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  1. I'm back for a bit now that I'm on holidays for a couple of weeks... The show does too good a job showing how good human beings are at making things more complicated than they need to be. Episode 13 was exasperating and but the last 3 were a decent resolution and wrap up. At least it all made sense unlike some other esoteric dramas I've seen that were hastily completed. I'm satisfied enough with the ending... with all the ideas that were up for grabs, in the end this is about the exercise of free will and the ability of humans to do the right thing when push comes to shove. There's a part of me that thinks that the overall execution could have been better but the writer and the PD had a story they wanted to tell and to their credit, they stuck to their guns and told it. I can't fault the consistency of the vision and the world building because it intrigued me well enough. However, the show runners were insistent on taking things to their logical extreme consequences ... for dramatic purposes, I imagine... so that the audience would feel the losses more acutely. I don't think it worked entirely but it was fun to see YG turn into catty prima donna. This is essentially a big ideas drama. Those have their place but it's hard to give good character development to everyone especially those in the lower rungs of the food chain. Lucca, for instance, was largely a plot device... a chess piece to get HR/SDC to act in desperation and stupidity. YG had Mary Sue tendencies and she was for the most part a catalyst to HR becoming a slightly better person even when he himself was unaware of it. She had her part to play even while she was navigating the dysfunction of her own family life. My opinion is that the show was largely about Educating Ryu and to a lesser extent, SDC. I don't doubt for a moment God could have stepped in at anytime before the events that took place unfolded but I believe Ryu had to see for himself how limited his knowledge and understanding of humans was. He wanted to disrupt but like a child, he had partial knowledge based on observations but lacked wisdom in how he understood the world in which humans inhabited. While he may have thought that God was being petty, a counter argument could be made that God was really allowing human beings (and even fallen angels) the freedom to live out the consequences of their choices and to face up to them. Choices... have serious consequences. Not just for the person who makes them but for others who are impacted by them. HR needed to learn that it wasn't just a matter of him asking YG to give up her soul to save Lucca and all would be well but that he would lose the YG that he liked. He was looking for a quick fix without truly understanding that the universe is a much bigger place than he is. At the end of the day, one could interpret the results as God being merciful because Lucca got to live and everyone else got back the better parts of themselves as well as a shot at redemption. Everyone except for Chang Ryul. There were certainly lessons to glean from his. Lucca's mother highlighted perhaps the most important one... the lack of honesty between suffering souls tears them apart. When people don't communicate what they're really thinking and feeling, they end up not only hurting one another but themselves. We have a ridiculous tendency to complicate matters unnecessarily by our stubbornness, pride and greed. The desert sequence was also instructive. I thought it appropriate that HR chose to wander in the desert... sometimes called the wilderness... as he braced himself for the loss of his soul and its ramifications. He made a striking comment to Ryu about being fearful about losing his soul but in actual fact was more in tune with his soul than ever before. The wilderness is a great biblical metaphor for loss and aimlessness. HR had been in a wilderness of his own making for the last 10 years despite all the success and the wealth he enjoyed from it. He just didn't know it. He was on top of the world... thought he was untouchable and unstoppable because of the contract. But there was always a hefty price tag attached although he continually postponed any thought of it repeatedly. In the end the show went for an open-ended happily ever after resolution that made sense. I'm pleased that my wish for Right Atrium and Left Ventricle was fulfilled. I also loved the fact that HR chose to live as SDC at least in public... because my view is that although some good did come of those 10 years, it was largely a lie. Even while he had hit rock bottom as SDC, he was at least true to himself, writing and singing the music he wanted to.
