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  1. I know you all don't think Heung Shik is the killer for various valid reasons. I have my own reason for not suspecting him. He is feeding Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat food (Royal Canin is not sponsoring this drama, right?) which is quite expensive compared to other cat foods. I don't think a killer would spend that much on stray cats (especially considering that he is killing cats). I think Heung Sik loves cats and wants to feed them but someone else is adding pesticide to the food. Yeong Sim supposedly had the same burns as Yong Shik. I'm assuming Yeong Sim is actually a grandma, so what if it is her adult son or grandson who is adding pesticides to the cat food? I really feel bad for Hyang Mi. Though she had a despicable character, her flashback says why she turned up this way. Considering most serial killers are usually bullied, neglected, abandoned, or abused in childhood, she seems to be wanting to lead a respectful life but desperate financial need calls for desperate measures (though that's the reason I suspected her to be the killer). Could it be that Hyang Mi was actually killed by the pimp rather than the Joker? @Isache Yeah, it could be him. Serial killers usually want others to fear and respect them as they are dominated and suppressed by others at home. In Ongsan, it's the women who rule and he seems to be a hen-pecked husband.
  2. No No Noooooo.... As an owner of three cats, and someone who respects both human and animal lives, I demand death penalty for the killer not matter who he/she is..... Young Sik did tell three signs of a serial killer that includes arson and animal abuse as well. The third sign is bed-wetting but there is no way of knowing who wets their bed unless the killer's mother decides to turn into a witness... Yeong Sim does seem to be the key to this mystery. Could be! Or those who loved cats and scolded the killer for harming cats... Again I repeat, maximum punishment for the killer.. On a lighter note, I'm happy that I work from home and not a social person
  3. @lu09 After watching the latest episode, I'm sure Dong Baek's mum is not suffering from dementia. In fact with all her advice and actions, looks like she was in prison or worked for a detective agency... I really liked that Young Sik told Dong Baek to decide what she wants to do without imposing his opinion. I get that he is pretty tenacious about his feelings, but he does not force her like her landlord. In Dong Baek's case, just expressing feelings doesn't work. She does not trust people generally. So, Young Sik being insistent with his feelings is what made Dong Baek to reciprocate. That's where Jong Ryeol failed. He may be thinking good for his son and Dong Baek, but forcing her to listen to him was not right especially since he was not even a part of their life until now. Happens in real life as well where people with good intentions try to force their thinking, decisions, and opinions on you. Unless its a child or someone who cannot take rational decisions, it is better if people are allowed to decide on their own. Where Jong Ryeol succeeded was in being firm with Hyang Mi. She thinks she can do anything and people will obey her. Good for her to know that it is not the case with everyone. I just hope Jong Ryeol stands firm till the end without giving in. But, what is preventing him from not disclosing this blackmail to Dong Baek? For that matter, even that landlord, he knows he is in a fix. He knows his wife knows that he is kind of having an affair. If he actually tells his wife, she will legally stir-fry Hyang Mi and he can escape the blackmail. However, he is a coward and cannot expect much from him unless he gets frustrated enough to kill Hyang Mi. BTW, I thought that the waitress at the restaurant was Hyang Mi. Is that right? No time to rewatch the episode.
  4. Something felt off in that episode where Dong Baek ends up being the witness to the murder. I watched it again and idk why I feel that the killer's cough resembled a woman's cough rather than a man's. Hyang Mi is in desperate need of money and someone is after her for it. What if it is her and that guy who are this killing duo? Though Hyang Mi seems not smart enough to be a killer, wasn't Dong Baek warned by her mum that she should not trust anyone, especially those close to her already? The only person who has close access to Dong Baek is HM who also needs money, who is upset that good guys don't approach her, and who may dislike that Jong Ryeol (rich guy but not interested in Hyang Mi) and Yong Sik (not interested in Hyang Mi) like Dong Baek. Someone who can blackmail without remorse can also kill or aid a killer.... My opinion: 1: Hyang Mi is the killer or aide to the killer. The dead body is of Hyang Mi. Either she was killed by her partner or someone from the good gang in self-defence. 2. Dong Baek's mum wrote that on the wall to scare Dong Baek away from Ongsan because it looked like she was suspecting Hyang Mi. Why has a dementia patient gone away on some work? If she is really suffering from dementia, she won't remember anything including whatever urgent work she had. Looks like her mum entering Dong Baek's life has made the killer anxious as he/she may not have the usual close access to her.
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