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  1. @Iarus you are saying they put in act a scene with hugs and kisses? This reminds me Min Ho's friend , that secretary from Falling for Innocence drama, remember? the one who gave Min Ho lessons how to win a girl heart? He was trying so hard in places so inappropriate that everyone thought at one time that they are together , looool... in fact iif I had not known who they are, and in what circumstances the picture was taken, I would been sure that those two are about to kiss, Kyung Ho's face with that expression on it, I swear I'd love to see it sometime near to my face, meaning being about to kiss
  2. Kyung Ho and the other two, Hyun Min and Si Un, will be the "brothers in laws" from hell. Nice things? They came to wreak havoc the house. Kyung Ho will play the role of Mother in law- brother in law, Hyun Min will be the provocative brother in law and Si Un will be the 4D brother in law. Guess. What they are trying to do here? OMMO OMMO, @Iarus, I think it will be a great show these two, will make such a big mess !! Well they are good at acting, we know it and @Iarus , This picture is quirky they are so close to one another, they now definitely are up to something big! poor So Yeon!!! with so bad in laws!! She must be prepared !!!!
  3. autumn has came! what beautiful picture but where is this place? in Instagram, they continue to gossip about him following his girlfriend but where? Where is he now? He is with Soo Young but which part of the world ??
  4. loooooooooooooo @Iarus this is a 10-points line !! Ya !! Jung Kyung Ho!! You !! Is only Girls Generation in your head?
  5. jinjja jinjja I would like to know what they say, why is so excited SoYeon why so many Komawo ???...I think Kyung Ho just said something nice about So Yeon and her partner. I know that everything is fake, but sometime you can even find Cupid, is not I? I wonder, Jung Kyung Ho never attended this show? I think it would be fun, I think it would be a very cheerful show with Kyung Ho as huuby newbe !!! I really have to think to choose a partner for him, someone other than the actual course to be everything as unpredictable!
  6. mianhae I thought it was just a trailer but it seems that is the whole movie here !! heheheh I do not know what they say but I find it really funny
  7. @Iarus oh! how good looking is our boy wearing military festive uniform !!! I saw some picturess of him from when he was in the army, in fact he is good-looking in any kind of military uniform ! in any kind of outfit I could say !! I think Kyung Ho would be very good in a drama with the military as background, as you said
  8. He He , @Iarus big detective Colombo!! yes I think your observation is correct , Watch Kyung Ho's cuffs too is the same outfit as this @Iarus good job!! and thank you for the good news! I miss Jung Kyung Ho in a new drama so much that I'll gladly watch this episode of "real life" even he is a supportive cast , he he!! and a new ep of his personal drama : sleeping with daddy !! Kyung Ho just pretending but the little one is sleeping for real!! but the two of them are enjoying this ! I see it!
  9. Jung Kyung Ho Dong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you my sweet prince ? right now I am a little sad because I saw a sad movie , and right now I'm crying a lot and I don't like to be sad and isn't like me to be a crybaby so I needed your cute face and this happy smile of yours, for me to be OK and on the road.... so I borrowed this picture .. kamsa I'm so missing you !!!
  10. @Iarus you are right!He is so adorable. I enjoyed so much this clip. It happens , me to like Shin Min Ah , too. it was a commercial for soju, isn't it? but it was so well done that told a whole story , and what I liked most was the relationship that could be read between the lines. it looks like I'm really missing Jung Kyung Ho new drama that I love even a small advertisement as it was an entire episode of a drama or a trailer. 잘 했어 !! jal haess-eo 감사합니다 kamsahapnida seonsaengnim!! me happy !
  11. "my baby" you said! but what I really like here is your eyes. I love love love them!! Jung Kyung Ho ssi has such expressive eyes!
  12. He brought it on Instagram but someone commented that he isn't JKH. Why he did not show his face or other clue? I really don't realize it is him or not .. http://yooying.com/p/1071439858821226746_144043831 but I like what I see here and there too go go Kyung Ho ssi!!!
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