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  1. hi there , my first post on this thread , hi everyone ... I must say I love this fairy tale very much ... I love all fairy tales and Arthdal Chronicles is one of the best I saw in the last years ... I enjoied it very much and this 12 episode was the best . I first whatched the show because of Song Joong Ki but till now i enjoyed more the Jang Dong Gun hero Tagon. I think this is due to the double characters Eunsom and Saya that SJK has to do and my sympathy is divided in two ... Aside of this, the story is wery well writed, the plot is so alambicated, the character's good and bad sides are so mixed, till the point when dont know whitch to like and whitch to hate. All the characters are important and all the cast are very good and each one is the best choice for the rol. Congrats!! As a last thought for the story, I think the leading woman who seems to help Eunsom in the season three preview is Satenic's wife. As he said before he died, his wife will help his last friends ... (must say as a side note : how nice ... the attitude of Eunsom, an Igeutu hated by all, to refuse to kill the dying Satenic, finally managed to unite all of them). I look forward to the third part. Of course
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