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  1. Hi, In the past, we are can opt not to display our online status on Soompi. However, this option no longer appears to be there any more. May I know if this option been removed? If not, may I know where this can be configured? If it has been removed, will it be reinstated again? Thank you for your help.
  2. @a_tumiwa The agreement is for Qingyang to send 5000 soldiers of the Tiger Panther cavalry. I don't recall it being mentioned that none were sent. I believe the soldiers in the initial agreement must have already been sent, else Duke Baili would not have held his peace as long as he did. Certainly, LGC's uncle who escorted him to the Eastern Lands brought along over a hundred soldiers of the Iron Army which he handed over to LGC during the battle at Gubei Pass, so it is inconceivable that the agreed upon soldiers did not travel to the Eastern lands either. I don't think YR knows any real martial skills, though she is certainly adept in escaping from trouble, and she definitely does not lack for courage as seen when they helped LGC fight the Chiya who killed Suma. YTZ described the Goddess of War as wearing lacquered armour woven with golden silk, shooting steel arrows from a green jewelled bow. In addition, the book also describes the Goddess of War as having incredible martial powers. As such, once YR became the Goddess of War, she would have inherited the powers and skills as befitting her role as the guardian of Qingzhou.
  3. @a_tumiwa Qingyang, or more specifically LGC's brothers declared the treaty between Qingyang and Lower Tang as void upon the death of his father, and that Duke Baili was free to deal with LGC as he sees fit. Throughout the events of the drama, I don't believe his marriage to YR was ever formally dissolved. So to be exact, it is Qingyang who broke the treaty, and not the other way round, and is unrelated to the state of the marriage, sham or otherwise. Since the drama ends with Qingyang facing off the Wolf tribe, there is no indication whether the Qingyang that survives the war manages to obtain provisions from the Eastern Lands anymore. Still, I am inclined to think that with XZ on the throne, and knowing the reason LGC came to the Eastern Lands in the first place, a new treaty might be drawn with Lower Tang, the house of which she is married to, that would provide Qingyang with what they need. I believe that BLNQ, having obtained the power and authority that he wants for his clan, would agree to such a treaty if there is one, since it is also in his interests to maintain a good relationship with his empress. My 2 cents. The Four Great Generals of the Eastern Lands are: Dragon General Bai Yi of Chu Wei, always dressed in white robes. Also known as the greatest general in the Eastern lands Tiger General Hua Ye of Chun. Commander of the Wind Tiger cavalry. Also known as Ugly Tiger, due to his appearance. Fox General Xi Yan of Lower Tang, always dresssed in black armour Leopard General Tuoba Shanyue of Lower Tang. Skilled in offensive strategy, so there is an Eastern saying "Avoid the mountain if you meet it", referring to his name 山 shan which means "mountain" We've met all of them except the Tiger General Hua Ye.
  4. @a_tumiwa No it was never mentioned in the drama that SSQ is of the Spirit race, merely that she was an assassin, who at the age of 16, was under the employ of Duke Baili to tail You Changji, and ended up falling in love with the man. Rewatching the drama from the beginning, and the feels come rushing back, some hitting harder than others because I already know what lies ahead for them. The bond between our Nanhuai trio takes on particular significance and poignancy, while SSQ and XY's aching relationship still hits me where it hurts. Some dialogue now take on especial meaning, and it is interesting to note that LBC was not lying when he assured the Grand Princess the era for an empress to rule the Eastern Lands is at hand... except now, we realise that it was XZ, not the Grand Princess who would ascend to the throne. Still, with the various missteps that Chenyue made, did LBC really know that he was prophesying the future, or was it merely the imperfect visions he saw in his capacity as the high priest of Chenyue, which he used to his advantage to move the pieces on the chessboard he has carefully planned out? I don't know. Still no news of the release of the instrumental soundtrack so far, so I am keeping this teaser of the Battle Theme from the composer Tan Xuan's Weibo on repeat on my playlist. Hope it gets released soon.
