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  1. You are welcome! I'm also really enjoying those individual interviews. The question are so good and show that the interviewer is either a fan or has done their research really well lol Armys have lost the plot of butter. We all confused about what it's going to sound like or how the MV is going to look like lol
  2. Congrats! I wanted to order it but the shipping fees on weverse is insane. The total is just too much for me to spend on a photobook.
  3. I love the new song so much! Their vocals are e just heavenly. The MV is beautifully made and has so many references to Fake love and thus the BU universe.
  4. @Thong Thin Morning! You are making me hungry ar 4 AM with those pictures. +2
  5. I feel bad for the scriptwriters. They must be feeling like walking on eggshells trying not to offend anyone. Why has the world become so overly sensitive now? Sigh All those chocolate pics are making me hungry +2
  6. Hmm I don't know that one but if it's historical and things are not 100% accurately represented, then they might receive backlash again. Mr. Queen also received a lot of criticism but it didn't led to it's cancellation. But apparently some people are going after the actress who played the FL 3 actors from JE have released an apology which is ridiculous to me. Shouldn't it be the writer and production team? +2 That would be a tragedy! We have to fund a way to protect those national treasures +2
  7. I know right? It's ridiculous...I feel like people are just bored being stucked at home so they trying to find fault with everything. If this continue they goi6to take the fun out of k-drama +2 Yeah because the time period and what happened back then is a very sensitive topic. They feel like the drama is trying to romanticize it. This drama might also end up being canceled if this continue. +2
  8. This is getting ridiculous. We can't even have oppa shower scenes anymore https://www.soompi.com/article/1461294wpp/mbcs-oh-my-ladylord-says-they-will-take-steps-to-deal-with-controversial-shower-scene +2
  9. Hahaha thank you! Do y'all have cookies? +2 Thank you! I'm so nervous for my boys +2
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