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  1. I´m so happy to hear that @triplem look at this eye candy
  2. That´s so cool!!...if you get to work with famous people...don´t forget me. Take lots ob pictures of the abs and also get me authographs +2
  3. Medicin? computer science? Oppa-logy? eye doctor? +2
  4. What in the world are you studying? +2
  5. heheh no problem...your moral support is enough...thank you! +2
  6. He is slowly improving. In Arthdal chronicle it was only 1 episode, in Vagabond 3 episodes. Next time 5 and then eventually a full drama +2
  7. Your brother and sisters looks really delicious. I think I will have some of them for dinner +2
  8. I´m glad that you asked and yes he is really gorgeous! May I present you one of my many oppas : Teo Yoo 38 Years old Born in Cologne Germany He was Ragaz in Arthdal chronicle and recently as Jerome in Vagabond. He has an upcoming movie called "Vertigo". +2
  9. Yes we must know the company. We have already gathered some informations about them. I will check out that Enviroment Impact assessment and see if it´s something that we can use. To be honest I think that we are just stressing ourselves for nothing. I don´t really think that they are going to implement one of our strategies. I see it more as an exercise for us. +2
  10. Yes it was! the funny thing is that it was during another class. So we were sitting there with our phone, tablet and laptop counting down the seconds...and the teacher was standing there not knowing what was going on The Assignment is this: she said that we are analysing the trend of climate awareness with the end goal of creating a strategy based on that trend for Swiss Re (a Reinsurance company based in Switzerland). +2
  11. That´s some really good editing!!. Those two should be in another drama again
  12. Yes that´s what it is. No we had to choose between 4 different sources, Statistics, scientific journals, netnographie and management consultancy. The first sounded the best to me. The problem is that the topic is too abstract. There is too many things that you can find about that topic. Next week we will see if we are on the right track with what we already got or not. LOOL on that China part ...but this is not surprising at all My ears are doing fine so far....I´t not painful or anything....I hope it´s a good sign. I´m just thinking if I should take out the other one too before it gets worse. +2
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