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  1. Finally watched the finale. It was a mind-blowing drama. Looking at the characters and their development over 16 episodes and that beautiful little montage of their trip, I am truly satisfied with the drama. I love that MY is still MY, who talks brashly, swears but now she is a warm person thanks to the moon brothers. And how the trio has a family unit who looks out for them. When looking at the mystery, it had its flaws.... I have a few questions which i would like to have been answered (I think we all would). But the writer has been dropping odd bits of flashback throughout the eps that i feel I can piece together a vague version of how the mother survived. My thoughts are that MY saved her mother, either from the basement or from the river. We have heard MY hear "save me"... so i am going to assume that MY did something to save her mother.... and any other doubt I will assume that the dad recollection of the events is distorted. I am not going to think of the fact that blood loss itself could have killed the mom, how did she manage to get herself treated, who saved MY while she was being choked by her dad.... well, atleast I am going to try to ignore this. ST wanting to stand on his own feet is the best ending ever for me. It shows his growth, and that he always had the ability to do it..... and how with this development, GT will also grow and heal... and also can focus on his life with MY. This drama is great though maybe not unique but what made it stand out from other healing dramas is the chemistry between all the characters, amazing acting by all, and the gripping storytelling. I love everything about this drama and is definitely in my top 3 list.
  2. I'm still trying to get over ep 14. It was a crying fest but a really good one. I love how the writer has made ST such an integral part of MY and GTs relationship instead of just an older brother. Its interesting how the show has almost pointed out that Nurse Park is the mom but has still not confirmed it 100%. I really hope she doesn't turn out to be the mom and instead is MY's aunt. I also feel that there is more to parents story than what they have showed us. From the beginning, the show is very good at misleading us. MY's mom tells the dad that the housekeeper (GT's mom) "crossed a line". She makes it sound like it was more than just being a nanny to MY. And during the murder, they showed both the moms talking but it was only after she murdered her did MY's mom bring up MY's topic.... so I feel there is definetly more to the parents story than what is being showed till now. Speaking of secrets, Has Jae Su and Seung Je got together? There seemed to be a lot of looks between them when Jae Su wanted to go with her but she said she has to work. It is so heartwarming to see that GT and MY have so many people who care for them. I actually had tears like SM when i saw how much everyone supports them
  3. I cant wait for saturday... all the BTS pics are driving me crazy! I was rewatching ep 3 and with all the sizzling tension between our OTP, i totally forgot that there was a woman at the window when MY enters the cursed castle. How could I forget such an important detail? Ep 3 was filled with ghostly clues.. 1) woman in the backseat of the car 2) woman at the window 3) extreme cold in the bedroom when MY is sleeping and the creepy "Welcome" written on a SNOW covered window when it is clearly summer 4) the opening and closing of the door in the basement It clearly points to a ghost in the house and very likely that it is MY's mother. The Shaman also said that MY has all the signs that she is going to be possessed by a ghost soon... is that a warning for us ???? I really really hope that it is a ghost and that they do not take in the direction where MY is hallucinating all of this and she has some split personality .... even though it would add a depth to the story, i don't think I want to see that. Another thing that i noticed in ep 3 was the bell the head doc was holding. The camera zoomed in on that for a bit... I realised in this drama that everything is shown for a reason. I have my doubts on that doctor. and will be keeping a close eye on him.
  4. Agree with this. I was confused why he even asked her cause she was respectful from the get go. But i guess he had not seen them interacting before.... when ST drew MY, they were alone. I adore her more whenever she calls ST, Oppa! I know she manipulated ST and GT to stay with her but this is going to be the first step towards all of them healing.
  5. I absolutely love this scene. KSY totally nailed it. His stubble change from annoyed to jealous was amazing. And i want to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE jealous GT. He deserves a bit of this with all the running away he has done from MY. GT is a complete contradiction. At the start of ep 6, he tells MY that he wants to stop being someone who ppl rely on... and when he was given the freedom to leave, he doesn’t. He voluntarily takes care of MY. I’m loving the path the story is taking. It was be great if ST becomes a popular illustrator so that he and GT can live his life with all the freedom he deserves. I really hope the last scene of the drama is GT and MY going on a trip without a destination planned... just driving he deserves it coming to MY’s mother, she has definitely died but i think her ghost is the one haunting OK hospital. I am still unsure if she is haunting MY too.... cause MY looks she is suffering from sleep paralysis rather than a ghost on top of her. But why does the basement door keep opening and closing?? I am so curious about that. It closed by itself when MY entered the house in ep 3. And same when in ep 6... I assume it is MY’s mom’s soul haunting the place and she keeps entering the basement. But i could be wrong.
