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  1. Does anyone know the name of the English song featured in both episode 1 and 2? I did a lyrics search but didn't find any matches. This one:
  2. @Pia-mia Do you think maybe ZJ's character was written to actually be a jerk but ZZJ's dynamite acting just completely changed the character for viewers? Idk how else to explain it. The show is schizophrenic, that's what it is.
  3. @Pia-mia RW said that her son had turned bloodthirsty and "like his dad" (?!) and XB told her to stay away from her son and mused that perhaps they should've left him to die in enemy territory because it would be better for the nation to not have another bloodthirsty Zhu despot on the throne. RW also said a bunch of things to her son that made her come of as really resentful of ZZJ and the Zhu family. I don't know what this drama was supposed to be about. The way the last few episodes played out changed my view of what the drama was in the first half. Now ultimately, the drama seems to be a super dark family saga that portrays how bloody and terrible the Zhu family was.
  4. This. There was a lot of character assassination going on. ZJ's mother was a great mother-in-law and then after his death, she suddenly became an unreasonable shrew and nightmare MIL? RW and ZJ's son was a literal idiot, then a spoiled brat, and then an unhinged despot. I feel like the scriptwriters made characters do an 180 for the sake of having drama. There was no reason for RW and ZJ's son to be that terrible of a human being. As for RW letting her sister slide - so she can let her sister do whatever with no repercussions, but RW is more than happy to sever ties with her son?
  5. @takingthehighroad I personally found RW annoying (partially bc of TW's wooden acting) and the stubbornly stupid decision to be loyal to her sister is just another character flaw. Her sister didn't hesitate to sell her out or attempt to murder her son, but RW always let it slide. So very Mary Sue. On the other hand, RW puts her son through the wringer and then cuts him off completely bc she disagrees with his decisions. I didn't find her character likeable.
  6. The latter half of the drama was just whack, or 狗血。I'm wondering if they used different screenwriters for the first half or the second half. The ending boat scene turned out to be as I feared. RW had a terrible life. ZJ and RW's son was a ghastly person and ruler. If I were her, I'd be pissed at ZJ pulling me into such a godawful family. Her remarks to her son about how ZJ treated her also doesn't align with what was filmed, which again makes me wonder if they used different scriptwriters.
  7. You're missing the nuances of the scene. ZJ reacted very differently to XB's baby versus RW's. The official clip released by Youku called out his difference in attitudes. He didn't touch XB's baby and referred to the child as 朕’s son (how Emperor's refer to themselves in third person) and was all over RW's child and referred to the kid as "my son". He also put RW's son on the table and said that the child looked like an Emperor (alluding to the fact that he may already be considering that kid as heir), which alarmed RW and that's why she knelt and tried to play off ZJ's comment.
  8. I am annoyed that ZJ feels so much guilt towards his uncles death. All of them did an unbreakable vow, and his uncles were the first to break it by scheming to have the grandfather and father murdered. The guilt and PTSD is a forced plotline, and one of the reasons I have difficulty watching ZJ's character in the end. I also cant stand the drama turning RWs son into an idiot. Drama for the sake of drama. RW falls into the classic cdrama heroine trap of being forgiving and lenient to a fault. That's a character flaw. One of the reasons Yanxi Palace was so popular was because it's female lead didn't put up with crap.
  9. @sssf Protocol would be for RW to accompany the Emperor to death after he dies. RW was dressed up to be buried with him in the last scene and said that she is willing to fulfill her duty to accompany him in death, but pleaded with him to give her a few more years so they don't leave their son an orphan, since she herself knows the pain of losing both parents. ZJ told her that he put in and removed her name from list of ppl to accompany him to death 7x. He didn't want to go to the afterlife and to a world without her, but decided to "free" her and give her life back to her. Part of it was to not separate mother from son, and part of it was guilt for dragging her along into marriage with him.
  10. Mother-in-law turned on her, blamed her for her son being an idiot, coddles her grandson, and the two are engaged in a power struggle. That's the gist I got from skimming over videos. And then I noped out of there.
  11. I'm done too. They turned ZJ into a pitiful character, and it was too much. The rest of the story has jumped the shark. RW's son is an (literal) idiot, her mother in law and her are battling it out, her sister is still scheming. It's turned into a telenovela.
  12. @Takingthehighroad Concur. There's nothing to chase after ZJ leaves. Despite TW being touted as this show's star, Zhu Yawen's ZJ stole this show. TW doesn't have the acting chops to keep this show going, and I have even less faith in Lay, who is an idol and this is his first time acting.
  13. Yeah, I thought I signed up for a historical romance show, not a HBO Succession.
  14. Yes. 2nd uncle told ZJ that he bribed the former Crown Prince's head eunuch, who added dosages to the Crown Prince's medication and poisoned the Crown Prince to death. Learning that his father was poisoned by 2nd uncle and that the Queen was also in cahoots with 2nd uncle sent ZJ over the edge, because he isn't sure who he can trust anymore. He doesn't know who in the palace was bought out by the 2nd uncle. He ordered the 2nd uncle killed, but then was wracked with guilt because of "unbreakable vow" he made to his grandfather before. As his 3rd uncle told him, he goes down in history as a emperor who killed his own uncles, so 2nd and 3rd uncles got the last laugh. ZJ died from mental and psychological anguish - PTSD if you will. It's really tragic. ZJ is the classic Shakespearean tragic hero. I did not expect the show to slide this way so quickly.
  15. @Takingthehighroad I agree ZJ wants to emulate his grandfather, but I don't think he's like his grandfather. His initial dream was to be an artist. ZJ's tragedy lies in the fact his grandfather didn't keep the 2nd uncle in line and the uncle ended up sowing alot of chaos. The last episode was a kick to the gut. As I've been repeating, the grandfather is a terrible ruler, father, and grandfather.