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  1. Ep. 108 without subtitles. Is DJ's mom really going to sit up all night to make sure OB studies? Even after working all day? This woman gives Tiger Mom-in-Law teeth. YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Fighting, DJ's mom...
  2. @maribella Sssshhhh... let's not jinx OB and DJ. If she sticks with the original synopsis for OB, I'm with you. Writer-nim should be forever banished from k-drama land. If things turn out badly only for those who deserve it--SJ, Manager Oh, the miscreant brother--then the k-drama "skies" should smile upon her yet another day. From the preview of Ep.108--well, it didn't take long for YS to learn how to walk into a corporate HQ like a chaebol's daughter. I guess this puts Mr. Proper JH in his place... which is nowhere near YS... Cheers.
  3. Today's episode... well that happened quickly and without drama. Chairman needs a food taster and fast since the only way SJ gets her hands on the company now is as his wife if he dies before acknowledging YS as his daughter. OB and DJ make such a cute couple.
  4. She sighs... is it even possible to put this wreck back on the tracks with three weeks to go... that said, I am very pleased at how much OB and DJ have matured over the course of this drama and I really love DJs parents...
  5. Still in the midst of today's episode but I have to say while I can't stand watching the fiction SJ creates for KS, I'm loving this new, improved DJ and the whole pregnancy thing. I like her Dad is proud and happy, the Diner family is supportive, her mother is furious, well feigns fury. I love how Grandma and Uncle support the couple while making OB take responsibility for his actions and how OB is honest about his feelings and current situation. If I were DJ's mom, I too would not allow him to see the child until he gets his act together to motivate him to success for DJ and the child.
  6. As she pulls her hair out.... awwgghh. What is with this drama, what is with these characters? YS stands there and takes SJ's lies and disparaging of her character with a straight face and then LIES to KS telling him it's TRUE. I give up. This drama is absurd. Heard that Writer-nim? ABSURD. If not for DJ's mom and Grandma teaching OB a lesson this entire episode would have been a waste of time. At this point I'm holding on solely for the Fall of SJ. The look on KS's face at the end of the preview was interesting. Perhaps someone sent him a CCTV clip from the car or kidnap site. Li
  7. @Maribella. Greetings. I agree with your assessment. These two weeks have been ridiculous. I feel they've done this whole amnesia thing for another trope, the siblings marriage trope. Here's something I don't get. If someone has amnesia, can he remember a past love? The drama seems to posit two things, blood recognizes blood and the heart remembers what the memory doesn't. Chairman has a fondness for YS like onto a daughter because she is a daughter that his blood recognizes even if his brain and consciousness does not. KS recognizes a deep love for YS even though he doesn't rem
  8. What was missing from the previews of tomorrow's episode? Anyone from the Kang family at the hospital to hear that YS is Kang's daughter. Do we seriously have to wait until Friday for that news to come out and Kang have a heart attack? Then, while he's unconscious and since she's still legally the wife, SJ will raid the company. oy vej.
  9. @bluesapphire, @maribella Hmmm... now you've got me thinking KS is the disposable one. What if OB's father turns out to be a doctor, then DJ and Mom get their wish to marry into a medical family, all the incest nonsense becomes moot and SJ loses everything she says matters to her, the restaurant and her son. That would be just too painful to watch, though, how KS would have literally sacrificed his entire life for YS. My question is, why would his father do that to him, put him in that position. What's the relationship between YS and KS's family that his father would burden this sing
  10. From the preview of Episode 96 where YS is apparently abducted... she should have made that shirt... but at least it is now clear to everyone that SJ's problem with YS has to do with YS's mother and her husband. It will take another week for someone to put those pieces together... @bluesappire. SJ doesn't have funds but she has a criminal brother who is adept at making Kim women disappear. Oh, oh, what if OB's fate is tied in with the search/rescue of YS. Happy weekend.
  11. Hmmm.. looks like SJ is losing/has lost her mind. What's that saying? "Those whom the devil will destroy he first makes mad." Looks like we're at the beginning of the Fall of SJ... Fighting!
  12. Amen, Ldy GMerm, amen. I have no idea how they could get to a hundred hours of this drama without once asking YS her mother's name especially since (1) the brother is responsible for her death.. or where's the curiosity to look up the case or newspaper reports regarding the incident which would revealed the name or (2) not finding it odd that SJ has such obvious and unbridled hatred for YS that is not just unbecoming but psychopathic in a woman of her age and stature. I am so disgusted with today's episode, is it 92?, that I'm not going to bother to watch it with subtitles. There's only s
  13. Greetings, Drama Family Thoughts on Episode 83. Well, if she's nothing else, SJ is consistent. She used and discarded GS's father, she used and discarded JG and his family and now she's moved in to use and (discard) her son and/or YS. I think I'm beginning to see the outline for what some in this thread have alluded to, the possibility of one of the supporting characters meeting an early demise. What am I saying? SJ has already used and discarded both GS and YS--GS after she left him with the Y restaurant family to go pursue JG and YS when she repeatedly stole her recipies by
  14. Greetings, all. Okay, so... now I see why all the insinuations regarding the "inappropriate" relationship between YS and GS. It was so the writer could take the drama where it appears to be going according to the preview for Episode 83. SJ moves in with GS in order to push him into marriage with YS so that she can acquire the company via the marriage of her son to her soon-to-be ex-husband's daughter. And before that happens, she wants YS to either kill JG or facilitate his murder so she can pin that on YS like she used her brother to get rid of YS's mother. You gotta give the woman cred
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