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  1. My sleeping pattern has been messed up lol. I have become a night owl Yeah I should and also start learning how to use chopsticks again lol +2
  2. Unfortunately I don't have ramyeon at home lol +2
  3. @sadthe1stHi, your gif made me hungry and it's 5 am here +2
  4. LMFAOO samsung smartphone in historical drama. About Jisoo he has denied the sexual assault allegations. But it seems like the agency asked Ji Soo to confirm it instead of doing a proper investigation. So not sure how credible that is. +2
  5. Good Morning! Feels a bit weird to say that since it's 2 am for me lol +2
  6. Those changes will greatly affect the storyline. Oh interesting, sounds very plausible. I wonder if Ji Soo has to pay a fine for breach of contract or something? +2
  7. This was expected. Now let's see who will replace him. +2
  8. Ah I see. The question is how fast they can find a replacement and reshoot the scenes. I feel bad for the crew. +2
  9. Hi, how are you? The Drama has already started airing +2
  10. Yeah it's very tricky. At this point I think they will have to cancel the drama. The backlash they will receive uf they continue will be huge. Reshooting it, they will have to find another lead, It will cost money and will take a lot of time too..so I don't think they will choose this route. +2 There has been quite a few kpop idols accused of school violence. And just now I saw on the front page that another actor got accused. +2
  11. I'm active on another forum and they have been talking about those allegations, that's how I found out. I feel bad for the people working in his drama tho. It's apparantly a pre-produced drama so now they will be in a dilemma. +2
  12. Have a nice day at work, also be safe! Yeah it was his role in the drama "angry mom". I guess the reason why he was so good in that role was him being himself lol There has been so many bullying allegations in the last couple of weeks..it's insane. I wonder who is going to be next? +2
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