  5. @skibbies In the book, the ending, while abrupt, actually explained what happened after, including Mengle Huo'er's long-dreamed opportunity to enter the Northern capital before he left with his Wolf tribe. Rumours have it that he died of old age in the Northern wastelands and his body was fed to the wolves. The drama was less obvious in this regard, though the changing of seasons to Spring, the reemergence of LGC's pet and the flags in the city as noted by @FightSphere457's sharp eyes, indicate Qingyang's victory. As for XZ's marriage to Baili Yu, they were promised in marriage from the start, and there was never any romance with LGC to begin with, nor did XZ become empress (she was never involved in politics in the book). Then again, there is so much departure from the books in terms of character arcs anyway, not to mention I never read the book prior to this, so I am not so concerned about that, but more whether the character evolution makes sense. Strangely enough, I find the Northern lands arc, while breathtaking in cinematography, to be more poorly conceived narrative-wise. I still take issue with the lack of attention to detail, particularly in terms of etiquette in both the Northern and Eastern lands, and there is a disconnect in terms of cohesion that never quite gets addressed. Nonetheless, at risk of sounding like a broken record, the 4 young leads and the strong seasoned actors keeps me invested despite being very much aware of the issues, and they more than anything else, are what I will miss now that it is over.
  6. The instrumental soundtrack is finally released... each piece capturing the essence of every emotion - idyll, guilt, pain, empathy, soaring love. A stunning work of art. Some of the ones that move me particularly here...
  7. @Diaroadic Thank you very much for your kind words. YWY survives the battle of Shangyang Pass and escapes back to Li, and there has been no mention of him in the drama since then. In the book, XZ was very much younger, never involved in politics, much less crowned empress, so it is probably not a good basis for guessing what is to come. However, since in the drama, XZ is surrounded by Tianqu and Chuwei, as well as Lower Tang, I am hard-pressed to believe that YWY would be able to intimidate the new empress as easily as he did her brother with demands for funds for his northwardly conquests. @a_tumiwa I'm sorry but I do not know enough of chess to tell if the sets are actual recreations. As for the flute, the drama refers to it as 笛子 dízi, which are actually transverse flutes. In the drama, it is an end-blown flute, which would usually be referred to as 箫 xiāo, though the size is markedly smaller than that of a conventional xiāo. I am unable to find any reference to a flute similar to it - perhaps someone with better knowledge of Chinese wind instruments can enlighten us. @Angeline Ong I disliked the abruptness of the ending. While it is obvious that Qingyang won the war (symbolised by the changing of seasons into spring - associated with a season of hope and rebirth, as well as the reemergence of LGC's pet, which somehow finds its way back to the grasslands all the way from Gubei Pass), it is anti-climatic after the intense buildup to the battle, not to mention we are given no clue what happened to Mengle Huo'er. Still, perhaps it is for the best that we do not see the aftermath - not sure if I can bear a scene when LGC is told of how peace is won in the Eastern lands, thus paving the way for the aid that came to them. @jeenee The marks on Suma's back are not Chinese characters, but markings left behind by the old Qingyang princes who abused her in exchange for bringing her back to the grasslands. Thus, her hatred for Qingyang, whom she deemed guilty for everything that happened to her.
  8. The last 4 episodes 53-56 bring us through the overthrowing of the old regime and the ushering of a new era in the Eastern Lands, while unveiling the onslaught of internal and external threat as Qingyang is held ransom by the threat of the Wolf tribe outside its city walls, even as it struggles under the devastation of infighting and betrayal within. Through it all, the destinies of the remaining three young people come to pass, for some, at great personal cost. XZ's bitter fate is the hardest to watch, a consciously made decision that reflects both her indomitable will and unflinching courage in the face of the pitiful inevitability of her remaining existence, even as it shatters her and those who love her. The battle at Shangyang Pass showed her once and for all the kind of destruction that awaited the Eastern Lands at the hands of the Grand Princess who, when faced with the overwhelming threat of the Chiya, would sacrifice the entire Five Armies including her own lover without a second thought by leaving them trapped at the Pass and unable to retreat to the capital, just to ensure her own safety. Knowing what is at stake - including the survival of Chuwei which has become a thorn in the side of the Grand Princess, the plan to depose the Grand Princess is set in motion, starting with the her own father who in turn rallies the support of XY. Well aware how much it pains LGC to see any more Tianqu members sacrificed, the involvement of their organisation was never her intent, until JY persuaded her otherwise, explaining that the dream of every Tianqu warrior is to see true peace in these