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  1. Instant love! Everything about this show just clicks... leads/story/ost It’s been a while since a drama has got me like this. The last kdrama was Secretary Kim and a cdrama About Is Love & they didn’t fail. Anyway, just wanted to share my enthusiasm for the show. Can’t wait for next week!
  2. I know it’s the SJ/SY show. After 4 year time jump the focus was on their son. What came of Eun Byul or even Ye Ji?
  3. SJ father still so horrible til the end. He doesn’t deserve MR or his children’s adoration. I think I like Ms. Hong more.
  4. Everyone needs a Ryan Gold in their life! TVN really doing the most with our OTP today. What was DM thinking at the end? Hiding uselessly & letting EG talk to her Ryan. That scene was ridiculous. I guess we needed it to finally have Ryan let her know he knows about Shi An Is My Life? Anyway, looking forward to next week. I wanna get to solving his childhood thing.
  5. Took me 3-4 episodes to be sure about this drama... AND... I’m in. As in 1) Watch raw version 2) Read recap 3) Check forum (2/3 are interchangeable) 4) Watch subbed version later kinda in PMY is truly one of my faves. Not really familiar with KJW that’s why it took me awhile. They sure are cute together.
  6. So happy this show is doing well. I can’t say I’m surprised it’s NGM after all. I’m always looking for some romance- NYJ+LJI perhaps? Not really digging Nara’s character right now.
  7. Thanks! This offers more sense...
  8. Wise to skip it... Da-In returns by herself. KG is stuck in limbo for most of the show. He miraculously appears in front of SH & DI In the last minute. The ending makes no sense & they offer no explanation. I was wondering the same thing.
  9. @howa Completely agree 100% I had my doubts about SY’s feelings toward SJ. I knew she liked him, but not enough. At least in her actions it didn’t translate for me.
  10. Yes! My thoughts exactly. Though not enough humble pie was given to EY/DY I’ll take a little bit of comfort in CEO Wang’s scathing remarks. WDR/DR just got too boring towards the end. We only got a hug in their penultimate reunion? Such a dud... Grandma/MH #1 til the end. She and HJ were definitely my favorites in this drama. ??? Friends another drama in the books. It was nice watching with you! Catch ya in other threads!
  11. About our OTP: I don’t picture JR to just let her go & sit on the sidelines. I guess we’ll see... I’m most excited about atty’s Mama boy/Ms. Dan relationship progression. I thought CEO atty would be thrown in the mix as well. Really liking the latter.
  12. Not mad at this show at all. WQ/ZS just too cute! Another one in the books. I’ll just take my OTP moments with me.
  13. Someone is obviously keeping track of the discharge date. So cute! Was not expecting this bit of info, let alone the source.
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