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  1. I had the same thought ... I was wondering why DS and DM should break-up when 1) the 2STO deal is a 3 year contract (it's not as if SamSan boys would migrate for good); 2) in this day and age we have the technology that will alleviate challenges of a long distance relationship (we are beyond sending snail mails, phone calls and we actually have access to apps that would allow face to face communication); 3) they could arrange to see each other every six months - DS flying to SK first half of the year while DM flying to SFO second half of the year unless they chose to bury their heads into the
  2. I think DalMi named her self driving car in reference to how DS explained machine learning using Tarzan and Jane romance as an example and perhaps it's her tribute to DoSan. Thinking out loud here with the 9:11 question LMAO. Just echoing ChulSan. What are the chances ... ... that after 3 years ChulSan bumps into SaHa who happens to be on her way home after drinking with some friends ... at 9:11? ... that IJ company gets attacked by a Ransomware virus and can't get emergency help in the entire city of Seoul to resolve the issue at 9:11? ... th
  3. Would agree. I noticed that early on. I feel product placements have more screentime LMAO ... twoplace, Lancôme, Columbia, etc. still haven't seen subway though ... wait for it ... perhaps next episodes. I hope we get more of khn with the last 4 episodes.
  4. Yes balance is the key. You brought up a valid point. Whilst some are offended by JP's being upfront and brutal (as I mentioned, I've seen worse) he should at least commend the team for their accomplishments. However he is not as tech savvy as Alex who understands technology on a deep level and would not be aware of the key technical milestones SamSan had achieved until demo day. He sees the bigger picture - like seeing the forest instead of trees that small accomplishments go unnoticed. Typically, though not needed, you would have someone like DalMi report the team's progress so that JP
  5. yep chingu, but as I would always say to each his own but at the same time I'm just shaking my head. Fine if arguments are drawn from experience but if it's just a feeling or some speculation without sound basis and devoid of logic, it's as good as fake news. LMAO Sandbox is even not as bad as what i have seen ... it can be worse in the real world. Of course we understand this is a drama however we also need to set a delineation between real and reel. yeah we can swoon over the NJH and KSH but we also have to understand that kdramas specially those centered on romance were made
  6. DS's boorish demeanor 'to protect loved ones and samsan' makes me LMAO. From what? From the forces of evil JP? In kdrama land this is so romanticized and that is the goal. 'Save me, I'm a damsel in distress!' LMAO 'oh I'll punch whoever offends my loved ones at whatever cost'. 'no one should ever offend my lady love' ... With someone like NJH as the lead, fans would fawn over this ... but as someone else asked if the person were not NJH or someone not as attractive, would you even budge to defend his actions? ... it's a rhetoric question but a valid one ... and yes, some kdra
  7. indeed. he is smiling giddily - ear to ear to ear ... like hearing an old silly love song in his mind ... LMAO
  8. Worse is no one from the SamSan team took accountability but instead blamed JP and conveniently used YS's brother's suicide and JP's nitpicking for this acquisition brouhaha ... ahhhh ... okay ... so all of a sudden JP becomes the fall guy ... LMAO And DS flaring up like a maniac challenging JP to a fist fight to defend DM for that mis-step, is justified LMAO ... tsk, tsk, tsk ... JP was doing his part as their mentor and nobody listened and now he gets a black eye and bruises because JP pointed out the root cause of their problem (which is simply no one read the document) and now
  9. pointing out NDS flaws is not hate. please don't use hate loosely because I haven't read anything that is hateful. It was merely just stating facts from the drama and giving real world perspective nothing made up or speculated ... i don't understand why some people on DS side are overly sensitive when this is just a drama ... Who views NDS as a villain? Who has been bashing NDS in this forum? I'm sorry but I have to speak up, I'm getting tired of people accusing other soompiers of hating DS and misconstruing it as hate. It's getting stale. I had been vocal about not being a big fan o
  10. Dear, let me, in a respectful way, respond to your arguments - Point 1 - "Do San's handling of business is lacking because of his experience (he is a developer not a businessman by any means) and also emotionally driven or I would rather call that passion. But that's probably was also JP in his early youth. He probably got stepped on, cheated on, taken advantage of so many times before he got to where he is. That's why JP is so straightforward and critical in his remarks. JP did not have the family support that DS has, hence, he learned the lessons to be a businessman earlier than
  11. No one is hating DS (or maybe I am not aware of what's going on outside this thread and TBH, for everyone's sanity, just ignore it ... shipping wars are not worth your time and energy). It's Do San's immaturity and impulsiveness handling business matters that is disturbing. I am enjoying the drama because in many ways more than one I can relate to situations presented in the drama and I see how some foolish people use their emotions to drive decisions and actions and how this can frame them for failure. Worse not even having that sense of accountability and putting the blame on others. SMH.
  12. Maybe I misheard. But I thought it was mentioned in one of the earlier episodes and caught my attention because 300k USD is a lot of money.
  13. They should as stockholders. The videographer/blogger cousin of DS got his share. I'd entertain the idea of DM working with IJ. This would be a good opportunity to mend old wounds however it would be interesting to see their dynamics given they view things differently - IJ more business driven while DM more into what would serve a need albeit unprofitable. DM may change and be influenced by IJ. In the last episode DM was slowly getting into increasing their customer base so looks like she will be able to balance serving a need and also become a profitable business. DoSan nee
  14. Ita. another area samsan guys need to learn is taking accountability. It takes maturity to be able to admit fault and make amends. This is one of the good traits of a leader. The thing with dosan is everything he does revolves around dalmi not logic and reason. Not a big fan of YS and still blaming JP for his brother's suicide. Of the 3, it is CS who listens to logic whilst DS and YS are highly strung and emotional which make them a liability more than an asset to the company, even if they have the technical skills. SMH with YS still stuck with JP's criticism of SamSan. Please get over
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