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  1. yeah, all of us here are on the same boat. PPC is the most Open Secret relationship in Korean entertainment history Some fans just need to grow up and just chill out. I feel all fans need to be given a Fan Base 101 class on how to stan ur favorite actor/actress without being crazy af.
  2. hey again, I went on a vacation and was just lurking to keep myself updated. Just 4 days away and so much has happened I love gutsy PMY... am happy that these rumors and crazy fans haven't made her go silent but instead she had become more active on social. I am super upset that Kwang soo would not be returning to busted. I always left he was PSJ's wingman with PMY since they lived in the same apartment. I always had this delulu thinking that she would visit LKS and then sneak off to meet PSJ later I was looking at the PPC insta posts and got thinking... the pics they share is what they show to the world and we have so many hints and coincidences ... imagine what they share with each other privately . If I ever get to see those I might just die and go to PPC heaven
  3. This scene... When it was taken from this particular angle.... I feel is definitely 100% the time PSJ got carried away. His mouth, his hands, his grinding, he seemed to have forgotten there was a camera there
  4. Its interesting to note that PSJ deleted 184 pictures overnight and i think one of the pics he deleted was an award pic... The pic had 4 awards he won in 2015 so it seems odd he deleted that... Maybe he must have written something that could be linked to PMY..i feel like sherlock homes trying to solve a mystery.... A very bad sherlock
  5. It is at 36:48. LTW just finished giving an answer to a question and PPC was having a moment but the MC asked pmy a question... Too bad there's no eng subs. This video is from another angle so you can't really see PSJ's eyes.
  6. Even though it wasnt shown, @snitchdream08 i think it is somewhere related to episode 4 after the sports event. that was the only place he wore the same shirt as in the pic. It could be rehearsals, since she seems to be dressed casually or a new scene... hopefully we get to see it in the DVD
  7. checked it and wow... it is different... it is the angle of his head... but everything else is the same including the hand grabbing her and her tiny smile. whoever noticed it has an AMAZING eye!
  8. Going completely off topic for a bit.. sorry but saw this gif in DC gall and I had to ask this question .... and i know we have analysed this gif to death but does anyone notice a change in PMYs expression after her hair moves??? Like she was really into the kiss? I never noticed it before till now... somewhere in the middle the kiss looks real Here's the gif set of the edited ep 13 wall kiss. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=secretary&no=17959&page=1
  9. Actresses have it real bad. They can never please anyone. But most of them learn to filter out the hate, it is part of their job. I feel bad for PMY cause no matter what she does, she seems to get a lot of hate. Knetz are sometimes brutal towards her... they just can't seem to get past the whole plastic surgery thing. Mainly cause they do not have anything negative to say about her. Her acting is awesome, her dramas are well chosen and she is very humble, cheerful person and She doesn't have any horrible scandal.
  10. But this was a different time. SSC unfortunately created a trend where agency denials do not mean anything. When SSC were secretly dating, their agencies denied it multiple times and then fans thought SHK was dating yoo ah in cause he was always there with song song, so a small percentage of fans thought that SHK was the third wheel Also both actors gave denials. Unfortunately PSJ gave a very vague answer to his questions regarding dating... And he is known in the Industry for being very honest. This along with SSC has made everyone a lot more suspicious and why PPC has decided to go really 007 mode.
  11. There r a lot of reasons why celebs hide their relationship... Mostly cause the media and knetz feel they are entitled to every aspect of a celebrity's life will question them about it. Everything about them becomes their relationship and dating life. They are asked more dating related questions than about their work and this is something all actors would get annoyed about. Eg: during the press con of Goblin, kim go eun was asked what her BF thought about her acting with gong yoo... She had to answer the question but from the looks of the cast nobody liked that question. Cause the interviewer was asking a personal question during the promotion of a show. So i can understand why PPC needs to be quiet about their relationship... They are still trying to make a name for themselves and trying out new genres... They want to be known for their work and not who they r dating. Edit: knetz can really bring down anyone with their negativity... So when you are in a budding relationship still trying to learn about the other person, you don't want so much of negativity to influence you.
  12. That doesn't look like PSJ.though his haircut matches PSJ's... Also I think All 3 parks had a private pool so it doesn't make sense that they were out at the common pool area. Security and privacy was their top priority so unlikely that could be PSJ... No offense to the guy but i cannot imagine PSJ wearing that shirt, especially since he is known for his stylish look
  13. If PMY is there at the dinner she must be hiding behind PSJ... that's a very wierd pose for PSJ, he would have been more comfortable sitting down... Why did he have to stand up for that pic when EVERYONE else is sitting down
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