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  1. I'm still curious why they skipped that part to KGE answering 'bokachu', imagine one of them or the staff asked LMH to describe 'jamanchu', and he explained and it felt awkward and KGE immediately said bokachu to escape the situation lol just my imagination
  2. then, in the new timeline LG is not the king?? Maybe Prince Buyeong's daughter becomes the queen. But then it contradicts the title itself
  3. good points there! My two cents about them would be.. - LG yelling that he washed an entire bag of rice In uniform for TE to see. He washed normal amount first, expecting JTE to wake up soon, but she woke up much later lolol so he did it repeatedly. Or he just simply act without proper thinking sometimes, like in Ep 2 when he recklessly declared he is a king to JTE, or when he spent all his money - The MBTI thing was supposed to be a joke right? - sword fight when there are guns. I have read the answers for this from pages before. The concern is
  4. Yupp! I also already reported all the tweets with the pictures too I'm feeling so uncomfortable seeing those :"( hope the tweets will disappear soon! >< Sorry I deleted my earlier post that you quoted >< I thought it was oot
  5. The amount of contents we receive today, it's not just breadcrumbs yall, it's RAINING CANDIES
  6. TOO MUCH SWEETNESS IN A DAY OMG MY SHIPPER HEART TOO CUTE!! :'''''') and happy 100 pages guys!
  7. Guys, someone in twitter did tarot reading for MinEun! I'm just gonna drop the link here (it's my first time sharing link to a tweet, is it okay or should I ask for permission first?) Btw, she said she did it twice and the results are the same. I'll try to translate it. So, for now, KGE still can't move on from the past (maybe previous relationship?). Currently she's more career oriented and putting love aside. But it's said that she's happy to have a friendship with LMH. LMH also feels comfortable around KGE. And it's said that LMH seems to have a feeling for her. But
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