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  1. Totally know what you mean. After reading the forum posts, I had a warning that there was going to be a 2nd breakup scene. I was already upset with the breakup scene in another drama I was following last week, and didn't want to get hit with a double whammy of my fave couples breaking up. So I vowed not to watch the Go Go Squid breakup episodes until after they got back together. However, my will power didn't last long and I caved in. Now, I'm stuck anxiously anticipating the subbed episodes of them getting back together.
  2. I've been following this drama since the beginning and thought I'd post a few thoughts before the episodes this week. My friend and I had debate after last Thursday's episodes about the piano teacher. I was so upset with Tami/Morgan's break up and really changed my opinion about the piano teacher. I felt it wasn't nice of her to confess her feelings to Morgan knowing that he already had a girlfriend. But, my friend said that there is nothing wrong with expressing her feelings to him. I somewhat agree, but I felt the timing was wrong and she could have waited until they broke up. But, my friend said that the piano teacher confessed so she wouldn't have any regrets. But, to me that just sounds like trying to steal someone else's boyfriend - how is she any different from that social media girl (i forgot her name)... I don't know, what do you think? I really hope that Tami / Morgan get back together. But, the way this drama goes, I feel like it might not happen... I think part of me just wants Jang Ki Young to get the girl to compensate when he didn't in Go Back Couple... Maybe there will be a time jump. Since Ji Hwan is going into the army, I feel like he will reunite with Scarlett in some way after his army duty is over.
  3. I am currently loving this drama and have to agree with the chemistry. Actually, after Ashes of Love, I thought she'd never surpass the chemistry she had with DL, so I was super impressed with the chemistry she has with Li Xian. I really hope they do another drama together. I'm so glad that there are episodes everyday. I would never be able to wait for episodes if they were on a weekly basis. Yes, it is painful to watch the preview clips with no subs. But, lately fans have been coming together and providing some translations in the comments box (if you watch them on YouTube). The most recently preview clip on YT of TN's 2nd drunk scene was hilarious! Also, this drama really gives the feels. So much secondhand embarrassment. But, also, I was crying alot when HSY had the 2nd breakup (at the restaurant) and she was crying so much to her friend. I was crying too... but then when they played the sound of Mi Shao vomiting/gagging in the bushes, it was so funny and random in a breakup scene. I was laughing and crying at the same time - emotions were all mixed up. I don't think any drama made me react like that.
  4. Couldn't resist and ended up watching the last episodes without subs. I'm so sad the drama is over. Every so often, I think we need a good tragedy and cry. I'll miss the cast, too. I hope they get more lead roles in the future. CXX is an awesome antihero - it's too bad the director/writing softened his character. I'd like to see him play the villain/antagonist in another drama. The last episodes were pretty much expected, but I thought the big reveal scene with Sese was a little anti-climatic.
  5. I have to agree with you. I felt really annoyed after today's episodes (even though I couldn't understand a word they were saying! Luckily there is great acting, so I can get an idea through body language and facial expressions.) @Andzek LCY's jealous expression is really scary! It's so chilling when he was watching XF and General Pei. However, I'm looking forward to when his dark side comes out. I think we'll see some really good acting! I'm kinda of sad about General Pei's situation. I didn't really ship them as a couple, but I thought General Pei could be a good friend to XF. Even though he is loyal to LCY, I really felt that he was trying to make life easier for XF without asking for anything in return. I feel GJ is trying to make amends because he wants XF to fall in love with him again and taking advantage of her memory loss.
  6. Wow... such a complicated situation! I think if LCY just let XF on his plans, maybe misunderstandings could have been prevented. But, if he wanted to show people that he loves SeSe more than XF, why does he eventually spend the night with XF? (It looks like on multiple occasions in the next TV episodes)? Does he spend time with her because it is ordered by the empress or because he actually wants her to like him (before she likes anyone else)? It seems he was putting so much effort in distancing himself from XF, but now all of a sudden he is staying over at her palace. I really love all the twists in this storyline! Such a roller coaster ride!
  7. Thanks so much for your explanation. I really appreciate your help - especially for us viewers in the "no sub" club. The next episodes look much happier for our couple. Looking forward to the calm before the storm. I really like XF's character. She is really kind and considerate. Despite how LCY treats her, she tries not to interfere with LCY and Sese believing that they truly love each other. However, after she regains her memory, does she still stay that way? Or will she be more revengeful? Sometimes, I want XF to toughen up so she won't be betrayed again, but at the same time, I like her innocent character. Please tell me that LCY did not do this to make XF fall in love with him. I really want to ship LCY and XF, but LCY's schemes are making it really hard for me to do so. Even when he tries to protect XF, he's scheming. Is there another reason why he planned this attempt?
  8. I couldn't wait for Viki, so I watched the latest eps. unsubbed. For those who are watching unsubbed episodes or know the storyline, I wanted to know if LCY is jealous of General Pei? Or is it just me misunderstanding because there are no subs... For example, at the end of ep 33... And what a cliffhanger at the end of ep 36... I'm so confused... If someone could shed some light, that would be most helpful. Thanks!
  9. I"m like you... I don't like when dramas turn into harem battle dramas. At first I didn't think SeSe was so bad, but now she's getting petty. I guess I welcome the palace maid if it makes SeSe mad. Hopefully, when the palace maid comes in, XF won't be completely in love with LCY yet and it won't affect her as much... XF can just let SeSe and the palace maid battle it out. I got the same vibes from Li Yan and the crown prince too... For me, I've never cared whether the ending of a drama was happy or sad. I always focused more on the progression of the story rather than the end game. If the story gets boring or draggy, I end up dropping the drama and the ending won't matter anyways. But, if this drama is a tragedy, then I hope it gives me a good cry. That can be a therapeutic way to get rid of stress. Based on the spoilers, I feel this storyline is going to be a wild up and down emotional roller coaster! I looking forward to the ride!
  10. I also watched without subs - just can't wait for the episodes on Viki. I really want to ship LCY and XF even after all that happened, but watching LCY and SeSe scenes doesn't help his case (even though we know he doesn't have real affection for her). For those who watched the wedding scene: @dito @ohLIME @hellojustpassingby Thank you for all your insight about the novel and what may happen as the storyline progresses. It's like torture waiting for the episodes to come out on Viki. A few comments / questions about later in the storyline:
  11. Coming out of lurker mode for this drama... This is a great angsty drama to fill void of The Last Empress. I love the pacing of the first 10 episodes... It's also nice to to see Shawn Wei again - I liked him in Prince of Lang Ling. @Rouzmary @dito @Miky88 Thank you for explaining the novel. After understanding the basic plot through spoiler posts, I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions about what happens later in the story: I tend to fast forward all the political stuff, so don't know if I accidentally missed content that may have addressed these questions. Also, does anyone know if anyone on the web is doing weekly recaps of this drama? I'm watching on Viki, but only one episode a day is tough...
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