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  1. @ayang23 I disagree that LCY turned into monster. Regarding him killing GJ, that was perfectly justifiable. The Chinese forums debated this topic and the majority of posters sided with LCY on this. If you look at things from LCY's perspective, he was not operating with a full set of memories (unlike GJ and XF) and was seeing this random dude trying to spirit away his wife, it's understandable that he'd be deeply confused, jealous, and infuriated. Add to that is the fact that he's the Crown Prince and his wife was part of a political marriage alliance, so the matter isn't just your everyday run-of-the-mill adultery, but concerns political interests, royal family's "face", his Crown Prince status as well, it's completely justified that he ordered GJ killed. Of course he was jealous and possessive! Why shouldn't he be? Do we expect him to clap his hands and be okay with his marriage being sabotaged? I have ZERO sympathy for GJ. The guy manipulated XF in the beginning, manipulated her towards the end, pretended like he was GXW, forced XF to regain her memories. I would've gotten rid of him too. I think people reacted strongly to that scene bc of XF's reaction. But she had her full set of memories so we can't measure LCY by her standards.
  2. I'm confused...how did we start getting bonus epilogues in present day? Was fan reaction so big that the production company was compelled to produce additional endings?
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