  2. Hi @peachfuzz Thank you for your kind comments. It's one of the great pleasures of my busy life to be able to hang around here and ramble on about the dramas that I'm watching. It's a bit quiet around here so I'm motivated to keep the fire going in this place. Like you said, Lucca is generally harmless and more or less oblivious to what's really happening although I feel that occasionally borders on annoyance. While I understand his desperate desire to meet his birth father, it doesn't help that he goes about things recklessly... especially considering his health issues. Of course he doesn't know that he's collateral in some kind of gambit but he seems to be repeatedly stumbling into things. The blame of course lies squarely on HR's shoulders who's rather half-hearted about being a father. I still think it's guilt that's driving this insane deal to keep Lucca alive. Guilt over not being around when he was born, guilt that he didn't watch him grow up, guilt that he didn't support him and the mother through the terrible illness. HR was never a complete scumbag. I suppose he thinks by doing this one thing for Lucca, it's his way of making up for being absent in the past. As for the romance... it is what it is. The show teases and flirts shamelessly with the audience but at least there are practical reasons why it can't be (for now at least). HR/SDC is so morally compromised that he's willing to use YG as a bargaining chip in his devilish negotiation. Lucca would certainly not approve. I'm sure he'd rather die than see his beloved Kelly used in this fashion. Also HR has become a prisoner of his own choices that he can't see past the insidiousness of the contract. To take one life in order to gain another. What makes Lucca more valuable than YG? Intrinsically... nothing except that the signatory deems it so. It's one thing for HR to sacrifice his own soul for Lucca but to sacrifice someone else's through duplicity... that's another thing entirely. Of course Ryu has manipulated and to some degree messed around with his head but HR doesn't escape responsibility for dragging YG into this. It's like when some wealthy person kidnaps another for an organ transplant with the justification that his/her life is more valuable than the one who forcibly becomes the organ donor. That's why I said from the start that HR really needs a transformative kind of love. So does Ryu from what I've seen so far. But right now neither of them can see or think straight because they're blinded by anger, fear and guilt. What love looks like for them, I can't say. Ryu's original question to the deity was reasonable enough in so far as we operate on the assumption that living is better than dying and that evil should be punished with death. "Better" for whom? And who decides? The moment Ryu made himself the final arbiter of who is good or evil... and who is worthy to live or die... he went off the rails. He doesn't have the foreknowledge or omniscience to make that call which is why he can only play games with lives to prove his point.
  3. One of my favourite scenes of the entire drama... Great onstage chemistry... I have it on permanent loop I don't know whether if JKH is really playing the electric... probably not but he sure looks like Prince when he's doing that riff. He's a great actor most days but for this drama I think he took it up several notches.
  4. This show certainly took its time flirting around with all kinds of tropes and taboos but it really is going for something bigger and more sophisticated than meets the eye. It's what I hoped it would be and it really is becoming all that... the spiritual, the existential and the necessity of death. There was something I wanted to say yesterday but I had so many thoughts swirling around inside my head and I forgot... which was bad... because it turns out to be the most important part of the show. Almost everybody in this show is trying to run away from the past... whether it is ten years ago or more recently. But it's clear that the past binds all these people together with all the supernatural baggage attached. It certainly wouldn't be a Kdrama if people didn't have secrets they'd rather have kept hidden . However, some are quite incredible... only if you don't think that there is a supernatural realm where bigger things are taking place than life and death. Secrets, according to the kdrama playbook have a way of catching up with the people involved... and coming to light in an out-of-control manner. At least out of the control of mere mortals. In that regard I have to agree somewhat with HR when he says that there's something very selfish about the Kim family secret. That sort of scenario can be examined from different perspectives. YG takes the fall for something her brother did... is it because he's the eldest son with the most prospects? Mother favours him with a cold pragmatism. But he's not a sociopath because the secret plays on his conscience so much so that he can't have relationships with anyone... not his family and not the woman he loves. The only thing he has is his job. So he can't be happy either despite on the surface having almost everything. It's not that simple of covering up the past and be done with it. People have consciences and desires. They don't always act in accordance to the script. In this latest episode we see a distinct parallel. Two fathers who can't let go and the devil strings them along so they keep doing his bidding. Children who were in the ordinary course of living meant to depart from "the land of living" at some "appointed time" but didn't because their fathers did a deal with the devil because they were unable to let go. Their desperation to hold on to their children saw them selling their souls, tethered to the devil, forever trapped in a terrible transaction of being manipulated by evil for the sake of prolonging a life. It's really telling in the case of the little girl telling her dad that she had to move on so that he could move on in order that he could be free from the devil's hold over him to live his life. It's what I want for HR as well... it's what I said last week... that there are times where letting go is the key. Holding on and apparently fighting might seem bold and self-sacrificing on the surface but keeps us in a kind of emotional slavery that destroys the existing relationships around us. We see that with the devil's sidekick and with HR. Although I haven't lost a child, I lost my mother. In truth grieving is a long process even if you have a religious compass to navigate through the rough waters. Grieving is necessary so that those who mourn can rejoin the land of the living and look to the future. My question to HR/SDC is this: What's the point of trying to keep Lucca alive when you refuse to have a relationship with Lucca? He will forever be that fifth wheel in your life that you're always evading, dodging and treating harshly. At least in the case of the devil's sidekick/chauffeur, he wants desperately to maintain that relationship with his daughter. There's at least some method in his madness. I don't think now that it is an accident that I've been feeling that Lucca doesn't really belong in that show... Knowing what we now know, I suspect that's intentional. It is reprehensible to me that Ryu uses the very best part of who people are to drive them to do terrible things. Our attachments, our ties to turn us into monsters. He scorns humanity for its desires but he's not past using it for his own ends. He's not winning... he's destroying himself in this insane exercise of oneupmanship. And I agree with others here that Ryu's soul is on the line here as well.
