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  1. When MH give GD his died wife identity he didnot know she is the king's fiancee. Will this be a problem? Technically now GD is his wife as she already took Lady Yun identity. What is the conversation between MH and Lord Yun?
  2. I think CM show / tell CS who is he and he want to help them to catch the evil spirit by entering CS's body. MW alone cannot kill the evil.
  3. I love the scene when MW send CS the Leopard print suit as a thank you gift. She looked so disappointed when he came to work without wearing it. She even wear zebra print scarf to match with him. Haha...
  4. I think that I also think this is CS's past. Was he a king or prince? The blood was from the guard of this room. Maybe there is an order to catch or kill the MW's gang before/during the royal wedding. YW and the captain was killed. MW was going on killling spree to revenge on their death.
  5. Just asking..... Confuse here. The tree is alive and bloom again bcoz CS. Now the tree alive, MW life is in CS' s hand. Does it mean MW time as owner will be time up and she will be vanish along the with her ghost staffs? And Hotel get new owner? But God Mogo said she not changing the owner just to give MW a lesson - To find what missing in her life - Maybe love? Show her the right path. Why the staff is panic and want to get rid of CS? MW fall in love and vanish?
  6. They really enjoy the kiss.... I think they are attracted to each other when they first meet in the train. I dont think CS is the reincarnation of the past lover. He only get the dream after God Mago put the blue flower on his heart. He has a pure heart. God Mago knew he is the only one can change MW. Since she is soulless and lonely person. Cant wait for the next epi...
  7. I think the tree want KCS to work in the Del Luna Hotel to be near JMW. The tree bloom a flower when his dad enter Del Luna Hotel when it never bloom flowers for so long. The tree, JMW & KCS may have link together in the past. It blooms again when he is working in the hotel. If they are past lovers, why MW did not recognise or sense him? KCS may not be her past lover but his descendants.
  8. I think DM's family ,RG's mom and EG's mom used to be neighbour. Their children call mom and dad to one other parent. RG's mom and RG got in accident coz to run away from grandpa. DM father's business got trouble and he been caught by police. RG's grandpa willing to help DM's family by clearing her father name but they need to rid of RG. This is why DM's mom drop RG to the orphanage. Grandpa told RG's mom that RG was dead. This is reason that there is no missing child news.
  9. Maybe DM's mum use to volunter at ophanage as she miss her son. She allow every boy at there to call her mom. RG may be closed to her son age and often bring him home to play with DM Treat him like her own son and become RG's foster mum. When she realise who is RG, she get emotional and returned he back to the orphanage.
  10. I think Lee Sol is one of Ryan's nickname /pen name. Ryan may have many nickname/pen name before as previous ep he was saying what other nickname/pen name i never use before. He may used the name as his mother as he could draw the same style as hers before his accident. That is his special talent. The drawings at his house could be drawn by him. He may bought one of his mother drawing. Something had happen to his mother. He wants to buy all her drawings memories. Thats same go with Shi An. Ryan & Shi An could be half brothers. Deokmi also said they both look alike. Why i feel that Shi An know Ryan is his brother? He casually called Ryan 'Hyung' and always want to hang out with Ryan.
  11. Hi Everyone, I dont think Sis Kim is the boss. How abt the female psychiatrist is the boss? So far she havent appear again. What is her link? Det Dae Young is so surprise coz he had a crush on her before right.....
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