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  1. Okay so who is old enough to have thought I Dream of Jeannie when they saw this hairstyle straight out of the 60s and 70s. And then...I Dream of Ji Eunnie! Lol.
  2. I'm worried about those curses. They come through in this world. The ring might be the focus so maybe you're right. Speaking of objects, the Moon hairpin the Captain holds might once have been inside the coffin with the other things MW hauled away. I think Mago took those things, but whatever, the pin should still be around.
  3. Chan Sung needs a sexual awakening. His character is upright, earne st, ethical kind and chaste. He's based on a mythical character who is all these things. But the mold needs breaking in a romance, and we need some passion from him. This is shown in k dramas in the form of jealousy most often. I'll tell you though, one of the hottest scenes was right in episode one on the subway when MW leans over him and blows in eyes and ears. He's shaken by her at that moment, wondering if she'll make him her boy toy, and I got the sense he hated and loved it at the same time. My point is these actors do have chemistry, just watch that scene, but they're being written and directed differently, where trust not passion is primary.
  4. I saw goodbye my princess and though there is a thematic similarity in one aspect IF character motivations play out the same way, that would certainly not be enough to say it was copied or plagiarized. Maybe don't spread this kind of thing as if it is true?
  5. Lol. I actually think it's on this thread somewhere but have no idea how to search for it.
  6. Someone somewhere thought of this before and did a comparison of their photos as before and after weightloss. Lol.
  7. It would be kind of fun if the bellhop turned out to be the captain! Hear me out: 1) Someone else has his name - something is wrong with his identity. Was he given false memories (we know it can happen because MW almost did it to Mira)? 2) These reincarnations are coming back as opposites: the princess is now a thief; thief Yeon Woo is now a detective. What's the opposite of a nobleman and general/captain? A servant (bellhop) and a common soldier! 3) He has that sword slash in his chest near his heart, just where MW probably plunged her sword (cmon, the Korean war had guns not swords), and where CS clutched when waking from his vision of the moment. This is where my HDL-obsessed mind wanders, ladies and gentlemen. Worse, it's not outside probability, which means nothing else is either - ANYTHING is possible in this show lol.
  8. Ha! This made me laugh - that would be a tangled web! But there need be no alternate world, just that this reality is slightly different because it contains this mother. But I think the impact of the curse was diffused. How much more hurtful if he had memories of this woman who didn't want him and abandoned him? Because he doesn't know or remember her, an apology from her and chance to see her off is as good as it could get for him so MW makes sure it happens.
  9. CS apparently absorbed Man Wol's curse directed at Mira, but it was 'untangled' or 'defused' to a degree. But what was Mira's curse? She was meant to have a sad adult life because her memories were changed so she felt like her family had never wanted her and abandoned her. Is it a coincidence that a few days later CS encounters librarian ghost mother who never wanted him and had abandoned him? And photos in a book on Existence and Time, paralleling the photos of Mira and her family? And Existence and Time questions the whole nature of what it is 'to be'. It's very possible that until the curse hit CS, that librarian mom didn't exist in time. She's pulled into existence/time by the curse. I think MW knows something on this topic. No lily for the librarian. CS's job is to protect MW from herself. She tells him he's going to get hurt. For her but also by her if this is an example. Anything her ill-will dishes out will rebound onto CS so she's put into a position to save him. But from the curse we see that that might not be enough.
  10. Good post. My read is the same as yours re MR and YW. I still think part of Yeon Woo's spirit is tied to Man Wol. A blogger at bitchesoverdramas said Yeon Woo's spirit not Captain's is the firefly, and it's a possibility. When Yeon Woo sees MW, he stops in his tracks. It's not attraction, it's recognition. Probably a very strong deja vu feeling with emotions attached. Ma Go tells him he is doomed to bachelorhood, lovelessness, loneliness unless he takes that heart pen. What if it's been the same in each of his reincarnated lives because part of his heart or spirit has remained with MW. Also, to digress because of the book "Existence and Time": is it possible that the three ghost employees continued to exist in the real world but part of their essence became the ghosts at the Hotel? Perhaps because of a contract? People are always making contracts with Death or the devil. Man Wol as a death entity made a contract with CS's dad. This is all in my head, but perhaps our bellhop, with that killing blow in his chest, returned home to die, but his sister loved him so much she signed away her eyes and part of his soul to keep him alive. That's why there's a real guy, who is his physically older self, but also a ghost - always physically young because time stopped - contractually obliged to serve the Hotel until his sister dies? And something like this happened with Yeon Woo, who gets reincarnated but part of his spirit or soul is contractually obliged through promise or love to remain with Man Wol? And maybe with the other employees too. Contracts? Every time the bellboy remembers his past, the song My Grandfather's Clock plays. This is a song about existence and time stopping simultaneously (mirrored in the book title), and we've also got MW and her tree, for whom they more or less stopped too.
  11. So true about the side characters! As for Mira, I didn't get the impression her emotions ran deep, for which I am truly thankful. Just finished a Thai drama which wasn't bad, but the second lead female was so jealous and shrieking and over the top it was a wonder someone didn't take her outside and shoot her!I
  12. I don't get the water spirit story either, in its own right or as part of the larger Man Wol arc.
  13. I wonder if CS's friend is amongst the ghosts bellhop already brought to the hotel? I do not like serial killer's interest in CS. Freaky.
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