  5. Ha... I was partly right... It was not YG that took the ashtray and clobbered stepdad with it. I guessed as much judging from how things were framed -- the ambiguity. Not that I would have blamed her anyway if she was on the verge of being throttled to death by a man much stronger than she was, fuelled by the demon drink. But the elephant in the room is this ... why wasn't that horrible man reported and arrested already? How was this domestic violence allowed to continue and the innocents in all of this took the fall for this man's dysfunctional relationship with alcohol. It's appalling... to say the least. He should have been in jail already. On top of that, why are domestic violence victims blamed for acting in self-defence as murderers? I don't doubt that there's a social stigma attached to having being in juvenile detention. So my previous analysis that this was a tantrum of cosmic proportions wasn't far wrong. On hindsight, it's an obvious conclusion to come to because of his simplistic musings regarding the foibles of humanity. His confusion of moral categories and sweeping generalizations etc. He is a child in rebellion underneath the fire-breathing. At the end of the day this is Ryu's proverbial middle finger to "the deity". That's what all this soul collecting is really about. Making a point and proving. In a real enough way, his nihilism reminds me of a kind of atheism that is searching for a grid to account for evil. The problem of evil was his stumbling block and it is for many. But then if humanity is so terrible as Ryu is prone to believe then perhaps the deity might be better off wiping them all out in an instant. The irony of course that he is becoming everything he accuses humanity of being. Not sure if he's noticed... don't know if he's sufficiently self-aware. Maybe he just doesn't give a damn. What's certain is that Ryu is not prepared for the unpredictability of humans. Will Seo Dong Cheon stand up to the test of having everything taken from him? I hope so. I'm tired of seeing him pushed around by Ryu. I want to see him develop a spine and take what's coming because goodness knows... and he increasingly knows... that he didn't really earn his successes in the last decade. He cheated in essence. The show seems also to be suggesting that we're dealing with alternate timelines. Not sure if that's just Ryu taunting HR/SDC for interfering at his behest. Lucca was supposed to die 10 years ago. But he didn't so a new timeline was created. If Ryu is to be believed. The thought struck me that despite what Ryu says or thinks, the deity in his omniscience allowed in his economy for these instances of meddling to occur. Ryu only lost one wing... not both and he's been permitted to roam around buying souls. The deity seems to be allowing this to achieve a purpose. I wished I liked Lucca more so that I can root for him. Even though I can see the importance of having him around and how key he is to the plot, I always feel like he's the fifth wheel. Plus he's somewhat one dimensional, functioning for the most part as a plot device. @triplem Yeah, I think SDC should live as himself. To be true to himself and his own style of music. It's gratifying that he's enjoying a second wave of success. Love all those wonderful comments about JKH. He deserves them.
