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  1. I´m so sad about this too. Last week we only got one episode and now this . Do you know if we are getting an episode tomorrow? +2
  2. That´s why you should have skipped class today like me +2
  3. Cat lady: I´m not going to talk about him anymore *a few days later Cat lady: gives interview talking about him me: But lto be fair the interview could have been done before , she said she wouldn´t talk about him anymore. A few days ago I read some comments from GHS´s fan on AJH instagram that made me really mad. on the day that sulli died he made a post expressing his feelings about the situation. He mentioned something about the medication that he was currently taking. On that same post where he was morning the loss of a friend GHS´s fan mocked him saying that GHS is so strong that she doesn´t need any medication. And now her fans are using Sulli´s death to shield her from any critisism. AJH has now deleted everything from his Instagram. It´s probably for the best. Oh Yeon Seo has till this day her comment section locked. This whole situation has just left a bad taste in my mounth.... +2
  4. @triplem even if you are not there yet with that amount of oppas, I´m sure you will eventually get there. Where there is a will there´s a way. Hwaiting!! *next mission: find out who triplem family members on Soompi are* +2
  5. Not so much as I just recently started to make the list. So far I got: 10001+ oppas like to sniff oppa obssesed with abs like watching drama´s about affairs current oppa is Kim Jae Young keeping her fangirl live a secret from family That´s all I got +2
  6. Soo @triplem like to smell her opppa`s......Interesting. Another thing to add to my expose list +2
  7. That makes me feel better...so it´s not a failure after all This was me until I realised that she was only day dreaming... I was ready to jump in and break that kiss +2
  8. That awkward moment when you are trying to draw oppa but it turns into unnie instead #struggleofanoobartist
  9. Yes you are right...and I have to wake up at 6 am too +2
  10. It´s been a while since I watched that drama...so I forgot all of the animals +2
  11. ah I forgot that secretary....our animal kingdom is really growing. Who is the octopus one? +2
  12. I wrote that post at night...so blame it on being sleepy Are bull and pig from korean odyssey? who is dog? +2
  13. Woah thank you...how could I have missed it ...I need better glasses @Ameera Ali @shushii So far we got fish, monkey, wolf, rabbit and lion,....what´s next? +2
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