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  1. This is a very underrated show. My god,... my tears just keep flowing in the last 3-4 eps. Kam Woo Sung's performance was convincing and incredibly touching , heartbreaking to me. His good pal - also his guardian , is also a hoot to watch. Give it a go, people.
  2. Weill, I'm not an avid fan of either star but I'm shocked. That's really a short marriage. Am enjoying SJK's latest drama too.
  3. Hmmm...this series. I had looked forward to seeing the male lead (aka Mr Ryan Gold) to helm his own series one day (since the first time I saw him in Coffee Prince ) and he having done so now... (maybe this is not his first time, pardon me as I don't follow his productions) , I'm sorry to say his acting abilities are a little lacking and personal charisma cannot 'carry' this show. His performance in coffee prince was way better, but he wasn't the lead there . Ms Deok Mi by PMY is well portrayed. Ok... sorry to be the one to throw cold water on this series or maybe on ....KJW. But I do hope to see better performance from him in the future.
  4. I super super love this show.... What a great cast! The Nun should get an acting award for her fab comedic timing and she is so underrated but what a GEM she is.... rem her outburst on the cult? Hahahaha... I'm trying to find out if the Thai guy is Korean ... anyone has shots of him without the brown makeup on from other series?
  5. Good point. But even if its from the same period or his habitual tendencies of that period, it's like watching a horror movie and discovering instead of a cupboard of a hidden skeleton, its a backdoor to a graveyard. Anyway, let's wait for the full investigation to be over. I didn't delve into the extent of his first scandal previously.. but did he share his ex-gf video with others? Or was it just that he took secret recordings of him with ex-gf? If he really did clean up good and reformed to be a better man after this first fiasco and this blew up way bigger now, ...well life is just. Some life lessons here to be derived. But if indeed guilty, he needs to face the appropriate level of consequences and punishments for his past actions, regardless whether as if he killed someone or not. We aren't the women involved ultimately.
  6. how can 2d1n hyungs react? Their official reaction will be the typical PR reply or no comment. Its a timebomb over there now I;m sure. Somehow , from 2d1n - we got to know about JJY's Jeju home and his parents and I just keep thinking of how disappointed his mom might feel right now. This whole scandal reminds me of Edison Chen all over again.
  7. So fast? Even before JJY is confirmed to be guilty of the alleged actions? I was just thinking with this scandal, he might not survive this round....
  8. Hi can anyone shed light why NWS's appearance is kept in the dark throughout the ep? Was CJH not able to film?
  9. Real villain is Prof Cha? Master is also Prof Cha? For the Master to send a messenger , wouldn't it require Master to log in ? But Master and Marco has not log in for 1 year. Just finished Ep 8, I pity JW . The stress and pressure, anxiety he was going through... Assasins , Michael Cha NPC, incessant rain patter, guitar strumming, strategising to get ahead of media crazy ex-wife and lover /manager , managing his fear and insanity meter, plotting JOne's future and keeping it, and the board happy and afloat on remote, game testing, searching for SJ, managing PI to dig info SJ, Marco and cover SJ's trail, upgrading weapons , level up to level 90, loving HJ but can't start anything now, managing his assistant who is now his alliance, managing his CSO, his handicap, protecting HJ & family from SJ's reality until he finds SJ... His intentions are less honourable from the start, but I like by Ep 8, he is fronting the real dangers (for game players even his assistant which he tried to get him off the game)before releasing the game commercially, in place of HJ in the event she seeks out her brother and even CSO whom he rejects to join in the game. By ep 8, I glad PSH is getting better in her acting. Hyun Bin is totally fab. So is Prof Cha too. Great show... great writing. But I can't wait for their 'eventual' explanation on how AR becomes real life , real murder and real injuries, this had better be good.
  10. Sad that this is YEH's latest drama... The plot is super weak, poorly filmed, relies on kdrama romance tactics to make up each ep(leads falling into each other, almost bro and sister romance, etc.) . and a big waster of talents - YEH and Chun. YEH really needs a strong role opportunity which allows her to break out of the stereotypical roles she seems to be drawn to or pigeonholed to. What happened to Coffee Prince level performance level of YEH? If YEH wants to get back into the acting game and revive her fame/reputation/ credibility , she desperately needs to stop taking these sort of pretty feminine lead roles - it doesn't suit her or gives her credibility (to me ) . I would love to see her in a period drama Mulan -ish role or as a female detective or lawyer and stop acting the ditzy beautiful woman ( sorry but I only see the Ditzy-ness coming through , and her enhanced lower lip (big error , YEH) . Chun needs to really pick his projects wisely that highlights his charm (rem 'what's up fox'?) . I think Chun will thrive in a similar 'HERO' male lead role. Sorry I;m ranting but this show is a big waste of ....everything except Viki money - helps to get someone's bills paid I guess.
  11. This story plot is a BIG WOW.... I love the AR story line and JW/Bin is a great cast as a class act jerk first lead.... not sure about PSH casting (sometimes I watch her performance and it comes across clearly as plain acting and doesn't lead me to believe convincingly she IS the character , if you get what I mean) ... anyway her performance seems aliitle lacking to me now but this is only ep 2. Hope she exceeds the current status quo. This show is like 100x better than 'fluttering...something' which turns out to be such a feeble attempt at K drama by Viki. No directors and companies willing to work on Viki drama? Thank goodness this show come on when I stopped watching kDrama as all dramas seem run of the mill and none was eye-catching. If only Master of Sun male lead tried out this leading role too, but he might not be as strong as acting as a jerk as Bin. I'm hooked!
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