  6. I agree... which is why I think it's guilt that's primarily motivating HR. They just haven't had a lot of time together to have actually formed a bond. HR didn't even really like Lucca to begin with and now he's sitting at his bedside singing cute daddy songs to him. Unless of course they're implying that paternal love comes naturally and easily. When the chips are down, dads rise to the occasion. Maybe. Maybe not. The case for Lucca being SDC's son is strong but it's largely implied through the juxtaposition of certain scenes. Still I can't help being suspicious. And mum's keeping mum. Of course I am only speculating and overthinking things because it feels that nothing is really simple in this show. We thought that HR was motivated by greed for success initially so he signed the contract. But apparently that wasn't it. Then there's the sorry saga of YG and her stepdad. I suspected that was more to that and so there was... but things played out differently to what I had thought. I don't discount the possibility that the only straightforward thing in this show is Lucca's paternity but the empiricist in me needs a DNA test. Perhaps Lucca is right. Life is like a Korean drama. Anyway 6 episodes is a long time in Kdramaland so anything can happen. It would be an exceedingly cruel joke though to do that to HR but it's the devil we're talking about. And he has serious daddy issues. Well yes, there's that too. It would be certainly pushing the bounds of a modern taboo. Though it wouldn't be the first time a woman was caught between father and son in reality or in fiction. A case in point: I recently watched Oh My General... a gender bender boundary pushing C drama... and that is exactly what happened in one of the subplots. However, it would have happened in the old days if and when older men married much younger women especially among the nobility. I've seen it in more than one historical drama.
  7. I thought we already had an adaptation of Leverage with Mad Dog... I don't really know how I feel about this announcement TBH because the original Leverage is one of my favourite television dramas of all time. It's one of the very few that I've watched the whole thing from start to finish multiple times. My expectations are probably through the roof. it's not that I think Kdramaland is incapable of producing smart heist shows but Leverage was/is special as much for its cast as it was for the crazy plots. The motley crew made it work with their witty interactions. LDG is a good actor and I think he can do his thing. He won't be Timothy Hutton but he'll do well. However, it's the female characters I really worry about. Gina Bellman was brilliant as Sophie... the accents... well, I wouldn't have to worry about that... but her chameleonic tendencies will be challenging. And Parker was mentally unstable, quirky and hilarious... that will be hard to pull off. I'm the unerring pessimist. Some adaptations have been very good like Life on Mars but most haven't sadly. Still disappointed about the Luther adaptation ( Less than Evil) that was almost unrecognizable as any kind of Luther adaptation. If this was going to be done on OCN, I might be a tad more optimistic.
  8. Welcome to @romance06, @Anonymous :). So glad to see you both here on this thread. @romance06 I think you've done extremely well to state your views so don't be shy about posting. Besides that this thread is in dire need of serious activity. Right. I think it's largely one-sided at the moment. HR has got so much baggage that he's lugging around that he can't really think too much about getting involved with anyone romantically. Whether or not he loves Lucca, it's hard to say from my perspective. It could be guilt driving the whole thing. Guilt that he wasn't there for Lucca and guilt that if he had been around, perhaps the lad wouldn't be so desperate to find his father in SK and exacerbate his health issues. I am still not 100% convinced that Lucca is HR's son for a number of reasons particularly because the mother has been strangely quiet about it. She hasn't said anything to confirm or deny it. Plus she's not especially weirded out that HR is SDC's son. Were they ever married? That's not clear to me. Of course I could be overthinking things... which wouldn't be the first time, of course. When I said this to the husband he immediately suggested that LCR could be the father which really wasn't what I had in mind. It's possible I suppose and what's interesting is that his mind went in that direction but mine didn't. ______________ Unlike everyone I'm not too worried about YG. She always manages to bounce back and mentally she's in a much healthier place than HR who is one huge emotional mess. Despite her previous notoriety, some of it generated by this demon, she's gaining commercial and critical success inching towards her dream. Besides she has her own guardian angel (or whatever Mr Fishcake Stall happens to be) so she'll be alright. There's also fighter in her which I expect will come more to the fore. HR's the one who needs to develop a spine and not let the devil push him around so much. He's too blinded by guilt and fear to think and see straight. Why should he worry about the demon killing or smoking him... why hasn't he done it already... it seems to me that Ryu needs just as much as or more than HR needs him. All HR has to do is to think through things carefully to see that he has some leverage. @Anonymous :) I agree with what you wrote in your post about SDC. I think he was so abused as a youngster that he still doesn't know how to stand up for himself. Although he acts resentful and angry when things happen, it isn't a sign of strength but of weakness. He reacts and schemes according to other people's dictates rather than carve out his own way of dealing with the mess. Just look at the way he dealt with LCR when they were still a band and how he deals with YG's independent streak. Despite all that, I find him pitiful. Personally I think that Ryu is a fraud on some level. I'm waiting for someone to call his bluff. The more I see of him, the more I think he's not the tough guy he pretends to be. @peachfuzz While it's good to reflect on other viewpoints, this is just a piece of fiction and I'm sure rooting for the leads as a possible romance is not a sin. I enjoy their moments together and I think the chemistry's improving. Whether we'll see a romantic happily-ever-after scenario for them... I can't say but I'm fine with whatever comes.
