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  1. I'm so excited to see the news of his casting in Train. I love sci fi and always watch this theme of time travel or parallel world. I'm sure and hope he will accept it. I hope the production runs well and nothing goes wrong. So I can watch him on 2020.
  2. It's just amazing that seeing him happy, I get happy too. It's like watching him washes all my worries.
  3. @Ayame Thank you ayame. Nice to see you again. We will tag you for sure for any Kim Jae Wook japanese interviews or videos.
  4. My question is how can he, like any other celebrity, knows when his friends post a comment and just replies to them. When he doesn't follow anyone, while his thousand followers comment on his posts. When he checks on activity he must see thousand of comments by fans, how can he checks which from his friends that needs reply or which from fans that should be ignored. How? Is there a feature to just see certain comments? Or did he actually read all comments? Or did his friends message him that they comment on his post? I am curious.
  5. @belena Thanks. It turns out she posts the continuation in the comment sections.
  6. @belena do you know fans who shared the interview section of the magazine?
  7. Hi! I have an announcement to make. If any of you would like to join our JWookTeam to make fansub in anything related to Kim Jae Wook, please send me a message.
  8. @belena Haha. The answers are so typical of Kim Jae Wook, but I wonder what the last thing about when looking at the mirror, gradually ... @jaydendoji Yeah, with Jae Wook, it all depends on his drive and among chances that lands on him, whether there is something he likes doing or not. He's not someone who feels the rush to work just because he have to. And he never wants to become like that. He wants to live with passion and purpose. Replaying his videos are nice to do. But even if you decide to like something else and just come back for him when he makes a comeback, it's fine also. He never demands loyalty from his fans or something. He does many other things he likes also. So we are also free to do many things we like. He's grateful for people who like him but he doesn't make "to be liked" as his everything or life purpose. That's why he lives with ease. So let's enjoy.
  9. @jaemin kimpark I've shared it. If you would like to explain further about the event, it's okay also. @kdramaQ I don't even realized it's decreasing, still above 800thousands, to be precisely 883thousands the last time I checked. For an account that started from above 300thousands before Her Private Life, 500thousands increase is quite a lot. So just few who left is unnoticable. They're probably not patient because he updates not often or they might found something else they enjoy. It's fine.
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