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  1. I really can't imagine how this story will end, whether we will get a happy or a tragic ending. I really wish we had more Sunny x Wang Sik scenes But I love how Sunny is becoming so amazing!!
  2. I really dont like this idea of Sunny and LH getting 'closer' but i guess in order for her to get her revenge she needs to. But
  3. Thanks for the recap @ktcjdrama @lingx2 @supergal99 I am so furious at the Nanny, gosh she is just sooo THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HER. She didnt just kill her best friend, she killed a baby too - an innocent one. oh my goodness and now she is doing everything she can to make sure Princess Ari becomes Empress. She needs to be severely punished. I hope she gets the ultimate retribution and Princess Ari be the one to expose and destroy her!! I wish we had more otp moments though. sigh. We still have how many more episodes?
  4. I agree with you. I too come from Asia as well and the culture of spanking was not something unusual. @triplem said it perfectly, as long as it is not in excess or abusive. I was spanked as a child as well, but my parents only used it when it was extreme and other punishments did not work on me. I think there is a difference between what is seen as punishment in different culture. I think ultimately different things work for a child. Some parents dont wish to and some parents feel it is necessary. It is hard to say what is better or not. And you are right, LH's redemption shouldnt be in the form of love. True maybe Sunny will be the one who opens his eyes but she is not the one that will bring redemption to him. He has been wrecking chaos long before Sunny. His redemption is his own self awareness and realisation that what he is doing is wrong. Right now, rather than repenting thing, he keeps deflecting the blame. True he is stunned in his emotional growth, and maybe he is on the path to really becoming 'human' but i dont think a love line with Sunny is the way to 'save' him so to speak. i keep wondering if LH really does 'love' Sunny or that because she keeps flat out rejecting him (from the moment she came back to the Palace) that now he wants something he clearly cant have.
  5. I watched the raw. same I find it interesting as well. As much as I like Lee Hyuk as a character. I feel no matter what I cant see LH and Sunny together. I feel sad for LH. You know if the ED was a much sweeter lady, maybe LH would turn out alright. But as much as he is really just such a sad character, he is still someone who feels entitled. The last scene where after Sunny rejected him, LH chose to handle it the way he handles everything with force and demand. I mean, come one that isnt right... As much as he is a character that if given love would really be a wise and sweet ruler. He can't love. at least not yet. my heart breaks for Sunny, to find out that the reason why her mother died is because the royal family overruled which led to the mother's death is sad. LH's accident was not because of something else but more of his neglect - which i guess makes it even worse.. and I agree with you @ktcjdrama Yoon is such an underwritten character? i mean he is just using his emotions than rather his head to do everything. the fact that he didnt think that maybe just maybe the plans can go sideways. he should have expected the ED to use such underhand tactics. sigh, i hope he does reach some potential.
  6. Hi chingu (: it has been a long time. Nope there was not mention of it explicitly but there were flashback scenes that showed the guard and YR. so the reasonably conclusion is that they had a kid but well we wont know that for sure. At the end of last night's episode LH made a declaration that he wants to protect Sunny. ohhoo declare war huh. Just a random question but is the ED born a royal or was she a commoner first? oh preview is out! @stroppyse think you can help translate?
  7. I think it is clear that YR is ambitious so is the Nanny - just that unlike YR the Nanny kind of knows how to play her cards right. The fact that she didnt get axed at all amazes me. I mean technically you dont need her anymore do you... Ha it is nice that the drama injects funny moments it does balance out all the dark and just weird things going on sometimes in the drama. I fear for Ari because she can so easily turn into another LH or ED. I just hope Sunny is a good influence over her. hmm, i dont think YR entered the palace for the boyfriend. But it is a noble cause if she did. I think with the amount of power she held she could have easily investigated actually. But rather she wants to be empress. Clearly the Nanny had something to do with the death of the former Empress, I think at least along the lines of perhaps setting her up. The Empress was pregnant when she died (correct me if I am wrong) so clearly, like YR the nanny saw her as competition. Well if Ari is close to Sunny because of that will - then she is more calculating then I thought. I do hope that there is some innocence left in Princess Ari I mean sadly or not the palace does change a person.
  8. Finally we have some romance well at least the beginnings of one. it is clear both are smitten with each other. Personally I feel so so bad for Lee Hyuk I mean i can tell that before the ED messed him up he was a sweet boy. But when you grow up under such a controlling and oppressive mother I can see him turning bonkers. It is cute he is fawning over the Sunny even though she is treating him somewhat mean. As a predicted the Nanny and ED joined hands to get rid of Sunny. I guess ED realise she rather keep the Nanny than the ED. I do feel bad for the Nanny I mean princess Ari doesnt exactly treat her right but i guess because she doesnt know that the nanny is the mother? no? With no preview gosh I am excited to see what happens know. Clearly I think Yura knows WS real identity so its no how will she make a comeback. And Yura had a relationship with the guard who was previously linked to the 1st Empress .... what does this mean!??? oh my goodness!!! @alekaonu @ktcjdrama @stroppyse @triplem
  9. ha i like my dp too. I would love if they tell us why the players get regenerated as NPC and why it is specific to the ones who killed the players. Does that btw now that Prof Cha is JW's ally that Secretary Seo like NPC is gone? HELLO! I pop out of nowhere. I am surprise to even get tagged since I dont participate in the thread But I will jump in on the poll for good fun. Though I really dont wanna change my dp but anwayys for poll 1... YES as for poll 2 - base on your clarification my guess is who is the key person. I am truly torn between Emma and SJ, Emma has to serve a purpose soooooo I am going to go with... EMMA for now.
  10. you are definitely right. The Nanny has really been playing her cards right. All she wants is the Princess to be Empress and then she wants to have her own rightful place as her mother. She is like another ED in the making . Scary scary!! Hello Chingu! I didnt realise you were on this thread! LONG TIME ITS BEEN A LONG TIME - for me at least haha (: haha I dont think there is anything that Lee Hyuk can do to redeem himself? I mean even if he does fall in love with Sunny (still unsure about this) I mean I think Sunny realise his character. He fell in love with her because Yuna is out of the picture already and he is really shaken up and frighten.
  11. Hey! Thanks for welcoming me here. it has been a long time since I last participated on the forum so its nice to be back (sort of ^^) Hmm, at first I think in the first like 4 episodes, I was a bit weird out because it screamed makjang? Like even with some of the editing and music choice. I think all those gross elements are really to emphasis kind of how out of touch and untouchable the Royal family are? I mean it is amazing how they manage to get away with what they have considering that they are only a constitutional monarchy right? It is a bit insane. However, I have to admit that the three main characters (WangSik, Sunny and Lee Hyuk) are really an amazing trio - acting wise and chemistry. I have utter faith in JN and CJH as actors. I mean they are really good. The more I watched the more I got hooked haha! I am really curious like what would happen, what curve ball the writers will throw at us. I have to admit I am a little bummed the romance is moving soooo slowly. But I am like you where I am like huh? at one moment and then awesome another HEY! Well I have been watching just I have had the time or the energy to participate in any threads. Hopefully I will a bit more here. Sorry for coming so late into the game ^^ Correct me if I am wrong but that paper was eventually taken away by Yura right? So in others words she has that evidence? I think.. I have to admit that even though I really detest Yura the Nanny scares me more. Especially since she has manage to survive in the palace for as long as she has. I am amazed they didnt get rid of her.
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