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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner


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2 minutes ago, trizha1 said:

Evil Queen doesn't seem to agree with Yo's plan but Yo seems to be resolute...

WS is in his tower..Ji Mong and General Park are there. Looks like he tells them what Yo has ordered him to do? Oh no. General has switched to scary mode...can you please go and Kill Yo for us all? 

WS and HS talk in the gardens...secret meetings are supposed to be fun and full of kisses, not like this. *sobs* WS is very serious and HS is worried? He strokes/pats her head and THEY HUG. It's not a kiss but I'll take it

HS is talking to CR who looks GUILTY AS HEEEELLLLLLLLLL

AS SHE SHOULD BE... Soo should be able to detect that stinky rotten lie lie lie from CR!!  :angry:

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22 hours ago, Rose34 said:

Thank you everyone for the live recaps! Eclipses are really jjang like the drama itself! @meahri_1 Lol! Your live broadcasting commentaries of the baseball game is epic and intense as the drama! How cray are we over the drama? :flushed: The stars are aligned and cosmology has approved of this drama. ;)

This drama is really crazy. I think in this episode many things are going on, so will be the coming future episodes. Based on the live recaps, in one episode you can feel happy (when Wang So and Hae Soo kiss and their lovey-dovey scenes), then you find yourself feeling anxious - anticipating what will happen next. At other scenes, you will be angry at those evil characters.:angry: If I were Wang So, I would have choose to take over the throne and get rid off these evil and power-craze people around me. :angry: I can't even stand them. :angry: The only sane people there are Wang So, Hae Soo, Eun, SD, the General, Baek Ah, maybe Woo Hee (i think Baek Ah change her), maybe Jimong. Those nice to Hae Soo like Lady Myung Hee, Lady Oh has already died and more good people will die (Eun and his wife). Thus, I know Wang So will go for the throne only because Hae Soo is in danger and also he can't stand this bull****.  And at another moment you will be emotional - death, where lovers are separated or experience bad circumstances, like Eun and SD in the next episode when they starting to love each other. This drama is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. 

As this screen cap in the trailer has said that this is "the place where one dies when trusting others and live of doubting those close to you" (I have posted in my previous post). 

  Reveal hidden contents



How scary life was back then where killing is norm (life is dependent on sword) and power-craze are at the forefront of one's desires. Chaeryung turn her back on Hae Soo, something must happen between her and Wang Won (the purple prince). I saw the screen caps and I must say the actor who played the role of Crown Prince acted very well as well as a supporting cast.  I reserve my review of the episode once the subs are out. And I will response/quote to some of you as I seen many fantastic comments, thoughts and insights. I will back read pages as things are getting interesting thus more great thoughts come out. And I hope I can respond to all.  Eclipses and Scarlet Heart:Ryeo jjang! :wub: :heart: :flushed:

P.S. I still hold on to my belief and initial thoughts that this drama might be the best Kdrama 2016 for me as of now. Despite many critics, I still think we should reserve our concluding thoughts once the drama ends so that we can make more fairer conclusion because you can't predict how the episode will unveil for this type of drama. In the words of Lee Joon Gi, Saeguk drama expands and stimulate your imaginations. You can't predict how it goes because we were not from that era and that many things can happen or unfold depending on how the scriptwriter and PD wants it to be. Lee Joon Gi chooses the drama despite objections from his K-fans is because he is sold on the script, he said he had to do it, he even the one who go talk to the PD for the role. (He even politely and humbly write a message to them on Hajunse board explaining why he choose it). So the script and story must be good and it is living to that as witness from the popularity and craze of this drama just evident in this forum. <3 

Lol I tend to write long post. Haha! I am used to writing essays at university and I don't like to held back my thoughts, I will forget them. Haha, *bows head*, mian hae! 


Why did Joon Gi choose this drama ?? 

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BA tells WS that he has arranged for boats to leave and  asked WS if he will really capture the 10th.

WS: u dun trust me?

BA: I dun trust Yo. 

he and wook has a complicated relationship. wook hasnt leave his house for days.

woohee come and talks to them, she informed BA that she is moving back to the Gisaeng school. A spy looks at her from a distance.

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26 minutes ago, meahri_1 said:


Roll call!!!

