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  1. Hi, May I know if it is possible to reactivate an archived thread? Signal the J-movie , sequel to the J-drama has just been announced to air Apr 2, 2021 on various platforms including Netflix, reuniting the original cast. As such, is it possible to reactivate the J-drama thread? Thank you very much for your help.
  2. @partyon Thank you for the awesome news! Am absolutely thrilled to hear it.
  3. @Jillia Thankfully no one was injured. Hope the filming will be able to continue safely for all concerned and no further untoward incidents.
  4. I couldn't get past Ep1 of Birthcare Centre, but was really looking forward to this. Unfortunately, have had no luck viewing it anywhere at all... argh! Ah well... will just have to make do with the clips.. thank you for sharing them @Jillia!
  5. @Jillia I didn't realise that there are dramas that have not been picked up by a broadcast station. Was under the (obviously wrong) assumption that dramas are produced when they have confirmed the broadcasting station. Definitely good news then that tvN has picked it up! Am hoping Netflix does too.
  6. @JilliaThank you for the heads up! Sep 2021! Ahhh... and there I was thinking it will air 1st half of 2021! Ah well... as long as it finally airs, that's the main thing. I am still waiting impatiently for KEH's other works to pan out (I'm looking at you, Signal S2!) I can't really visualise the plot structure with Mount Jiri yet, but am trusting KEH to work her magic, bolstered by a wonderful cast. Can't wait!
  7. Kingdom is included in New York Times' Best International Shows of 2020! Kim Sung-kyu in “Kingdom,” a South Korean zombie thriller.Credit...Juhan Noh/Netflix ‘Kingdom’ (Netflix) Along with the feature films “Train to Busan” and “Peninsula,” this spirited mix of fast-moving monsters and royal skulduggery puts South Korea at the forefront of the action-zombie genre. In Season 2, while the male characters exerted a lot of frantic effort to save the kingdom of Joseon from the treacherous and the undead, Bae Doona and Kim Hye-j
  8. Hi, I found many threads being archived as well. In the past, while a thread is archived, we can still read the posts that were there, only not able to post on the thread. Now all the posts are missing. For now, the following threads please be reactivated? Signal (2018) jdrama Signal (2016) kdrama Children of Nobody Novoland Eagle Flag Thank you!
  9. Signal the J-movie has just been announced to air Apr 2, 2021 on various platforms including Netflix, reuniting the original cast. I have no idea whether KEH is also involved in the script, or this is a spinoff purely by the Japanese scriptwriters. However, this intensifies my hope that we too, will see a similar announcement regarding the Korean sequel, be it a S2, or a movie. Please!
  10. Was watching Tale of the Nine Tailed, when these scenes just bring me back to Kingdom once more. Spinoff and Season 3, please come soon!
  11. @burglYes I see what you mean. There seems to be a lot of regrets too? Our girl's tears in the travel variety show 奇遇人生2 broke my heart, exposing her raw vulnerability when she speaks about not having a boyfriend, her tears despite her assertations that she feels her life is happy after the producer noted she has selective memory Really hope she finds, if not has already found happiness... Likewise for him.
  12. @burglHopefully this is a hint of WonWen becoming a reality again, which would make this WonWen shipper truly happy. Let's wish for both of them only to be happy, whether together or apart... and support their decision no matter the outcome. He sang Only You again? That song brings back so many memories... all the shoutouts in "She Was Pretty" to her... mentioning her name, her photos plastered everywhere... even the "$10" slyly inserted into the dialogue. Fingers crossed that this is yet another hint that something is brewing again that would make WonWen fans ecstatic. Please be true!
  13. @burgl Me too! My heart started pounding the moment I saw their posts one after another, and the feelings just come rushing back again. Dare I start hoping again that perhaps we will see a happy ending after all? Dare I?
  14. The instrumental soundtrack is out! This piece in particular still brings me to tears...
  15. “Kingdom” To Release Special Episode Centering Around Jun Ji Hyun’s Character DRAMA PREVIEW Nov 2, 2020 by S. Nam Netflix’s “Kingdom” will be releasing a special episode for Jun Ji Hyun’s character Ashin! The popular zombie drama will be returning with the special one-episode bonus story “Kingdom: Ashin of the North.” As an extension of “Kingdom” season two, “Kingdom: Ashin of the Nor
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