Btw, good to know the team went for reward vacation & Manchan photos & vid across twitter land. @lollyminxfrom what i observe, both are close to each other. However, they are being cautious with their surrounding. that is why you saw them awkward. If you watch the vid after they got off the cruise, YJG slowly walking as if he waited for IU to walk together and at the end of the vid they walk side by side. Happy with their friendship after HDL.
  3. Just finish episode 14 with sub. The whole episode was a test to ManChan. How much they love each other. CS ready to die for MW & MW unable to kill CS, although she thought CS might be CM. Their love is the greatest ever. You don't have to spend 1000 years if you love a person for the right reason. Love that can bring you to be a better person. For general smirkalot, I'm good with the closure that writer nim gave us. The cliche storyline which I do not favor. The only comment is, he was with her from day 1 and he supposed to know MW loves CS now. I do not understand why he still wants MW to go to the afterlife with him. Isn't it a selfish act? Lastly, I love YJG & IU so much. My baby makes me fluttered every time CS with MW. That unspoken moment that they had so far. And can he cry again for the next episode? He looked so heartbroken, but so beautiful! Not to forget when CM inside CS, even just a moment. Now I'm waiting how writer nim wants to conclude the story. This is me for the next few days... Happy ending??? or...................
  4. ehemm YJG what were you thinking Rational me thought it was due to lighting hahaa
  5. Exactly my thought on tonight's episode. YJG done so well in TCC. However, this time he will bring CM who was acted by another actor and at the same time still appear here. Still, I'm impressed with his depth in acting out the glare last night. The rest I'll put in the spoiler, no offense to the rest. Btw, I did see CS ears blushing during that scene as well. I think I saw few times CS (or YJG) ears blushing. Can we count how many times or what was the scene contribute to that?
  6. @lollyminxI do agree the suits made him more mature. I'm glad he decided to be in HDL though he just finish Absolute BF & TCC. Both FL in these dramas also older than him btw. And I was surprised as well to see IU so lively & carefree in HDL bts. So much different during Scarlet Heart bts. She was more composed there. Can't wait for tonight. I've been wondering how YJG will carry CM in his acting. Shuhhh can't wait and super giddy with his acting rather than the storyline itself.
  7. Ending scene from last night was daebak I love YJG & IU so so much. I know YJG always good in acting, I mean I watched TCC. Tbh he is so much better here in romance scene. Till TCC I always see him as a kid/ teenage actor, but HDL has proven that he is ready to be a male lead, ohhh my baby. Before this I'm impressed when they argued during CS wanted to console Sanchez. But this scene topped that. I've been repeating the scene. YJG eyes speaking so much, IU eyes, both expression and background music. The minute he appeared from the tunnel, we could see he was "someone else". The eyes looked cold with the longing feeling. So much different with CS eyes. Warm and so loving. And I wanted to praise IU for the promotion part. She took this promotion to a different level with JMW own IG. We know in SK, every actor always needs to be careful when they're with their lead. With this "new promotion" strategy we're blessed when IU flooding JMW IG with ManChan photos and her bae . I'm still waiting for CS printed suit photos to be uploaded. Gosh, need to stop here 1st.... back to lurking mode & rewatch last night ending scene.
  8. The ending to a new beginning? NO PREVIEW Omg I'm devastated by how they let MW see YW die. CM was the one who captured YW. I think I'm going to suffer this whole week
  9. HDL other character is interesting as well. The staffs, Grim Reaper, Mago even Sanchez. Their story might be sad, but I hope the 3 staffs will have a happy ending. Grim Reaper who is calm and helpful. All of this, I think Sanchez is the normal one. What will be his role? Cupid for MW & CS? At this point, I will just "enjoy the heartache/ angst" of episode 8 and hopefully, we get the romantic & sweet CS & MW moment in the upcoming episode. Credit to owner; https://www.instagram.com/p/B0s78gWnPVN/
  10. Just finish episode 7. There were hints throughout the episode that we will have a sad ending. Something that attracts me was when MW mumbled, Ku Chan Sung is a nice person, what would deity do about him. I don't know, but will it be a twist in the ending? Instead of sending off MW, both can live and grow old together? I would be sad if the writer goes for a sad ending. Same with the majority here, I really don't want CS to be the reincarnation of YW or FG. Let CS be CS. We should learn to let go remember? MW needs to cut ties with her past, be it YW or FG or the princess. Just run away with CS and continue bantering with each other. Aha before I forget, for FG, I think he was in circumstances. The opening with FG standing and looked to the moon and said he could see the moon better from that corner. I think he was falling for MW. The princess and FG were on arranged marriage when he met MW and the princess got to know FG love MW. Then came with all the incident.....
  11. @vangsweetie637yes, it was a confession from MW, parallel with her past story with CM. CS also indirectly care more for MW when he left his ex to get Kim YungJung’s signature.
  12. Todays ending was a confession. The flower starting to blossom from both MW & CS. Another week to wait
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