  9. It's not a hill I would die on but I won't deny what I see with my eyes. I don't suffer the tug-of-war as much. For me the real imbalance is that HR is so immature compared to YG... even though she's supposed to be younger. JKH does an excellent job with that squeaky, high-pitched almost puerile delivery that I have no trouble at all seeing past the age gap. I'm not sure how the show intends to get out of this one. And that's one thing I like about it... ____________________ I just wish HR wouldn't run to the devil to make deals at the first sign of trouble. It makes the devil more powerful than he really is. It gives the devil the upperhand to manipulate and bully. There's a place for fighting on but there's also a place for letting go, accepting that you've done all you can and move on.
  10. Hahaha... LCR is also under contract to the devil. That's a nice touch. 7 years ago he made his deal with the devil. I wonder why. Wasn't he doing well? Or was it pure greed... I'm happy about that development because he's a bit of a bully and it's nice to know that there's someone who can push him around. I had inkling after yesterday that Kang Ha was a lawyer but a judge... LOL... that exceeded my expectations! Someone recognized him and put me out of my misery! Thank you! Strangely enough (or maybe not in my case... I like quirky plots) I really like the story and I don't have a lot of trouble buying into everything although I'd agree that the themes don't always mesh well together but at least it's not preachy about what it wants to say. (Still not sure about Lucca but I'll shut up about it) I realise the big age gap romance isn't a popular notion around here and is a bit of taboo for some so I won't harp on about it except that it works for me especially when I look at this as a time travel-amnesiac situation. Kang Ha is not the only one who lost his memories. Besides all that it's not as if the show didn't telegraph some of this at the start. I confess to loving their onstage chemistry in Episode 9. As previously noted, SDC is a time traveller through his newly regained memories... To me he's jumping back and forth in time so that we can piece together his life history and his relationships with his singing mate, his ex, YG, Lucca, CEO Ji and the devil himself. I keep wondering how is it going to all end... Is self-sacrifice or death or happily ever after on the cards? One thing I can be sure of... it is that both HR and the devil who are undergoing an education. I imagine the devil doesn't really care about the souls... what he really cares about is the fact that he can toy with humans... make them squirm so that he can feel superior because he himself has very low self-esteem. Despite all the posturing, he is very young and simplistic in his worldview. He sees humans through his own inferior, bitter lenses. I'm genuinely intrigued by everything. The soap opera elements started off a bit bumpy but now I can see how everything's coming together with SDC weaving his own tapestry. I agree with the devil that most of it wasn't the devil's machinations... it was SDC himself... his choices, his tendencies which led to things being the way they are. Judging from the flashbacks, he could have chosen differently at key junctures in his life. It wasn't all bad. SDC didn't live an entirely selfish existence. He failed to see what was right in front of him because he was fixated with music success. It's the reverse of It's a Wonderful Life in some sense but bleak. Also, instead of an angel, he has a devil as his guide to self-discovery.