turbulent times. Nonetheless, as BLNQ astutely points out to XZ, the valour of the Tianqu organisation notwithstanding, their numbers are few and there is little hope of raising an army, much less win against the imperial guards. My heart sank when XZ agrees to BLNQ's Machiavellian terms that would bestow continued favour and power upon the Baili clan, cemented by a marriage alliance between herself and the late Duke Baili's child-like heir Baili Yu. Yet pragmatically speaking, without the might of 20,000 strong Lower Tang army still stationed at the capital, there is no other viable option for XZ to definitively turn the odds in her favour and give the people a chance at peace at last. Following that, her decision to stay and ascend the throne even though the Grand Princess is finally disposed of, is driven by the fact that she could not afford to allow the kingdom to fall into the hands of yet another unscrupulous ruler, despite knowing exactly what that would demand of her. Hence, there is such a sense of hollow victory as we watch her coronation unfold, with the appointment of BLNQ as the commander of the feudal lords, effectively granting Lower Tang authority over all other states and the announcement of her intended marriage to Baili Yu much to BY's devastated shock. That very last scene, when Baili Yu interrupts the ceremony with toy in hand, yelling for his father is heartwrenching - when at last, realising the exacting price she paid for the greater good, every single person present who knows and cares for her, bow their heads deep down in sorrow. And the mute desolation, tears that threatened to spill but forcibly held back, her mouth twisted into a rictus before she finally reins in her emotions and hides her pain behind an impassive demeanor - in that moment, my heart shattered for this young girl whose moments of true happiness, always so scarce and fleeting, are now totally out of reach, irrevocably separated from the one she loves. Yet, in her capacity as empress of the Eastern lands, she would still protect him even if they could never be, and it is by her decree that the Tianqu army, elevated to protectors of the nation and spearheaded by their commander JY, would ride to Qingyang's aid at its most dire hour. My only consolation is that while her throne is cold and lonely, she is surrounded by men of honour and integrity in her court, and I believe that they will uphold the peace that she has given so much of to reclaim. BLNQ is the one ominous element in XZ's new reign, with power exceeding all others in the land. It is to his credit that the new era could be ushered in, but his vindictiveness and insidious, manipulative nature is already evident with his retaliatory measures towards the Grand Princess, plotting her downfall and personally ensuring her death. His coercion of XZ, forcing her to honour her previous agreement with the previous Duke Baili with regards to a marriage alliance makes me fear that she may have bitten off more than she could chew in terms of the agreement with him. While I hope that he means what he told XZ about wanting to serve a good ruler, which disqualifies both the Grand Princess and the highly paranoid Duke Baili, ultimately, he is very much driven by the inherent pragmatism of the Baili clan which would always cast their lots behind the winner. Will XZ too become a chess piece in his hand, or will she, find a way to safeguard the nation she has given up so much for and keep the hounds at bay? We can only hope. Up to his incongruous end, LBC's motivations are never fully explained, at least not to me. Here is a wizard who has done so much to secure LGC into becoming a part of Chenyue, but to what ends? In his last moments, he speaks of Chenyue as emissaries of the Star Gods whose essence will never be destroyed despite the deaths of their worldly bodies, and still refers to LGC as his child, his friend. Was his intention to have the ultimate Bronzed Blood warrior as the next high priest of Chenyue to succeed him, ushering them into greater heights as they wreak havoc and bloodshed in all the lands? Is this better explained in the book? Can someone who knows the book enlighten me? At the Northern lands, LGC is helpless to stop the relentless destruction of the fabric within Qingyang itself, brought about by Chenyue's insidious influence and he loses more and more those he hold dear. It is the height of betrayal for him that the one that sounded the death knell for his people would be the woman he trusted so implicitly, the one who was his dearest friend, for whom he had relentlessly sought revenge in the Eastern lands. As expected, it is Suma after all, who marked the entire Qingyang people for doom, her hatred stemming from LGC leaving her for dead en route to Lower Tang, and the unimaginable abuse she suffered, carved into her back by the old princes whose beds she crawled into in exchange for passage back to the grasslands. Her hatred is so great that she would even frame her own husband who loved her so completely as the traitor who collaborated with the Wolf tribe, and watch dispassionately while he is trampled to death by horses as punishment for his crime. This too, is the woman who betrayed LGC and the Grand Shaman's location when they went in search of his incarcerated grandfather, causing the older man's death at the hands of LBC. Watching his brothers viciously tear