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  1. There should be a scene where SY told the truth to CJ that JB soul is sharing in her body. BH is really from future and helped them to solve their problem. SY should not take all the credits to herself. Where she did nothing. Its up to CJ how to treat her after that. At least appreciate BH effort and help.
  2. The ending very disappointed. I felt empty. At least make CJ know the existence of JB's soul is inside SY so that he can thanks JB for teaching him the military tactics, foreign language, foreign menu and true love. Since he already have the reputation of sex maniac, it ok for him to fall in love with a man and woman. CJ is quiet open minded. I felt the presence of JB is just like a advisor or counselor of marriage problem. Like he is helping to solve his best friend marriage and work problem.
  3. There is a photo of baby...So we get to see royal baby. Get ready online aunties and uncles. credit to owner
  4. I think the ending will be change as this drama is No 1 rating drama now. Writer will give us more creative ending. If not, why there is a spin off. Audience will loss their interest to watch the spin off if they give us such ending. Writernims, we trust you to give us an ending that will satisfy in our interest as audience
  5. @aisling True, they are too professional. Maybe they didnot want to be awkward with each other especially after KJH roar & moan. Is he suppose to do that or it is his ab lib?
  6. She would said i touch his dragon. It was not the right size. Since they all are men
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