  11. I would pay really good money to have all the various versions of The Street You Left to be on the final compilation album. Especially the duets between HR and YG. I love the harmonization and the way their voices blend. But more importantly every single rendition signals a different "era"/milestone in Seo Dong Cheon's journey towards redemption (I think). In the first version there's far more youthful gusto including the innovative streak in the keyboard and guitar riffs. At the wedding performing it with a younger YG, it is filled with nostalgia. He had discovered potentially a new partner. The latest rendition has him rocking with his electric in a duet with YG and the harmonies are great. We have the old SDC and the up and coming KYG bringing together the old sound in a new way. It takes so much out of him that he collapses after that performance and goes out of action for a week. There's no doubt in my mind SDC of old was a wonderful and superb musician. I'm constantly amazed and enthralled by JKH's performance in this drama. Because this is a tvN drama he won't be handed any awards in a hurry... and I hear the ratings are pretty low so that's the end of that. But by golly I am struck on so many occasions by how good an actor he is. He is so good that HR/Seo Dong Cheon is a completely different person to his last two characters. The scene where he's completely gobsmacked by YG's lack of resentment towards anyone and he's shedding tears which he's quickly wiping off is an example of his incredible talent. Everything he does feels organic. I love the idea that there's a SDC revival. It's always great when old songs and singers from a different era get covered and a new generation gains interest in the music of said musicians. My sense has always been that heady commercial success is about being in the right place at the right time.
  12. I think you should watch the last two episodes. (I don't usually tell people this by the way) It might surprise you. I don't know if it would redeem YG in your eyes but I think it would help you see another side to all of this. I personally think he's a much better person than I would be in such a situation. His actions in these last two episodes are some of the highlights of these last two episodes. And because of the little girl, he is far kinder to JHR than most of us are humanly capable of being.
  13. I thought the ending was good. YG got his closure... which is probably the most important thing and we caught a glimpse of the inner workings of the Jang Society. Plus there was also sufficient material left for a second series if they decide to go down that road. I wouldn't mind watching a second series if for no other reason than to see DCG and KYG go head to head at times. The team has certainly come a long way. They've gone from suspicion and belligerent cooperation to a modicum of reliance and trust. They had to. More importantly they've acted as sounding boards and emotional restraints during trying times. At the end of the day the real strength of the show lay with the characters and how they gradually went from being a not-team to finding enough common ground to form a team. I've also always liked HSK... since Tree with Deep Roots... and I learned to appreciate his laid back portrayal of DCG which masked a razor sharp acumen. People underestimate DCG because they think he is this weird unpredictable loner that manages to offend all the wrong people. I don't doubt that he's a zealot at heart and he has crossed the line but haven't they all to some degree or another. The difference IMO is that he is actually smart about it and manages to minimize the damage. That's not to say there's no damage but at least he's much more of a big picture person and won't let innocent bystanders get hurt. He still has a functioning conscience and attempts to work within the laws when he has to. I also think however that one of the reasons why he crosses the line from time to time is because he feels like David fighting Goliath except that he doesn't think God is on his side. Hence the sleight of hand. This isn't a perfect world that these men and women inhabit and I accept that and the certain amount of latitude that was taken considering the web of intrigue involved. But laws are created for a reason even if they aren't always properly enforced. For me what made the "good" guys "better" or not as bad as the "bad" guys was a certain level of self-awareness re: the line that must not be crossed. I think YG was a lot kinder to JHR and his family than he had experienced himself. Honestly he's done extremely well considering what he had to go through without parents. Someone did right by him. He certainly received paternal and maternal mentoring from DCG and HTJ who watched over him to protect his conscience/integrity. There's also JSY who kept a sharp eye on him and out of trouble. So yeah... he found his makeshift family, united them as he dug around about his biological one. As for HTJ she came good in the end, knowing that her recklessness had left a trail of hurt. On hindsight I think she had to come face to face with Turtle V.3 (or whatever number he was) to end her journey with the past. Cheers to the actors for making this show worthwhile for me. In the end it was a fairly simple story but the actors sucked me in, fleshed out the characters and gave the show the right amount of emotional punches in the right places.