each other's throats out for the sake of the throne; goaded by a bloodthirsty maternal grandfather determined to invade his people; losing his incarcerated paternal grandfather who sacrifices himself to teach him the final step of his swordsmanship, which in turn enables him to kill LBC once and for all - LGC's return home is filled with bloodshed and loss, until at last, he who never coveted the throne, is forced to become king with the death of all his brothers, and lead his people into battle against the enemy surrounding their city with odds that they could not hope to overcome, before unexpected aid arrives at the eleventh hour. As LGC finally embraces the destiny that is thrust upon him, he secures the peace that has long eluded his people while managing to sidestep the curse of insanity that has dogged others before him, but not without great personal cost to himself. Throughout this entire time, it is clear he still clung to the hope that one day, he would return to the Eastern lands once everything is settled, and be reunited with the woman he loves and the friends he care for. Still, fate would foil him at every turn, until at last, that hope is no longer an option. And even if he did manage to return, whom would he return to? The one awaiting is no longer the girl who is free to follow her heart, but the remote empress whose life is no longer her own. Unfortunately, my greatest dread was realised when the last 4 episodes turned out to be a mixed bag, predominantly exasperating, with a handful of redeeming scenes. Suma's revenge arc is a ludicrous one, even more so the laughable ease with which the devastation she wrought is just as quickly forgiven and forgotten. This is the woman who singlehandedly caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Qingyang men, including her own husband, yet all is forgiven because of what she suffered? Then there is the 4000 strong secret Zhenyan army whom she would just as easily deliver into the hands of LGC's 3rd brother Xudahan with no sense of loyalty towards them, in exchange for LGC's safety. While we are meant to see that LGC is different, his propensity to forgive far overriding any hurt inflicted on himself - the exact same reason why he manages to keep the demons of his blood curse at bay when his predecessors failed - Suma's crime is towards the entire Qingyang, and not just himself. As such, that arc falls completely flat for me, leaving me with a bitter aftertaste. I also take issue with the convenient disposal of LGC's siblings - one after another just so that LGC will have no choice but to assume the throne. In particular, Xudahan's demise boggles the mind - committing suicide in a sudden revelation that everything he plotted to gain the throne, has no meaning, and having LGC name him as the real traitor in a rare fit of conscience, in order to stop the infighting and allow the people to finally come together against their external foes. And let's not even start about how the Grand Shaman, wise to the cunning ways of Chenyue, would actually fall for LBC's trick and look into the mirror that would trap him in LBC's illusion, leading to his death. Seriously? Notwithstanding, the standout scenes of which I wish for more, are unforgettable, etching a place in my heart even while shattering it. The moment JY appears on the horizon and locks eyes with LGC has to be the perfect reunion of two friends whose bond remains fast in spite of distance and time. And this poignant eulogy is the perfect footnote to the relationships that I have come to care for so much, when in his imagination, LGC achingly reminisces to the Grand Shaman about the people who matter in his life, most of whom are now lost to him: GS: Come, tell me about your life in the Eastern Lands LGC: Actually when I first went there, I was very sickly and thought I did not have long to live. At the time, the only thing that kept me going was to avenge Suma. Thankfully, I met two people who became my best of friends. GS: It is good that you were able to find true friends. Tell me what they are like. LGC: They... one of them is called Ji Ye. "Ye as in the wilderness." That is what he often said. His eyes are pitch black. He usually does not smile much, but his heart is more resolute than anyone else. The other one is Yu Ran. She is the princess of Lower Tang, and has now become the Goddess of War of the Winged tribe. However, when I first met her, she was always running around, dressed in men's clothing, dragging me and Ji Ye everywhere to run and play. Actually, both of them are a match made in heaven. GS: What about you, Asule? Did you meet anyone you love? LGC: I did. She is a princess of the capital. Her name is Xiao Zhou, but she personally prefers pale-coloured clothing. She rarely smiles because she has too much weighing on her heart. Yet she does not realise that she is so beautiful when she smiles, with two delicate dimples on her cheeks. However, I don't think I have the chance to return to the Eastern Lands to see her anymore. Grand Shaman... I really miss you too. At long last, the drama closes its curtains on this chapter of the universe, its hard-won peace paid for through the sacrifices made by four young people who never imagined that they would be the ones to change their world. While imperfect and riddled with issues, they are the reason that I will miss this universe now that it is over.
