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  1. LJG didn't look too disappointed when the winner was announced so I think he was satisfied that he got recognition from the industry just by having been nominated. There has been a lack of good dramas lately so it might be awhile before we hear anything about a new project from him. It will be difficult to find another unique script like Flower of Evil. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a lighter fantasy drama just because I think it would be more fun and healthier for him after a dark drama.
  2. It is too bad the show had to compete with Beyond Evil. I haven't watched it yet but at least he lost to a really good senior actor. I would have been very upset if he lost to any of the others because I think he was amazing in Flower of Evil, which I am in the process of watching again. I am glad it got the best director award, to be honest, the great directing is what I noticed first in the drama. I hope he will announce a project soon and it won't be another 2 years before we see him again.
  3. Unless there is another main actor, I saw that Kim Seon Ho is posted as a main. So it is possible that LJG has turned it down.
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