  14. I'm a bit behind. Hectic weekend as it turned out. Thought I'll take a bit of time out after watching Ep.15. Sigh... I don't know what to think of this show sometimes. If it weren't for the actors... I dunno... I feel that it's dragging its feet a bit. And we have a push-pull relationship. That said, I'm glad that we're finally given all the ins and outs of the Jang Society. Wish I had binge-watched this... would have had a better grasp of who's who. At least now I feel that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in a roundabout way. We had our suspicions didn't we so very little of it is a surprise. (Except for the bit that KMJ was the one who started it all) I will probably get pilloried for saying this but I don't really know how to say this nicely considering someone died horribly and unnecessarily... What Mum did that night was really silly. Why in the world did she pick up the knife... and then attempt to attack a trained cop without the necessary wherewithal? Loyalty to her husband is fine and all that but her first priority was to keep herself safe so that her young son will have someone to care for him. Think of how differently things would have played out if she'd played it a lot smarter. I feel really sorry for YG. Always have. He is the innocent in all of his. A lot of people screwed his life up... starting with his father. In a real enough way... surprisingly... his father was actually responsible for his mother's death. He started something that spiralled completely out of control which gave room for egotistical people to hijack the ride. I realise that guilty people are not always logical but JHR... *eye rolling* saying he didn't want his daughter to have a father for a murderer was the father of all kinds of irony. That deserved a punch at least. Don't people in this show think through things before launching into them with both feet? Despite the brickbats I will say this... the show is good at showing the consequences of so-called good intentions. As the old saying goes... the path to hell is paved with good intentions... that's certainly well-illustrated here. All these men thinking that they were going to save the world and started destroying their own conscience because they rationalized their way to satisfying their bloodlust. The fact that Park Jin Woo still thinks he's God's gift to mankind is shows how far gone he is in his self-justification. That's why justice has to be done first and then there has to be forgiveness. Otherwise the cycle of vengeance and anger just continues.
  15. Is Lucca really HR's son? I suppose the evidence does seem to point in that direction but I like to keep my options open... considering how twisty everything is. I am a bit confused by his age. The ex said that he was 16 (according to the subs) the first time and then we're told later that he's 10. 10 seems right from what we saw in the hospital room. The past is rather more complicated and far messier than previously thought. I had the impression that we had been given all the details about the original transaction between SDC and the CEO on the plane but apparently not. So does that mean that the paternity of Lucca is still in doubt? On some level HR ruined his YG's life with his irresponsible behaviour (so there was a lot more to that assault incident with the stepdad which begs the question of whether there's more to be revealed). And yet I don't entirely despise HR/SDC because he wanted so much to play music and be heard. Often I find his lack of self-awareness and his treatment of YG galling... but I understand the desperation too. It's a hard place for creative people. They follow a different drumbeat. All he wanted to do was keep writing music and find an audience for his music. Sadly the world had moved on but he couldn't. I guess this is what the devil was saying about human passions causing them to be greedy, selfish and desperate. it's a good question. How many of us get to do something we love and earn a decent living from it? To balance all of that with family responsibilities. Not too many. It can be frustrating though watching HR move one step forward and then go back two steps. I have been wondering for some time why it is that SDC didn't remember much about the past and why it's hard but this last episode cleared up a few details. I wondered too why people didn't recognize him until now. I imagine it's the devil's fiddling. There are a couple of people I'd like to punch... Lee Cheong Ryul and Ryu in particular. But frankly, a lot of SDC's problems were of his own making. It was his choices and he has to front up to them. He ran away from the past to find success but his success is turning into a farce. And you know, Ryu said it, human beings have free will and that also includes HR so things might not turn out the way Mr Devil anticipates. Haha... apparently the fishcake stall owner is the devil's dad... so is he God? Or what ? I thought the last couple of episodes were quite good. Felt like the show really turned the corner after a longish set-up. Ah well, trust Kdramaland to turn a Faustian story into a soap opera. But I'm not throwing my hands up in the air. I'm interested. I really want to know how HR gets out of this mess. If he does. I should also mention that I really enjoy how flashbacks are used in this drama. It's one of the few dramas I've watched that I find the flashbacks a highlight and actually nicely integrated to the story. Here it's almost like watching a time travel story without anybody actually time travelling... so far... New song's great!
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