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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner


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2 minutes ago, qwenli said:

yo to wook: u suggested me to use hs, you are finally on my side...

wook kneel to yo in the royal court: I greet you, my majesty. manse manse, man man se.

Yo walks towards the throne and seats on it enjoying the moment.

wun and his wife has fled, we need to catch him and kill him.

wook to Yo: dont you have a dog that is very talented in killing royals?


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Wook bows down to the new King. And then suggests the Yo get his "dog" to go do his dirty work. Obviously so Wook wouldn't have to get his hands dirty. F*** you Wook F*** you!



Yo is just watching as he slaughters people. Typical evil. I also gotta say his earrings have gotten rather fancy.


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Evil Queen doesn't seem to agree with Yo's plan but Yo seems to be resolute...

WS is in his tower..Ji Mong and General Park are there. Looks like he tells them what Yo has ordered him to do? Oh no. General has switched to scary mode...can you please go and Kill Yo for us all? 

WS and HS talk in the gardens...secret meetings are supposed to be fun and full of kisses, not like this. *sobs* WS is very serious and HS is worried? He strokes/pats her head and THEY HUG. It's not a kiss but I'll take it

HS is talking to CR who looks GUILTY AS HEEEELLLLLLLLLL

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55 minutes ago, Chickpea said:

Greetings... thinking about Ep 14 in my sleep (egads!)...  Yes, but, as the disclaimer at the beginning of the drama says, the drama takes a creative license to history.  As things are working out, the only "creative license" is that a woman from the future is the reason So kills his brothers.  Personally, I would have preferred a So who killed his brothers for, as you correctly state above, plotting against the King and Crown Prince with Eun dying in the cross-fighting.  At least this would retain for our hero his dignity.  The scenario that appears to be developing--and I could be wrong--makes So a love-struck fool who allows himself to be Yoo's "killing canine" and for those in this thread who object to the canine references with regard to So, those come directly from the dialogue and the writer, we're not making it up.  I understand the writer appears to be trying to make the case for So's eventual killing of not only his brothers but their etended families and he or she wants to make it appear that So was manipulated by his love for HS and his hand was forced to protect her.  Only this doesn't make sense.  Had not JiMong stopped So, he would have cut down Yoo at the end of Ep. 14 and Weasel would have run away, he wouldn't dare try to strike at HS without Yoo's protection.  Here's the other thing.  Both JiMong and  HS know the future.  Here I go back to Taejo's warning to HS to do nothing and allow history to take its course.  And HS tries to do this.  But it seems her very presence in the past is enough to change it.  Or is it.  What about the Goryeo-HS, the one who is now taking our HS's place in the 21st Century.  Had not the eclipse transported our 21st Century darling to Goryeo, is it not possible that So would have fallen for Soo anyway.  But JiMong and HS know the future, remember, so they know that the king after Moo will be So.  History is changed not because of their actions but because of their in-actions, or rather, because JiMong stops So from killing Yoo.

At present, we now have a situation where the actual history has been changed because Yoo is now king after Moo and before So. This attempt to keep to the history has actually resulted in a situation where the writer has given us an alternative history where someone who never was King becomes King.

Now, I think I read somewhere this is one of the first dramas made with Hollywood investors and that, obviously, is because of the popularity of the genre.  I think the beauty of the first half of this drama had something to do with that fact that the drama was written to appeal to a broader-than-Korean audience so it doesn't really matter what the Korean rating numbers are.  But to hold the entire story together for the international audience, the pieces have to fit together in the story.  Beauty, romance, intrigue are all fine and good but if the package doesn't make sense, your international audiences are going to be frustrated and you may lose that viewership.  For instance, my mother sent me my first drama, Winter Sonata, while I was living in Rome.  I shared it with my colleagues.  Everyone loved it.  Until the scene where Yujin leaves the ticket to New York on the airport bench and flies off to Paris to study advanced Interior design.  At that scene, everyone lost it.  The thinking was, the love of your life is facing death or blindness and rather than go to him, you go off to study wallpaper and upholstery...  For all of us, the entire drama was nonsense just because of that one scene.  Now, perhaps it makes sense to Asians, and something gets lost in the translation but a drama designed to appeal to broader-than-Korean audiences should take those sensibilities into consideration.

Well, that's my two cents in the middle of the night... Now back to bed... 


Actually it is going to what is written in real history that after King Mu, Yo becomes king and reign for about 4 years and then So becomes king. When So became king, the kingdom Goryeo was unstable so he had to do alot in order to balance it. So basically what HS presence is doing it making sure history is suppose to fall in its course. Though King Taejo told HS to not get involve but watch little did he know that history is suppose to happen because HS was the first domino to fall and everything begin to fall into place as history was recorded

The only thing the writers added in to make it more exciting and dramatic is that the brothers are indeed killing each other and pinned against each other. In history records, there wasn't much indication of it happening but there was indeed a struggle in politics among brothers, it wasn't bloody as the drama was heading toward but there is no change in history everything is falling into its place

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2 minutes ago, feignedreality said:

phish! someone cut off WY, Queen SMS, Won  and Wook's head stat! 

btw did Queen SMS forgot to dye half of her hair or is this some sort of Goryeo ombre style? 

dont forget the YH ...

i dont get it why she need to tell aboung WE and SD

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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