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  1. 2021 06 01 Sohu Weibo updates On June 1, In the photo, Victoria is in the form of Cruella, with sharp eyes, enchanting posture and full of atmosphere~ Eng Trans by VBow22
  2. Harper Bazaar's China, June 2021 Issue x Victoria Interview English Translation by thesongqian Link in chinese https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/3v-VOqfALsS1a05k6ckr9A
  3. 2021 05 18 Song Qian Weibo update “Unlocking a lovely and interesting adventurous journey. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a fun chat. Thank you Xiao Li jie [sister] for your Bazaar invitation. Let’s eat the cute pig cake again next time." *studio shares photo of Song Qian + the special pig cake Bazaar prepared. Eng Trans by thesongqian
  4. 2021 05 14 Studio Weibo Updates - iQiYi 2021 World Conference Photos by fans
  5. 2021 05 14 — Studio Weibo update Victoria in iQiYi 2021 World Conference
  6. 2021 05 14 Studio Weibo update Victoria Song attended the 2021 iQiyi World Conference with her work Luoyang
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