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  1. [ENG] Victoria Song birthday Vlog 0202 [Subtítulos en Español] 210207 Vlog del Estudio de Victoria por su Cumpleaños
  2. To see small translations of the livestream of Victoria's birthday on Douyin, see this twitter thread
  3. 2021 02 02 "I caught a little Victoria who celebrated her birthday in a sea of flowers. She looks so beautiful! Happy birthday beauty!" "Encontré a una pequeña Victoria que celebró su cumpleaños en un mar de flores. ¡Se ve tan hermosa! ¡Feliz cumpleaños Belleza!" credits: VBow22
  4. 2021 02 03 Victoria Oasis + Weibo update "Thank you to all who spent my birthday w me, received many well wishes+surprises! Also received from across the screen, plus ppl both helped celebrate remotely and came from afar to celebrate my birthday in person. With so many people who love me so dearly, 2021 will surely be an even happier year. We all must be happy every day, happiness is the most important thing." "¡Gracias a todos los que pasaron mi cumpleaños conmigo, recibí muchos buenos deseos y sorpresas! También recibí bendiciones de todos a través de la pantalla, hubo pe
  5. 2021 01 23 Victoria Oasis + Weibo update “Surrounded by love first thing in the morning” "Rodeada de amor a primera hora de la mañana" credits: thesongqian
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