  9. Amidst the escalating change in the political landscape of the Eastern Lands and the furious political upheaval in the Northern Lands, Eps 45-52 chart the respective journeys of the three ruffians of Nanhuai to the aching, irrevocable conclusion that while their bond remains steadfast and strong, there will never be a gathering of our beloved Nanhuai trio ever again, not in this lifetime. There is bittersweet pride in seeing each of them as well as XZ, embrace their respective destinies, one that they perhaps never wanted for themselves, yet rose to the task because duty, responsibility towards a greater good and a lofty dream of peace overrode any personal desires especially in this turbulent age. In an age where suffering and injustice abounds, the fact that this generation is driven by a core sense of justice, buoyed by their ideals and dreams of a better world, gives great hope that their sacrifice will not be in vain, even as we grieve for what must surely be to come. It is ironic that the most carefree of them all would be the first to rise up to her destiny despite having everything her heart could want - their precious friendship and JY's unwavering love. When she could leave and reclaim the happiness that laid within reach, she could no more turn away from a people she hardly knew, a place she instinctively called home. Knowing full well what is required of her - a lifetime of solitude with no spouse or children, solely dedicated to the will of Heaven, she chose to accept her life as the newest Goddess of War, bringing a new age of hope and unity to her people who have suffered so terribly over the last 15 years. My tears began to fall when, knowing what would happen if YR successfully awakened the petrified Snow Crane warriors during her 2nd attempt, JY still supported her decision, not wanting her to live with regrets but to help her fulfill her dreams, despite the cost to him and them: That and her parting words to JY's unconscious form before she retreated into the holy temple: "Meeting you is the greatest blessing to my life. Even if we are separated from now on, whenever I think of you, my heart is free." is a testament to just how much they have matured, how their love, unsullied by everything that has happened, remains true even as they walk away and willingly let go of each other, because others need them more. And I ache for them just as I love them that much more because of it. By the same token, we see a JY who has truly come into his own. Of the three, his origins are the least remarkable, and his dreams more pragmatic and personal, as a result of being starved of affection and kindness. His turning point came that fateful day he made the acquaintance of the two people who would breathe lifelong meaning and warmth to his life, and even in his darkest hours, he never really lost track of the inherent good that is within him. Though his changes are often subtle, it is evident that he has evolved from the desperate young boy who wanted only to be remembered, to the man who would give of himself even if it meant giving up his own dreams for those he love. This is the man who storms the execution grounds single-handedly for his friend, knowing that he goes to certain death; the same man who returns for his father and leaves in tears after the older man's harsh rebuke, intended to push him away so as not to be a burden to the boy whom he is so proud to call his son. The JY of today, bequeathed the ring of Tianqu's sovereign leader by LGC, now wields his spear with the understanding of what it means to be a true warrior, and exhibits a heart for the people that was once never his priority in the past, and my heart swells in pride with just how far he has come: LGC's destiny is sealed the moment he learns of his father's passing and the unrest in the Northern lands under his older brother's reign. Unable to tell if he would be able to return to the Eastern lands after that, he makes two drastic decisions - taking definitive leave of the woman he loves so as to protect her for what may be the final time; and entrusting JY as the new sovereign leader of Tianqu, who will uphold their ideals, save XY and protect the Eastern lands. Upon his return, he finally understands the truth behind his affliction, the curse those with Bronzed Blood carry - heightened power and speed beyond normal men, yet losing more and more of their humanity with each time they use their powers, until such time when they spiral into madness from which there is no return, feared by their enemies, dreaded by their loved ones. Knowing now the curse that is within him, compounded by his innate protective instinct, there is a sense of fatality in LGC's subsequent decisions even as he pledges his allegiance to the new king, relinquishes his title of Crown Prince, and relegates himself to just 大那颜 - a prince with slightly more seniority than the rest of his other brothers due to his previous rank. As the threat from the Wolf tribe looms even greater with each passing hour, he goes on what is surely a suicide mission, intent on taking out his maternal grandfather Mengle Huo'er on his own by tapping into his powers, even if it meant one step closer to impending madness. His words to his uncle as he finally reveals his curse - "Rather than becoming a madman, it is better to die in battle" drives home the fatalism with which he accepts what surely must be his fate, asking only that to give his life so that Qingyang might not perish. Yet again, the best laid plans are foiled due to a spy who betrays them to the enemy, and the combined might of Chenyue and the Wolf tribe destroys more and more of those LGC care for, including his uncle who entrusted his 10,000 men in battle, and one of his firm friends Tie Ye. While the identity of the traitor is yet unknown, the Suma who has returned from the dead and regains her voice, does not appear to be the same girl who grew up with LGC, not forgetting it was at her instigation that Bimogan forced his father to name him as heir after killing off the uncles who opposed him. If indeed she is the traitor, that is yet one more betrayal LGC has to suffer from those whom he has held close to his heart, and I hurt for him who has already gone through so much. Once again, the drama shows us just how strong the women of the universe are in their own way. XZ, whose courage and strength is never in question, now takes the first steps to secure peace in the land by drawing support to go against the Grand Princess, starting with the father she can never publicly acknowledge. In response to BY's explanation that one can only choose to protect either the person one loves, or the world, but not both, her words about LGC are poignant: "Since I cannot spend my life with him, I wish to be like him." From here on, it is clear that she will use every means within her disposal to bring about a new reign to the Eastern lands, one that is free from the tyranny that is oppressing the land, and I fear that this includes the will of the late emperor, naming her as his successor. While ostentatiously returning to the Grand Princess, it is clear that BLNQ's motivations are no longer as clear cut as before, and he too is likely a key player in what would be XZ's ascent to the throne. LGC once made a remark to his oldest brother Bimogan that one may not necessarily be able to keep the promises one has made, since a person is like a fallen leaf on the icy river, with no idea where it would float to; nor whom it will meet. It is a stark observation that casts an ominous light on promises made in the past, many of which had been broken, and more of which may be broken in future, a foreshadowing that perhaps they too are not meant to be as they respond to their respective destinies. The cinematography remains breathtaking, and the battle between Qingyang and the Wolf tribe has to be the most spectacular yet, keeping me at the edge of my seat. However, plot cohesion and some character development continue to suffer, such as the dramatic change of character in GYY at Qingzhou, which I feel is to ensure that YR is the only person left who can help her people; the resurrection of XY's nephew who supposedly died when the Tianqu warriors stormed the execution ground to save LGC, but is then alive once more during XY's rescue from the dungeons of the capital; JY, always easily captured in previous episodes, yet suddenly powerful enough to take on the entire Lower Tang troops stationed at the execution ground; the ridiculously quick disposal of Duke Baili by General Tuoba, followed by the latter's assassination within minutes of taking over Lower Tang. Nonetheless, while still dogged by issues, the drama continues to keep me invested, exactly because I never stopped caring for the characters, and it is with inordinate pride and poignancy as I watch each of them grow, just as I ache for what they have to go through. Once again, I wish we had been given the originally intended 68 episodes, instead of a hacked-up drama upon which cohesion is often sacrificed. With 4 more episodes to go, I am already preparing myself for the worst in terms of heartache, while praying that it will deliver in terms of narrative all the way to the end. Finally, one last look at the Nanhuai trio who have become so close to my heart, and whom we shall never see again, not like this
  10. @Angeline Ong I presume you are referring to this video? Quick transcript: "Today Persimmon is mischievous" (Note: the words 柿子 persimmon has the same pronunciation as 世子 Crown Prince, and LGC is often cheekily referred to as 柿子 in the BTS, rather than 世子) (LHR's eyes following the direction of his forefinger) [Persimmon is training the martial powers of eye expression] [The correct way to begin is actually...] (voiceover) 1... 2....3....4....5... [Seriously.concentrating] (voiceover) Secondly, please press the eyeballs (?). 1...2....3....4.. [To care for eyesight, do as I do] ... [Who is whistling] [It's him It's him It IS him] [Guess what tune this is] [You must have guessed] LHR: (whispers) We Are Different (the song he was whistling is "We Are Different" by 大壮 Da Zhuang) I only know this line CHY: (laughs) I only know this line too! I've only heard this line ... (LHR dancing down the steps of the prison in Shangyang Pass) [Persimmon who is at the shooting scene is especially mischievous] --- (At the bed) LHR: What did I do? I beat Lei Bicheng senseless! [The truth behind the hyper excitement] hahahahahaha [The director's sense of humour being tickled endlessly] CHY: Devilish!
