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  1. @violinaThank you so much! He gives really good acceptance speeches and they were different for each of the venues. I am watching Mr. Queen and I would love to see him act with Shin Hye Sun in a comedy. I think he would have made Mr. Queen even more hilarious because of his ability to use micro expressions and his eyes while keeping a straight face. I keep checking any drama news for his next project.
  2. Congrats to LJG for winning two AAA awards. He deserved them. He was amazing in Flowers of Evil. Apart from 2 little clips which reminded me that he was LJG I was totally immersed in the character Do Hyun Soo. One of the clips was near the beginning when he leaped over the counter in a fight, it was so LJG action. The other was near the end when he wore a tux for his wedding photo shoot, he looked too debonaire for the character. I may be wrong but I thought an ill fitted suit or a show of awkwardness would have been more in line with Do Hyun Soo. Anyway, I was kept at the edge of my seat thro
  3. Ditto.. I really really miss him in sageuk, tehy don't produce many anymore and it isn't the same without our LJG
  4. After the first two episodes I tried to hold back and wait until the show completed but failed. Episodes 3 and 4 were so good. I watched ep 3 before bed and found it hard to go to sleep after so I waited until Friday morning 4 am to watch ep 4 and it didn't disappoint me, it woke me up completely, it was so exciting. This show has rejuvenated Kdrama which has been getting pretty boring the last 2 years. The directing and editing is top notch and the acting of all the characters are great especially our two leads. If you are expecting the regular psycho thriller then you would be disappointed,
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