  6. The show is getting better and more interesting with each episode. While we started thinking that MY was the complex character in the show...ep 3 showed us that KT is just as complex a character and has a lot of suppressed emotions. While MY is haunted by her trauma in her dreams, KT has to deal with his fears and suppressed emotions in reality and every day without any outlet. it looks like MY is becoming that outlet that he needs. He gets angry at her and doesn’t hesitate to show his moods .... thIs is the one emotion that he can’t show his brother or anyone else. Which is why I feel MY asking KT “why do you always get angry at me, while you smile at others” Is such an important question. It is cause he never shows that emotion and that itself makes her special to him. We have seen instances where KT gets angry but doesn’t show it... 1) when MY puts her cigarette in his cup, he crushes the cup but is sort of polite to her 2) When his brother gets kicked out of the school, he just smiles it off but am so happy that MY is aggressive in her chasing him that he is forced to show his true emotions to her and he is slowly going to get more and more attached to her without even him realising it. Her lack of subtlety is what KT needs right now. Compare MY to JR. Joo Ri has liked KT for such a long time but he is so distant with her. JR seems to be waiting for KT to make a move But with MY no matter how much he runs, she will always chase him. I can’t wait for KT to be the one doing all the chasing cause let’s admit it.... he is going to chase MY when he finally can admit his true feelings.
  7. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who was reminded Of Great Expectations,...felt this vibe from the animation in the first few minutes. And yes at the end of the animation when MY turns towards the camera and says “yes, mother”... I thought her mother is going to be Miss Havisham. But I feel that MY believes she has been moulded by her mom but she is her own person. She may think she is anti social but she truly wants to help people in her own way. Which makes her quite a warm person.
  8. Thank you for sharing these. OMG ! I can’t breathe. The chemistry is just toooooo good. too bad it’s just her imagination but I’ll take it this is my state when they have an imaginary hug, I‘lol probably explode when they finally kiss it looks like she had a nightmare about her mother (I assumed this from the clips in mov and teasers). This is I guess what she meant when she said her mother’s soul is still alive.
  9. I can’t seem to stop thinking about the show. It’s been a long time since I have watched a drama live. I prefer, for my own sanity to watch it once it’s ended so I can binge it... but Kim soo Hyun is my weakness, I just couldn’t resist. I’ve been thinking non stop about this drama and here are some of my thoughts. 1) coming to MY parents, I think her mom is dead...maybe murdered but her influence and teachings over MY is still strong which is why I guess she said that her mom’s soul is still alive. Something happened to her dad that drove him mad enough to want to strangle his own daughter. 2) I like the fact that each episode has a fairy tale attached to it. The 1st ep had “boy with the nightmares” and the 2nd one “girl with the red shoes”. I hope they continue this for future episodes. It’s a really nice touch and goes with the theme of MY being a children’s book author. 3) so KT is a guy who lost his soul while growing up and MY makes him feel things which he wants to run away from. kSH is such a good actor he is shows this in subtle eye and face expressions. And MY is the girl in red shoes who would rather give up her fame to follow KT. Let’s admit it, KT was internally so happy to see her again. 4) I don’t think MY is anti social, I think she knows something about the “butterfly” that ST was also mentioning which is why she was tearing up butterflies. Cause she saved KT even when her flower count ended with “don’t save” and she again saved him at the book event. i am so looking forward to KT fall for MY because he is going to resist it and deny it but will finally run towards her in the end. again.
  10. I was exactly like this. I was bombarded with trailers and sneak peeks but I wasn’t sure how to feel about the drama. But 3 mins In and I was hooked. I am watching a live drama after such a long time...god, my drama addiction and obsession has kicked in i’m loving the chemistry. All they have to do is stare at each other and I’m holding my breath. Is it just me or just GT always look like he just wants to kiss her but stopping himself.
  11. Hi, am new to this thread. I’m absolutely loving this drama. The mystery is so interesting.i initially thought she had a trauma when she was young but it looks like along with that we may have a murder mystery too. Things are getting soooo interesting. and also, the chemistry is just wow. When MY and KT were staring at each other and he looked at her lips...I was silently screaming for him to kiss her. But I guess I will have to wait for that.
  12. Hey everyone, First time posting on this thread. So excited to watch this drama With so many teasers out, my excitement is at its peak.
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