Eclipses 'Hwaiting' \^o^/


@sooji28 @PrincessMe2515@MoOnLoVeRz  @deabakdrama @wackeemarie @innrukia @junee22@Sarang21@hitomebore08 @dears @tanaqvi @Tata Lata @thenagain @ktcjdrama @feignedreality @FarHanah MiSeu @kilovekyo @Mona Ys @Yongzura  @moonlover399993 @nchoerunnisa @mamamya88 @kiotzo @YeongYi @ilovekorearocks @sutcliff @Joongier @pigsflyy @13701693478 @jerboa83 @hobeverly1212 @yuhotarubi @angelangie @SizzlerZ @chickenchopflipflop @momono7 @fairyalice @rtl @AuroraSky @MyMindIsASnowflake @sarasona @staygold@kriswu @lilac_alex @zi4r @iridescentmoth @AyaA @Ainee Etp  @dramu51ch0c10ve @Lady_Lara @deabakdrama @berny  @dfun @MiharuD @kyar7jizhenll @nearsea @lxands @redfrommars @kriswu @12blbl@MrKobegiant @jetsu @hiluna @churasan @arabela @novemberschopin @Isache @luvkstyle @princess16 @clarissasan @Hapiangle @faeriealice @andy78@Putri Dewi @Chaeul @cosmogirl77 @onemella @Adnana @irilight @Gabi Bros @xiaozhu @ossy91 @chi13lou @pwnkl @itzibitzispider @millie10468 @lostmymusic @TeBe @atsu-chan @valsava @Glamour90 @dash9 @heartforkdrama @Rosemary83 @LoveSG @carmens @tessieroo @minmar @Tang Soon @jetsu @skxz @whyo @MadraRua @sriskaddict @chrissylee @Niki Azia @peny  @kawaiibooty @ilia @Carmarie @juenmyrue @kdramakrazy @ain83 @dhia205 @lisethvr @evok @MAROSA_JIN @mynameiswat@valentvcd @xoxobleach @redlion@Niki Azia @Le_Amarant @mabelialong @aprilslily @cedarwood @patoi @meahri_1  @fathiayunia @outofspace @Yippeuni @sunl0ver @KdramaSwimmer @solelylurking @Lady_Lara @uuugogirl @Akiddo @40somethingahjumma @shiraru @littleloony @rei_smasher11 @louisawatson @soph_t  @arabela @xiao_baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @MrKobegiant @Table122000 @pwnkl @redfrommars @lisethvr @chdom @lolalarue @flower4junsu @winterbubbletea @IAmSoulReader @USAFarmgirl @solelylurking @ruizaio @luci13 @Diana Blanche @hazzle @icesnowman @Mau_Cherry @Yeekrfan2 @luna07shiro @atsu-chan @rumasa79 @ilia @sharreb @sunshinefate @thunderman1 @Gitakawaii @ruzikie  @violet90 @UnniSarah @simplyme_crazyme @Bambiina @shairli @akinahana89 @jlover1001 @luci13 @briseis @kuanphing @zagigirl @trizha @LyraYoo @bebebisous33 @snowglobe147 @Tinkiebell @lovedrama11 @ahriev @liddi @blue003 @cmluv @rumasa79 @edensor @here4da0ppas @hanatanada @lily_white @shiqin3381 @Lyna @vangsweetie637 @glacial @fengari @honeyapricot @inner @ElleSor @winwin12 @lavendre @sebnem @esma-div @Chickpea @DJG @aniliaz @brielover @ChyuuNyuu @carmens @dwookie @junejungki@special_bee @smitten1710 @cmoirae2 @penelop3 @riuenu @onemella @mewtwo @freckledbelle @car148 @RoxanaR @Lmangla @Rosemary83 @potatohead @frostfire @Umi_ni_Sora @chelseab @Hanazumi @wordsmyth0253 @bingewatcherinsomniac @mitheone @bim2 @Sue Lee @snowy21 @qwenli @Angiiee @kaoriharang @kuchie09 @Evangeline Yang  @ailee2


It's that time of the week again Eclipses. Is everyone ready for Episode 15? cute-red-crab-emoticon.gif


unfortunately i can't join.. hope tonight ep daebak.. have fun guys

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Ugh. Is Yo going to try to marry WH??

..I miss eyeliner Yo. He was a smarmy bastard but not a murderous smarmy bastard...

WS and BA in common clothes...looks like the commoners are talking smack about one of the Princes? BA and WS talk..

(even in commoner clothes they are too gorgeous to be real)

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WS will snap in this episode.. WY and queen yoo are messing big time with him. WY used Beakah, Ji Mong and HS's life to make WS go hunt WE and his wife. WS has other plans. I think he is going to help WE escape safely to the boat that has been arranged to take him away. But almost everyone including HS think WS will kill WE.

SD's father threatened WS to not pull SD into the mess.

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WH dressed up all nice and comes to join WS and BA. She says something BA is not pleased about.

Evil minister sees WH with BA and WS

WS goes to see WW who is in Darth Wook mode in all black...hey Wookie aren't those So's robes??

Conversation with hidden knives again..looks like these two have learned to control their tempers around each other and now fight with words and richard simmons faces hahahah


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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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