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  1. What a fantastic continuation of an already great television franchise! Episode 1 was really really strong and retained all the emotional beats of the first season. The Shin-Lee combination has become for me a reliable guide to quality telly. It was perfect in its presentation, seamless in its execution as if we'd never had to say goodbye to all the gang a year ago. I wasn't sure if they could pull it off but if we keep getting that sort of storytelling that we did overnight, we're definitely in for a treat. And my babies, the Wintergarden pairing... you've come so so far. So ador
  2. I also thought that 31-36 were really good... better than some of the earlier episodes. In general I think this drama gets progressively better as the characters develop and start being a lot more thoughtful about how they want to live their lives. To put it bluntly I'm becoming less annoyed. Although very seldom with Sun... I love him to death. In some ways I find that Hao Du and Wei Shuyu are not that different. They are tethered to the system in some form. Of course it is easy for Hao Du to make fun of Shuyu earlier on and push all his buttons but now the shoe is in the other
  3. Frankly speaking romance was always completely unnecessary in this drama. Subjectively, if the so-called loveline had better chemistry, I wouldn't mind it but it's not a deal breaker. Objectively even if you took out the suggestions or hints of romance, it doesn't in any way affect the plot. The storytelling can still continue as is without it. The romance itself doesn't drive anything. Jung-woo was always going to do what he's doing. He's not the one killing people. And Hye-won was probably always going to do what she's doing because she believes that some things are right a
  4. I can't really speak for others but I had an inkling from Day 1 what this show was about. I had a feeling about the crazy sci-fi angle and the potential Dark Angel, Pretender angle that was only hinted at then. I had no problems and still have none about the crazy sci-fi stuff. In fact, I'm only hanging on because of the Loganesque plot and the delight of seeing NGM with a mo sucking on lollipops. For me it was clear even from the earliest episodes that there was something not quite right with the script and the pacing of the drama. But of course I had hoped that things would impro
  5. No, I'm not on tumblr. Heh. I think a lot of people did think the show was going for her and Jun-wan to be a couple in the early days. But as soon as he started showing interest in Ik-sun, that was the end of that. Soulmates don't have to end up together as a romantic pair... at least that's what the show might be saying. Having thought a bit about the relationships among the Five, I think the show was actively trying to break the mould. The showrunners were deliberately moving away from replicating what they did with the Reply series. There is no reverse harem. Song-hwa's not
  6. Yes, of course. Absolutely. There is no disagreement. I myself have said that S1 is largely about JWon and to a lesser degree, Jun-wan in so far as it gives them both a problem that had to be solved within these first 12 episodes. It wasn't the case with the other three. That's why YYS was eagerly fanservicing at any given opportunity. He certainly knew that. His arc was vitally important to this season because the priesthood question. had to be decided within that time frame because the WG side of things complicated things for him unexpectedly. That had to be resolved one
  7. From how Shin-Lee described Gyeo-ul's character brief, I'd say that SHB nailed the character perfectly. She transformed herself completely for the role and did an excellent job as I've said previously. I especially liked the fact that they wanted her to look ordinary which was the point of the character. Shin-Lee know their stuff because Gyeo-ul became a very popular, relatable character. People rooted for her and I have little doubt it's why the WG dynamic became so beloved in the HP fandom around the world because Jang Gyeo-ul is someone who feels real. She could be your next door neighbour
  8. One of the things I'm really looking forward to is for Seok-hyeong to meet up with his ex. (It's why I don't think a one year jump makes sense at all) It is really the key to understanding why he is so reluctant to get involved with Min-ha for me. I want to know what kind of woman she is and why they really divorced after 1 year of marriage. For the entirety of S1 we saw him struggling with his toxic dysfunctional family dynamics and it is the reason that he gives to Ik-jun for staying single. For the record I don't believe he likes being single. It's the sort of thing a person tells themselve
  9. I did read PD Shin's comments posted here not long after the first season had aired that he had laid down the lovelines very early on. (For some reason there are still people who disbelieve him) But thank you for this because it does confirm and validate what I saw the drama doing. It was always clear to me that she was pretty content with her current lot and wasn't looking for any kind of dating relationship at present even when the pressure was on for her to make a decision. If Song-hwa has any fault is that she's a workaholic and she certainly prioritises her patients and her students.
  10. @KDramaFan0828 and @~Always~ I agree with the comparisons you make although not necessarily the connection. I had noticed that Hongdo was very much like Jeong-won especially when he was on rotation with JWon and Gyeo-ul in Episode 10. They're both hardcore softies. I personally wouldn't use the language of "soulmates" between Song-hwa and Jeong-won myself as I tend to see them more as siblings and I always have. As far as I was concerned she always seemed to be more of the older sister to his younger brother. They're very comfortable with each other and neither of them seem all tha
  11. I should add that it's very premature to be pairing Jeong-won with any other female character when his dating relationship with Gyeo-ul has only just begun. That needs to run its course first before there can be any kind of credible discussion about "other women". The poor guy has been through so much just to get to this point and apparently even liplocking and skinship are not sufficient proof of his sincerity to change the trajectory of his life with the one woman who has ever turned his head. Anyway, it's time for me to move on to other dramas. This dead horse has been flogged
  12. Okay, I know I said I'm moving on but I made the mistake of coming back and reading some of the more recent posts. So I'm getting on my soapbox. While I agree that we don't know what will happen in S2, I don't agree that anything can happen in S2. There has to be consistency and narrative logic. The foundations are already in existence. In fact S2 will be much harder to do than S1 because of all the expectations especially with regards to continuity. The show has rules that it has set up for itself already and if it breaks those not only will it make a lot of people angry, it will
  13. It's time I move on from this stellar drama, easily one of the year's best. After multiple viewings and a back to back rewatch, I can confirm that this is an intricately plotted and well-thought out piece of storytelling. I don't think it gets any/much better than this in Kdramaland. I want to commend PD Shin, Writer Lee, cast and crew for a job extremely well-done. This is a wonderful, multi-faceted gem and the attention to detail is always a constant source of amazement to me. At the heart of this heartwarming and delightful show are Five Caregivers who give their all to the "cau
  14. As I wander around the web I too am baffled by comments questioning Jeong-won's decision to "give up his dream of being priest for Gyeo-ul or love". Aside from the fact that it is a reductive exaggeration, becoming a priest isn't some kind of new career opportunity or something to cross off your bucket list. My point is simply this... how can this man in this picture here... ever be a priest... Do people really believe that the PD gave us this scene purely for fanservicing? This scene is meant to be the final nail in the coffin, the death knell to the notion that Ahn Jeong
  15. @sillyvivian_yo89 @bee_wannabe @Arajo81 In general I'm quite happy about how the women are written in this show. They come across as being real people rather than caricatures. I don't cringe a whole lot because while they struggle and make mistakes sometimes, they do their best to learn and overcome their deficiencies. This is a highly professional workplace environment and in reality if the people aren't on top of their game here, they won't survive it. So the show maintains that level of realism. I'm very fond of the nurses and how they're portrayed here. There's not a
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