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  1. Sure they can like each other. Kim Jae Wook's fans are not crazy fans so it might be easier for Park Min Young when their dating news come out. But what does it matter, she dated Lee Min Ho courageously before.
  2. I hope Kim Jae Wook gain a lot of international fans through the drama Her Private Life. His appearance videos are not so many and I feel sad that no one made eng sub for it. For example his Life Bar episodes. I could only find cuts with eng sub. If I could understand korean I would sub it. It's been my routine that when I was attracted to someone I look for everything about him. But I have been attracted by Kim Jae Wook since early on but not so much I could find about him online.
  3. I beg to disagree, I don't really like Lawless Lawyer so for me IU is a better partner for Lee Jung Gi compared to Seo Ye Ji. I don't mind to wait for Season 2 of Moon Lovers. But even if they decided not to make it, it's okay. Because honestly the main attractive point of the drama is the Goryeo period so if the season 2 is set on modern world, I think it will lose some appeal compared to Season 1.
  4. Do you guys know the song Joo Gi Bbeum sings in the drama, will they release it? I really love the song. She sings 2 songs in Episode 1, I love the second one, starting from minute 27:44 until 28:28. And that song was played again in Episode 4 minute 24:33-25:55 when Ma sung sees Gi Bbeum music video.
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