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  1. She is my favorite coz she is so real. A good leader, a business woman but with some wrong ideas. This drama is about her growing in character and as leader with the help of others..Everyone around her being perfect in everything is actually look little bit fake to me.
  2. Guys they didnt translate it..or they couldnt see him but in this list Jang Ki Yong is also there on 10th row. 2 Actor from "Search Www" are in most popular list btw all current active drama actors. Most talked actors of the week: 1. #JungHaeIn (“One Spring Night”) 2. #HanJiMin 3. #SongJoongKi (“Arthdal Chronicles”) 4. #ImSooJung (“Search: WWW”) 5. #KamWooSung (“The Wind Blows”) 6. #KimHaNeul 10. Jang Ki Yong (“Search: WWW”) and this make me ask..ıf you talk about them why you are not watching the drama dear k-citizens?
  3. Most commented dramas of the week: 1. tvN “#ArthdalChronicles” – 19.55% 2. MBC “#OneSpringNight” – 12.73% 3. tvN “#SearchWWW” – 8.99% 4. OCN “#Voice3” – 6.82% 5. KBS2 “#AngelsLastMissionLove” – 5.02% 6. JTBC “#TheWindBlows” – 5% Most talked actors of the week: 1. #JungHaeIn (“One Spring Night”) 2. #HanJiMin 3. #SongJoongKi (“Arthdal Chronicles”) 4. #ImSooJung (“Search: WWW”) 5. #KamWooSung (“The Wind Blows”) 6. #KimHaNeul
  4. (ınterview with ISJ) When Ki Young said there is 3 female lead and 3 love interest of them I totally thought this guy. He can be Scarlet future love interest. They will meet and gonna date. Cant believe first step is really happening. "Tense Encounter"..hımm. Look like they are ex-couple or ex rival in business world..whatever it is sure I will love it. Lovely...
  5. interesting. Also Jin He Jin played with Im Soo Jung in MISA and Im Soo Jung was the role wife of Lee Sun Kyun in All About My Wife. So many connections of male leads..lol....
  6. actually in most dramas and shows they use candy glass not real glass..especially the action dramas. You see someone fall on a glass panel or on a car and that thin soft glasses explodes. This is used many times in k-dramas. but maybe this time they prefer not to use it. or just dont want to show it.
  7. disappointed by less car smash BTS scene! ..They hide them coz ıt is a violence (like it not shown in drama ) or actually production broke that windows and harmed the car but in drama made it look like leads did that? so they dont want ruin the power of that scene.
  8. it is low..but they are saying this summer any drama getting high ratings so they are adding popular names as cameo. Summer is not a good term for dramas and same days there is a rival dramas in other channels. But sure it will be higher soon. Most drama start with low ratings. At least it keep the viewer rates. But TVN doing wrong. ıf you gonna add LDW as a cameo just promote it..He has a huge fandom in Korea.
  9. I actually think they didnt write a deep complex story over them..so their story goes slowly. Next week holding hands and ep 8-9 first kiss..11-12 first fight and ep 16 re-union...typical.
  10. ok..first of all why this drama is not popular in here while it is very popular on twitter?..Everyone talking about this drama but look like Soompiers focused on Joong Ki's drama more.. Anyway I liked today episode, still couldnt watch eng sub but it was ok. not so excited, like little bit extension of yesterday episode...a calm episode. Like we used to see there were so many focus on Tae Mi and Morgan love-line and again they were so romantic but boring...pls do smth director.. They have a chemistry but their story is so simple. I hope he goes out as someone diff..he shocks us, bring some energy their story can be as much as exciting as business side. I like Scarlet and Tae Mi's relation. They are so funny together. It is less to see woman-woman chemistry in dramas...they never focus on it.. but here I see them as bickering siblings. Scarlet as big aggressive oppa and her little doesang Tae Mi! Even their body shapes telling me this combination..Tall masculine Scarlet and tiny boyish Tae Mi. haha... (did I said I like Scarlet body lines and Tae Mi's hair and pretty lips)..and I can add Morgan's sexy smile to this combo...IDK why I telling this..just wanted to share...haha I hope after LDW joining to the cast (as cameo or new member) some new developments happens. there is still 10 episode more and they need to find new events and stories to make it more interesting.. BTW LDW gonna be Tammy's ex?...If he is returned back ex boyfriend I can ship him with Tammy. (maybe a little rivalry makes Morgan more active, need to see the devil side of him)
  11. wow...I will say coz of low ratings but this episodes filmed before. Nice to see him again. I hope he stays and at least be Scarlet love interest. Btw he talks like he knows Tae Mi and her face....he would be her ex boy or maybe brother...but sure they know each other. https://twitter.com/comma_dw/status/1141711366526402561 didnt I tell you this 2 pabos romance speed is disturbing?.. next step: holding hands...ırggggg...
  12. OMO...I still waiting the eng sub but people are saying Lee Dong Wook is in next week teaser... so that is why they made that goblin style finale scene at ep 5. ıf it is him than see how ratings breaks the roof!!!... it is him right?...
  13. please like u dont know....ofc a HUG! EDIT: btw in their romance speed, next big action we will see definitely gonna be a "hug" in a 4-5 episode later.
  14. @mademoisellesia not a surprise! again long stares with poetic talks!!!...another Humphrey Bogart and Ingrıd Bergman scene! at least go in action you idiots. You are not high school lovers. you know each other body well after all.
  15. I liked ep 5. It was so tense. I felt so bad for Tae Mi. I felt her pain. especially that scene she starting to cry when she see Park Morgan is calling her while there is no service on that stairs. That was so touching. I also liked last scene so much! ıt relieved me and say yeahh girllss never let them be weak! just destroy them! I sitting on fence over Tae Mi and Park Morgan romance...I like it coz it is so romantic and I hate it coz it is so romantic! their scenes repeating itself. I like Jang Ki Yong he is new but not a bad actor but in this drama his scenes bothering me coz his acting is so mediocre..smth off..I mean in every TaeMi and Morgan scene he goes near her, standing in front of her without moving his body his head anything..just standing and talk like a poet. He talks so slowly and giving breaks btw all sentences!..this scenes keep repeating with long eye staring to each other..you can see emotions in her eyes but he is like a robot..1 ok 2 ok..but how it continue in every scene...they are so romantic but their scenes are just saying stop this. director forcing too much to make it seen as their love is so romantic. When it continue it seems fake and seems as a role playing. that is why I want a new chapter in their story. They need to add something to make it more real and exciting. I hope it will happen coz any loveline started in 1st episode goes same for 20 more episode.
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