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  1. This episode made me really wonder about the finale. It was like a final episode..maybe like a ep 15. She will return back and they will be happy forever but this is happening in ep 15. 1 ep before the finale so look like Hong Sisters gonna stay in their "bitter end" cliche..Hope not. Ep 15 gonna be so lovely and in ep 16 we will face the real end of MW. I hope they make a plot twist like Ma Go's giving her a 2nd chance and making her a human again. I mean real human who will die when she get older. So she and CS can live happily. Maybe they can erase this couple memory about Hotel Del Luna. They continue as normal human couple..I think MW deserve that coz she helped all that died people to solve their problems.. She gave them a chance to fill their dreams in that Hotel. Same for all the Hotel staff. They also dont want to go. I am sure MW who is waiting to get rid of Luna want to stay now coz she found happiness again with CS. ofc this is all of us wishful scenario. Hong sisters like sad endings to make their dramas unforgettable. This is a fantastic drama so they can bond it with unexpected ending so I still have hopes..pls just dont do that in every drama. it is boring. anyway now I am more excited over MW and CS reunion. Poor boy gonna be so happy when he see her again...aww.
  2. ok today episode gave me so much complicated feelings. it was a very good episode but I felt bad for CS. He is the main lead and his love story had to be the most romantic one but CM is role stealing now. ..haha..CS is staying like a side character in MW and CM love story. A man and woman who loved each other..even killed many for each other and she is waiting him with hate/love feelings and he is following her for 1000 years secretly. This is so romantic. CS has to do smth over this..lol. and I afraid I will annoy more at next episode coz we will learn he had to catch MW team for princess coz she will kill his army and with knowing this, he had to bring them all to her but told her I will marry with you ıf you spare MW life. That will also bring him more score and sure MW will also learn all the story. We all know she will choose CS. She loves him but Hong Sisters give our boy a herotic action that will surpass the romanticism of MW and CM story......maybe he can wear that tiger print jacket for her.
  3. This episode was giving a hint for finale right? 1st Man Go telling Gream Ripper: It sound like Man Wol doesnt know the price Chang Sung has to pay yet. Once she finds out, she will be sad. 3th Man Go telling Man Wol: You will die when you afraid more! This are looks like a hints. I can make 2 prediction: 1st senario: They will tell Man Wol choose one of them: Going Hell & Chang Sung dead..She will choose going hell coz she want him to live but he will learn this and decide to take his own life to protect her from hell. But she will sacrifice herself. 2nd senario: any decision. ıf she die Chang Sung will take the lead of the Hotel he chosen as next owner. That is why they keep saying him "You will have a long life" ..Actually She really want to go after life but also dont want to leave him in Hotel prison. that also mean they wont meet in other world. They are very sad endings but it is Hong Sisters so I am not expecting a happy end...
  4. LOL. Do I need to explain it. Captain, general, army leader
  5. I think it is time for me to open a prediction acc. First ever k-drama prediction acc!! put the joke to a side..ıt was a very good episode... Cant wait general get into her life. Chan Seung and General rivalry gonna be interesting.
  6. I think I solved the mystery of Man Wol. You can see in that robbery scene the princess and the general was looking at each other with a love. General was actually that princess lover. After that incident she sent him to get into Man Wol crew and make MW think he loves her. He acted like he has a feelings for her while he was the princess lover. When you think deeply a general goes behind a thief and suddenly be friend with her, seduce her with a lovely words..why??..so fast..he played with her. I think Man Wol is learning general is the princess lover and they are getting married. She get jealous and angry and tries to kill her but cant manage it..after that Princess kill MW's best friend Yon Woo to punish her. and Man Wol is actually waiting Yon Woo not the general coz she still feel so much guilty. He died coz her stupid mistake and I really think Chan Seung is reincarnation of Yon Woo. that is why he destined to met with reincarnated princess, to hate her but bring her to Man Wol years later. By this way Man Wol would kill the princess and can go to hell..It is the Man Go's plan.
  7. Hi guys. I liked this drama. ıt is really a HQ drama and story getting better in each episode. I liked IU's acting and Jin Goo is little bit stiff but still like his role character and their chemistry. They are really doing well together in this drama. I really wonder Man-Wol's past story. What happened and she punished like this? Chan-Sung dreams giving some hints as the issue is related with both guy not only with her love interest. Otherwise why they use a 3rd character? I will make a prediction. I think Man Wol and that commender guy had a relation and coz of their love her oldest friend get harmed, maybe when he was protecting them and he lost his way to the heaven. so she actually miss her ex-love but her pain is related with the friend. She is waiting the oldest friend so he can find the way, come to her hotel, MW can say sorry and send him to the heaven. but what happened?
  8. She is my favorite coz she is so real. A good leader, a business woman but with some wrong ideas. This drama is about her growing in character and as leader with the help of others..Everyone around her being perfect in everything is actually look little bit fake to me.
  9. Guys they didnt translate it..or they couldnt see him but in this list Jang Ki Yong is also there on 10th row. 2 Actor from "Search Www" are in most popular list btw all current active drama actors. Most talked actors of the week: 1. #JungHaeIn (“One Spring Night”) 2. #HanJiMin 3. #SongJoongKi (“Arthdal Chronicles”) 4. #ImSooJung (“Search: WWW”) 5. #KamWooSung (“The Wind Blows”) 6. #KimHaNeul 10. Jang Ki Yong (“Search: WWW”) and this make me ask..ıf you talk about them why you are not watching the drama dear k-citizens?
  10. Most commented dramas of the week: 1. tvN “#ArthdalChronicles” – 19.55% 2. MBC “#OneSpringNight” – 12.73% 3. tvN “#SearchWWW” – 8.99% 4. OCN “#Voice3” – 6.82% 5. KBS2 “#AngelsLastMissionLove” – 5.02% 6. JTBC “#TheWindBlows” – 5% Most talked actors of the week: 1. #JungHaeIn (“One Spring Night”) 2. #HanJiMin 3. #SongJoongKi (“Arthdal Chronicles”) 4. #ImSooJung (“Search: WWW”) 5. #KamWooSung (“The Wind Blows”) 6. #KimHaNeul
  11. (ınterview with ISJ) When Ki Young said there is 3 female lead and 3 love interest of them I totally thought this guy. He can be Scarlet future love interest. They will meet and gonna date. Cant believe first step is really happening. "Tense Encounter"..hımm. Look like they are ex-couple or ex rival in business world..whatever it is sure I will love it. Lovely...
  12. interesting. Also Jin He Jin played with Im Soo Jung in MISA and Im Soo Jung was the role wife of Lee Sun Kyun in All About My Wife. So many connections of male leads..lol....
  13. actually in most dramas and shows they use candy glass not real glass..especially the action dramas. You see someone fall on a glass panel or on a car and that thin soft glasses explodes. This is used many times in k-dramas. but maybe this time they prefer not to use it. or just dont want to show it.
  14. disappointed by less car smash BTS scene! ..They hide them coz ıt is a violence (like it not shown in drama ) or actually production broke that windows and harmed the car but in drama made it look like leads did that? so they dont want ruin the power of that scene.
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