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  1. Dang!! this comment got me like.... I must say I love this thread....people come up with the most hilarious posts. I just have to remember not read it while I´m in public...people will think that I´m crazy when they see me laughing hysterically at my phone.
  2. I found this on Kimchistories and I wanted to share because it´s hilarious
  3. Yes!! I´m sure we are going to see JCW post military abs....more materials for the JCW club . The story also sounds interessting....so I´m definitely checking it out. I´m sure that a lot of viewers are going to melt by the sight of JCW
  4. After all of the kissing that OTP has been doing I need an ice bucket . Also don´t worry your secret is safe with me...no one will ever find out. crto.
  5. Chingu you are exposing my fangirling moments to the public...remember I´m supposed to be a casual fangirl only @Ameera Ali I hope our dream will come true of seing a shirtless Lion...I will be waiting with my magnifying glass
  6. @Ameera Ali Because of you I spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at that GIF. I even used a magnifying glass (I´m being serious).... and my verdict is:
  7. LOL I guess I need to upgrade too. Maybe a bathrobe then. You are never getting the doll back it´s now mine forever His gaze can be really intense...therefore sometimes I get shy and have to look away
  8. @Ameera Ali I think I´m a sinner disguised as a casual fangirl . You know that my wish has always been becoming a towel The beginning of ep 8 was one of my favorite scene. The way he asked her if she wanted him got me like: crto.
  9. @Ameera Ali To be honest...I was so annoyed at him for what he said that I couldn´t enjoy that scene. I will just have to cover his face and enjoy the abs
  10. Those PD-Nim are no fun . In my drama the lead guy would be shirtless all of the time.....even if it were winter...his hot abs will keep him warm (I hope) . @Kasmic finally we get to see some abs...even tho I would have liked to see the one from our Lion. But as they say beggars can´t choose so I will take what I can get @Ameera Ali I heard Lion is calling for me? here I come... cr. to owner
  11. @Ameera Ali Thank you for the private tutor,,,,I will be a very obedient student crto.
  12. @Ameera Ali If you continue like that your list of honey will be longer than the chinese wall. I haven´t watched anything from that actor yet....but his abs looks promising.
  13. I never thought a day will come when I will be jealous of a stature. It seems like life is more fun as an inanimate object... especially as a towel .
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