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  1. Hi bebebisous33, thanks for your reply. Yes, I do think Dongbaek would have been one of his initial targets because Camelia reputation in the town known as a sleazy bar (likely spread by the gossipy ahjumahs). He would have thought Dongbaek was like a bar girl but decided that she was not after seeing how innocent she was. Thanks Irekatcas. Oh I didn't know Han Tae Hee's wife is the one who was selling the injeolmi. If this is so, all the more it makes him a legit suspect because at the end of ep 3, Dongbaek was squatting down to pick up the beer opener which she dropped and saw flour on Joker's boots and made a comment on it. And we all know the key ingredient to making injeolmi is rice cake flour. Dongbaek also seems to be at total ease with Joker and even served him free peanuts which No Kyu-Tae so desperately wanted but doesn't get it. And she told him that it's only for regulars. Initially, I thought the CCTV guy's dad seems suspicious since the CCTV guy locked the door before heading out even though his dad is inside their home. But on second thoughts, to be a regular of Camelia, one has to be mobile in order to be able to frequent the place regularly.
  2. Annyeong, I'm a fan of this drama and like all, I'm dying of the suspense as to who the killer is. Thus, I decided to check out this site for updates. After last night episode, pls allow me to share my guess. I'm pretty sure the killer isn't HS (Heung-Sik aka the CCTV installation guy). This is because Hyang Mi called the guy in the dark alley "Ahjussi". As we all know, this is term used to address someone who is an elderly and HS seems younger than Hyang Mi. My guess is this elderly guy named "Han Tae Hee". Reasons being: 1) The dry chillies was next to Hyang Mi when she was led to the room by the "Joker". And we know the guy that offers her the accommodation is Joker because of the burnt mark under the table. In ep 1, we saw him sunning the same dry chillies in the alley and it was run over by a bicycle when Dong Baek first moved in. 2) In ep 8, Dongbaek refused to close her shop after the wall scrawling as an act of defiance as she believed that "Joker" will be checking her out soon to see her reaction to it. And later, we were brought to the scene where a group of patrons were gathering around the newly installed CCTV, one of them was Han Tae Hee. 3) In ep 8, he was one of the guys in captured in the CCTV video footage which Yong-sik was studying. According to Captain Byun, the Joker must have saw the CCTV being installed and he would have been one of those in the video. 4) In ep 9, Dongbaek flashed back to the time where she first started and the first two customers that came in are Han Tae Hee and Song Jin Bae. That scene somewhat felt that there were more to it than just two ordinary patrons. I believe the "Joker" wanted to check out Dongbaek after learning of her identity from the press (after his last killing) just like he came to check out Dongbaek's reaction after scrawling on her wall. 5) Lastly, Han Tae Hee fits the term "Ahjussi".
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