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  1. Greetings, It explains the relationship between SH and WDH, shows SH did like WDH, and he liked her but she blames herself for her sister being in the wrong place at the wrong time leading to her death. Its not clear to me whether she blamed him for her not being at the mall at that time because of the date or if she blames herself for procrastinating on returning the item and then pressuring her sister to do it on her behalf leading to her death. Or perhaps she feels she should deny herself a relationship with WDH as atonement for her sister's death. Now that we know that, if little sister really, really wants SH and WDH together we may continue to see "hauntings"? "visitations"? "phantoms"? "manifestations of conscience"?... After watching Episode 8, my poor opinion of these kids has not changed and I'm beginning to feel like a bully. They are a miserable, ungrateful bunch. I almost had a change of heart when DJ sent WDH the sonogram, then when she followed up with a threat, I feel justified in my opinion. And she has the nerve to ask him if he can be her "real" father and not just a guardian... does that mean she knows he isn't her "real" father. And the brother bringing the father home knowing what pond scum he is. If he had any brains and decency, he would have called WDH ahead of time to ask what he should do. But then I guess we wouldn't have a drama. My dislike of these kids is now extending to their parents. Forget the sires, what kind of woman was DJ's mother. She had children with two losers and a fling with a college student she met on a ferry and that, really, is the basis for this drama which seems to be about how WDH always has to be a step ahead of these morons making lemonade out of lemons. Well, its fun.
  2. Greetings, All... So I'm all caught up through Episode 6 and my opinion of DJ hasn't changed. In fact, my poor opinion now extends to her male siblings as well. The only child that hasn't yet come across badly is the little girl. Now, you can say that anyone does what they must to "survive" but the fact is, every human has developed his or her moral character by age 7 and, for the most part, this moral character doesn't generally change for their entire lives. The deliberate scheming that goes on in DJ's mind as a 17-year old has been going on since age 7 and will be going on when she's 27 and 37 and 47, you get my drift... The greed and selfishness that seems to be a problem for little brother is hopefully something he can outgrow but.... And the Rebel without a Cause older brother needs to be signed up for military service the minute he turns 18. I admit I could be misreading the drama and perhaps these kids are so obnoxious for the purpose of the plot or they could be so obnoxious to make the WDH character look more saintly than he actually is. That said, I have a few questions... 1. WDH's memory of watching his father and mistress at dinner and his father doting over the other teenaged boy... was his father a polygamist or remarried. I don't remember whether he actually divorced WDH's mother. So, does this mean WDH has a brother somewhere? 2. From the last episode its pretty clear the writer is pointing at Kang as DJ's biological father and either DJ's mother didn't want DJ to know her father was an old, married man or DJ made up in her own mind that WDH is her father since he's young, ambitious, smart and good looking... given a choice, who wouldn't want WDH as a father? 3. That comment Kang made to his son about being able to do worse than leak the story of the pregnancy for politics, is that an allusion to him being behind WDH's mother's "accident" either because he was concerned about the election or because she wanted him to acknowledge DJ since she's approaching the age where Kang's money and influence will be useful for launching her future. 4. I know its for the plot--to make the case that WDH is "using" the kids for the purpose of winning the election--but I don't understand why WDH doesn't reveal the fact that he is not DJ's biological father. Now, it looks like the step-father will be making that public shortly (although if I'm right and Kang is behind the mother's death, the step-father is not long for the world and the three other kids will shortly also be orphans) but it makes WDH look even more virtuous if he takes in four orphans than that he "stepped up" and did the right thing by an illegitimate daughter he never knew. Unless there's some cultural thing going on that I'm not getting, I don't understand why he doesn't tell DJ he's not her father so that she stops trying to manipulate him and so the entire country doesn't think he's a deadbeat dad. 5. I don't know if its the writer's intent but WDH comes off looking like a really good guy. He does the right thing even if he knows he has no legal or moral obligation to do so, he hides what needs to be hidden and reveals what needs to be revealed when it needs to be revealed. I don't understand why he allowed himself to be called a "sinner" instead of explaining why he had no relationship with his father. I don't understand why he did the 3-step penance thing when his father didn't deserve it since they were technically strangers. I don't understand why he didn't tell DJ they're not related, her mother lied or she's mistaken about his paternity, and bring the kids to an orphanage. I don't understand why he hides what Kang did to him and his mother instead of explaining it in the context of why he wants to run for political office. Its a really courageous and moral thing for him to reveal DJ's pregnancy and his role in wanting her to have an abortion even if it makes him look hypocritical based on his previous statements about the immorality of abortion--and it shows his wisdom and love for DJ that he doesn't want her to ruin her future--and, again, his wisdom in being willing to rethink his opinions and his courage in admitting he may have been wrong and loving in ultimately supporting DJ's decision to keep the child even though that means two more mouths to feed on his designated drivers' salary. I'm not sure if this is the writer's intent or if this is just really good acting but if I'm supposed to see WDH as a politician who's putting on a "great show", what's coming across is that WDH is a great guy who has a knack for taking lemons and making lemonade. And that does make for a great show... Cheers.
  3. At the end of Episode 3 and I must say I find the Head of Household Girl really unlikeable. For someone so young she's manipulative, scheming and conniving. The apple must not fall far from the tree so it makes sense to me that she's related to the Kang family. DH may be doing the right thing for the wrong reason but he's doing the right thing. In the end, that's what counts, whether we do the right thing...
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