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  1. I beg to disagree, I don't really like Lawless Lawyer so for me IU is a better partner for Lee Jung Gi compared to Seo Ye Ji. I don't mind to wait for Season 2 of Moon Lovers. But even if they decided not to make it, it's okay. Because honestly the main attractive point of the drama is the Goryeo period so if the season 2 is set on modern world, I think it will lose some appeal compared to Season 1.
  2. Do you guys know the song Joo Gi Bbeum sings in the drama, will they release it? I really love the song. She sings 2 songs in Episode 1, I love the second one, starting from minute 27:44 until 28:28. And that song was played again in Episode 4 minute 24:33-25:55 when Ma sung sees Gi Bbeum music video.
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