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  1. Thank the angels for JYB coming to rescue us all and give us hope. _Bows down in gratitude_. SJK was taking everyone down with him to the angst purgatory man.
  2. Thank you JYB + SJK for the second kiss. Also, the second kiss looked more like JYB and SJK going at it than their characters. Just sayin'.
  3. Pleasssssssssssssssssssssse do another drama. Fans would literally throw money at them to do this.
  4. What's this? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease give us another SJK x JYB collaboration. Pleasssssssssse. To make up for that ending. Again, everyone BUT JYB giving interviews.
  5. She's very active on Instagram, posting stories and liking other people's posts. Did her agency not allow her to give interviews? What's going on? Strike when the iron and publicity is hot!
  6. Man, everyone is giving interviews EXCEPT Jeon Yeo Been. face + palm.
  7. I wonder why. Anyways, I'm really suffering from Vincenzo withdrawal symptoms. Not sure what really to do. This is worse than any hangover. And where the heck is JYB? Everyone in the cast is giving interviews except her. She just disappeared. GURL - WHERE ARE YOU? JYB is a really good photographer. That photograph looks like a magazine editorial. Can't really say the same about SJK's photography skills.
  8. Plenty of examples. Look at what the Italian mafia and Brazilian gangs are doing for COVID efforts, especially the latter in a country run by a sociopath. In certain very corrupt countries, the small folk don't actually have as negative view of mafias / triads / gangs because the "legitimate" government is itself way worse. I do not believe the world needs mafia specifically to function, but I do believe (as does VC's writer apparently), that many institutions have been corrupted (the police, the courts), and I'm all for seeking out alternative methods to get justice and retributio
  9. This is exactly the type of response that frustrates me to no end. No he isn't as trashy. Did you see what the Babel 4 were doing? They were killing masses of innocent people for profit. (PBJ must pay attention to international news because Babel Pharmaceuticals = Sackler family and the opioid crisis they wrought on America). What is the law? Where is the law? The law doesn't exist. Throughout the show, you get examples of all facets of the law: the police, the judiciary, lawyers, FAILING to function. There. Is. No. Law. The apple is rotten from inside out. This is why
  10. Yep. Just look at the US justice system and the way it treats certain groups of people. I see what you're saying. I think it's just that for 16 episodes, the show was glamourising him being a mafia and making light of it (all those Corn Salad references), and then for the show to get serious about the mafia piece in the last few episodes (especially last episode) really threw me for a loop. I'm actually having difficulty going back and watching earlier episodes because they seem almost divorced from the final episode.
  11. This. I don't know if it's a cultural issue between how Koreans and Americans view anti-heroes, but I feel like Koreans see it more black-and-white? I don't really think of Vincenzo as a villain (never mind a villain worse than the 4 Babel folks combined - ahem, SJK) and it is really frustrating to me when people say Vincenzo is evil, needs to be locked up in jail, a mafia person is a bad person, goes against the law, etc. The system is broken, corrupt, and evil. Mafias, triads, gangs sometimes provide order and stability in a way that the normal avenues (government institutions) c
  12. @bee_wannabe The thing is, as I watched the drama progress, I was under the impression that VC wanted to leave the mafia world behind and he was haunted by his mafia experiences. It felt like he was forced unwillingly into that world initially - because his mother "abandoned" him and his foster parents then got cruelly killed - so he fell into the mafia world bc of the cruelty of life rather than consciously choosing to be in it. I never got the sense that he particularly embraced the mafia side of him. It was almost a necessity that he learned for survival. Korea was his one chanc
  13. I don't get why it's hard for him to enter Korea. He's literally friends with the head of the Intelligence agency, and An and Mr. Cho are looking for him too. Miri is also a top notch hacker. If all else fails, he is a billionaire and can buy himself multiple fake passports. WUT?!
  14. SJK needs to shut it and just let us fans have some peace of mind. Jeez louise.
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