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  1. Greetings, All, I just found this drama recently and am binge-watching it. I just wanted to comment on the whole notion of morality as addressed in the drama. What I find brilliant in this drama is it exposes the hypocrisy of all the moral laws we each violate several times every single day without a thought. Sure, its easy to point the finger at someone who has a second child with an ex-husband to save the life of another child and say that was morally reprehensible but compared to all the other lapses of morality in this drama---and real life---this action is less problematic than, say, coveting your high-school friend's husband, having an affair while your wife is pregnant, abandoning your grandson and daughter-in-law in favor of someone more useful to your business, forcing your child into a loveless marriage for the convenience of your business, allowing your child to be forced into a loveless marriage with a witch (not the word I want to use) and turning your back on your daughter-in-law and grandson so as not to upset your spouse, using your money and position to entice back into the fold that grandson when it is becomes necessary for the continuation of your business. These are all immoral acts. Having a second child--by artificial insemination--to save the life of its sibling is not "adultery", not by a long shot. And having a second child for an otherwise-childless couple is elsewhere applauded (see surrogacy) as compassionate. Ji-young's decision to comply with the doctor's recommendation is not immoral, it is moral. It is based in her love for her child, her desire to preserve a life, made with the concurrence of her current husband and the support of her ex-husband--her child's biological father--and his wife. The "immoral" act in this drama becomes the only moral act in the drama and the character about to be dragged through the courts of law and public opinion as an immoral woman turns out to be the only moral character in the drama with, perhaps, the exception of Min Ho.
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