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  1. Aaaaaaah I'm so happy we get to see more selfies of PSH and the rest of the cast, especially with HB I thought they didn't take any, PSH knows how to make me happy So anyways, my friend finished the drama and I asked her her general opinion on things, she said the drama is very interesting and has some very interesting ideas and twists, showing how this kind of games can be very dangerous, but she got tired of Zombie Cha and the same fights over and over with NPCs, on the romance, she said that she found it wasn't treated carefully and felt too quick, she almost felt like HJ fell for JW because he was gonna save her brother while he fell for Emma ( don't know how she got to this conclusion ) I remember her sending me a message after she finished ep 11 about how it wasn't cool of him to ask HJ to prove she believes in him by kissing her. My friend agrees many questions were left unanswered, but she liked the ending, she found it hopeful, hopeful that JW and HJ won't take long before reuniting, she says if it was basic happy ending it wouldn't make sense.
  2. I' trying not to influence her, I want her to form her own theories and see Looool that's what I'm doing, whenever she asks I'm like keep watching and you'll know. Ahh this is the first week without MoA :(( I really feeling withdrawals,not a surprise cause I did love the drama a lot.
  3. My friend reached episode 6 and she already has so many questions she said the rules of this game and are so bizzare.
  4. So I told my best friend in the past weeks about MoA and she said she'll watch it after it's finished, but then I told her the ending sucks she shouldn't bother, and usually she listens, but I added to her that the drama from all the other angles is pretty good ( with lots of confusion too) so now she decided she's watching it, and I who's still hurt by that ending and still pissed about it, said that I will watch again. And I will, at least a few episodes, I like rewatching shows, it makes me see new things about it, either I love it again or hate it again, and I liked MoA a lot, so I'm gonna watch a few episodes or a few scenes again to relive all that magic and how JW developed through it all, and maybe I'll find a better way to accept this ending.
  5. I'm still so bitter, I think I'm gonna keep screaming JW deserved a happy ending for a whole week
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm done, I just finished it the end, I cried so much with JW and HJ, especially JW like I'm sorry I can't see why he couldn't be rewarded for all his suffering, he didn't deserve this at all he should've just taken the dagger and stabbed Emma with it and killed the entire game, J-one can plummet and go bankrupt for all I care. The only thing I liked in this episode is the sense of hope HJ gained that she can see JW again, I just hoped they completed that scene with at least one of them seeing the other. I have too many rants and complaints, plot holes illogical stuff and much more, but I really don't have the energy, JW deserved better, that's all. Anyways, I enjoyed MoA of Alhambra a lot, and I don't regret watching it, I fell for PSH and HB's talents again ( they are the first two actors who got me into k-drama, I'm glad I saw them pairing up in here, hopefully in another drama again ) SJJ on the other hand, doesn't belong in the list of writers who know how to make a satisfying open ending. Glad to have joined and enjoyed the drama with you all, let's meet again in another one where we can be happier. I'll just now go and heal my broken heart with videos of JW smiling and him with HJ being happy and in love.
  7. I will do my best to stay strong and resist her, this ending just left a huge scar, and it's not even the flashbacks' fault Anyways, I finally found the courage to watch this final episode, let's pray I don't throw my laptop on the floor before I finish it
  8. I just realised that JW and HJ didn't even get time to date properly, to at least have one kiss that isn't clouded with a bad fate coming their way, the first one he was desperate, the second one he felt he won't see her again. They didn't get to sit to talk, even that date was cut short. * BIG SIGH*
  9. The scene between JW and his secretary was so painful to watch, and now I'm crying. I'm gonna with the idea that the writer ruined her own drama by killing off too many characters and linking their death to JW and then she didn't know how to fix it so she ended it like this. She better reflect hard, this the worst of the worst endings possible.
  10. The drama had a huge budget, I hope PSH a d HB took half of it, they deserve, also I don't care if it's the vheesiest drama with stupidest plot on the planet just give me another PSH -HB pairing.
  11. I would've been happier seeing JW in jail than that BS. I seriously want swsar so much but I'm trying to be a good girl. Does this mess of a writer have an email ?? I want to send her a very serious letter of complaint.
  12. Was it really worth it ? Why ? Why put HJ and JW through all of that torture and not even reward them in the end ? Why is JW a bug/virus when he's just a human who played the game ? Why couldn't thr writer at least let them meet, SOME KIND OF CLOSURE IT'S NOT SO HARD FOR GOD'S SAKE
  13. So all in all everybody got a happy ending except for the two who actually deserve it, and JW just suffered through mental and physical pain only to be trapped in the game and never be happy again. I see, should've at least put SJ in jail for creating the game not make him popular and give him the job of his dreams ( i love you chanyeol, but i hate your character )
  14. This is it i hate her i hate her i hate her, no sort of explanation can justify this ending for me I AM NEVER WATCHING ANY SJJ DRAMAS EVER AGAIN.
  15. Ok what BS is this ??he's nkw part of the game ? He's just trapped in there ?they don't meet he's dead and all of that ?? WHAT KIND OF ENDING IS THIS ? THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN I IMAGINED !!!WTH I CAN'T WATCH THIS I CAN'T ACCEPT IT !!! JUSTICE FOR JW WRITER WHAT KI D OF SADIST ARE YOU??!!
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