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  1. I miss him in Sageuks. Every time there is a new one without him in it I can't bring myself to watch for awhile. I so would have liked him to have taken on My country: The New Age or The King: Eternal Monarch or any for that matter. I don't like seeing him as more like an idol doing concerts and ads than a real actor. I want him back on the screen !!!
  2. He looks so cool in this concert with his slim fitting outfits. I wish I could have gone but I went to the Hong Kong concert and April 28th was too close a date to fly 15 hours back again. I just left Seoul on April 1st He looked good with the gray/silver hair and pink suit, carried it off well. The venue looked great, much better than Hong Kong. I am not sure that we are going to get a screen project from him this year, the pickings for a good script seems slim. I think the writers are in a rut, there has only been a few good kdramas out in the last 6 months. There seems to be more and more reality and variety shows, which I don't watch unless it features our number one actor
  3. At this point I am not picky about who he is partnered with, I just want him on screen. If "Along with the Gods" series has a different story from the movies, he would make a good lead in it, all serious and in black . Speaking of partners, I would still like to see him in a drama with Park Min Young, the chemistry between them on screen is too good to be ignored.
  4. I agree. I checked out the list of dramas for 2019 and there is only two that I can see which don't have a male lead cast, Hotel de Luna (IU female lead) and Oddball which is a Joseon period one. I am hoping that he may be considering Hotel de Luna because he said he wanted to do a fantasy romance. Also, the fans of Moon Lovers get to see them together again
  5. Then maybe he is showing the pizza because his new project needs him to gain weight ? a hint for us?
  6. I don't think he needs to diet because he is so active he burns any extra calories.
  7. I am going to look for the Penegreen brand when I am in Korea after the HK concert . I hope his hair stays dark for the concert, he looks so good with dark hair, the light hair doesn't do justice to his features. I don't know if the press conference is open to the public but it is far from where I am staying and I may be too tired from a 15 hr flight to make it there
  8. I wonder when he arrives in Hong Kong. I arrive on the 9th so maybe I will bump into him I will have to keep my eyes open for screams and crowds
  9. Ah thanks, it was quite awhile back since I watched it. It is difficult to watch again because I don't like the leading lady I miss him in sageuk though so maybe I will skip through it and watch the action sequences
  10. @happyfanlgx which show was that clip from? I don't recall seeing that scene.
  11. I don't think he will make any announcements on his next project until his "Delight" tour is finished. I will be at his last concert in Hong Kong so hopefully he will give us a hint then, but I may not understand what he says . I am going to extend my trip after the concert to Korea and this time I hope I can see at least one site where Moon Lovers was filmed.
  12. @pixelsticks I GOT TICKETS !!! It was nerve wracking. I was ready to buy as soon as it opened up but I couldn't select best tickets as they were all selected by other people already, so I had to settle for second best, but still pretty good. Anyway, now I have to see if I can get a flight.
  13. I was undecided about taking the long trip to Hong Kong for his concert because I watched some of the Youtube clips and I didn't like his hairstyle and the baggy clothes. His long hair and bangs covered his handsome face somewhat and some of his outfits covered his dance moves. However, I am a very long time fan of his and I have always wanted to see him in person so I will try to get tickets today and keep my fingers crossed that I can get a cheap flight from Toronto. Good luck to my fellow soompiers who are going to try and get tickets. Hopefully I will see some of you there in Hong Kong.
  14. I was just about to say the same as you @joybranwhen I came across your response. He is an actor that will always shine whatever role he decides to take on. "My Girl" is an example. When I watched it years and years ago I didn't even know who he was but I felt he played the character so well that he outclassed the leading man and had more chemistry with the leading lady.
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