  11. @triplem This is what the preview said per C-subs. Looks like there are two babies after all - both YJW's. Now more than ever, I feel for JCK if he can accept a living reminder of his wife's betrayal: YJW (flashback): Ji Eun, I wish to be with you Doctor: Your wife appears to have had a great shock. She is pregnant SJE: Thank you for leading a happy life. Those summer days... YJW (flashback): Are you looking for Love? SJE: What kind of dream did we have? PJM: But sir, were you happy during that time? YJW: Of course. Very happy SJE: Now I think I finally understand the reason Love flew away JCK: Oh no!
  12. Amusing BTS of the dramatic rescue scene during LGC's execution Quick transcript: Director: 3, 2,1 Start! (Wedding march plays) [Sorry, wrong BGM] [JY hacking away at the lock until it suddenly starts wobbling] Director: It's chopped. You've finished chopping it [The set is shaky] [See them laughing so happily at the execution ground] (LHR putting his head back in the guillotine) [Obediently going to the guillotine] LHR: I've to wash my clothes. I tell you, I needn't have worn any clothes [What did you say?!!] CRX: What are you shouting about? LHR: I have filmed an entire day like this CRX: That's funny [Be patient. The wheels of fortune are ever turning] LHR: Hurry up and help me take a picture. Bring my phone [Playing with the phone even at the execution ground.jpg] [Shallow you within 3 days] [Expressing his inner happiness after filming] LHR: (dancing in glee) Come come come Ji Ye! You still have to go to A team [for more filming] [Our friendship is over] [The fastest way to save Asule] -- removing the guillotine block [Filming] LGC: Alright. Let us die together [Melodramatic love song BGM: # We are hugging back to back # Abusing silence to roar # This love has no chance to age # Buried in the bonfire of a joke] CHY: Both of you really seem like you are getting married (laughs) I'm sorry for disturbing you!
  13. Watched Eps 13 and 14 with a great deal of impatience, as we see even more how much the affairs have cost those who love them, especially those who had done nothing wrong. The most pitiful victims of the entire affair are undoubtedly CSA's children - little Ah Ram who misses her mother so desperately that she believes her mother will only come if she is sick; and Ah Jin who masks her shattered heart behind a defiant attitude, until she could bear it no longer and considered suicide as the only way out. I find CSA highly irresponsible in this matter, and as much as I dislike Jenny, her words are and should be a wake-up call to her, that who else but the mother can take care of her children. Foisting what is her responsibility to her children to someone else while pursuing her own happiness smacks of selfishness, and the fact that she is oblivious to the terrible pain that she has inflicted upon her children makes it harder for me to root for her, even as I realise that her marriage is on the rocks. As nasty as LYJ is, there is no doubt that he loves his children. His desperation as he searches everywhere for Ah Jin, who would easily have been found dead if not for PJM is proof that beneath the mercenary crassness, there is a heart of a father deep inside. As such, this scene broke my heart and moved me far more than CSA or DHY's pain, his ragged relief when at last he finds his child, safe and sound: Similarly, the sight of the yellow baby shoes (@triplem perhaps these were the shoes that were represented on the cake??) made my heart ache so much, since it represented the wistful, vain hopes of a MIL who opened up her heart to her daughter-in-law and loved her like a daughter, even to the extent of sharing her own personal betrayal by her husband. While I understand that guilt is no excuse to prolong a marriage that has died, nonetheless, if YJW had not shown up, would SJE have refused to give her marriage a second chance? Of the betrayed spouses and family, I feel the most for JCK and his mother since love, not possessiveness defines their feelings for her. What does it say about a betrayed spouse when he is willing to change himself for the better until SJE comes back to him again and loves him once more, despite the fact that she betrayed their marriage vows? Not for the first time, I realise just how ironic the drama is, that I find myself now hurting for JCK, when once I would have written him off without a second thought. I finished watching the original and realise that fireflies are featured after all as a heartbreaking theme in the movie. I probably sound like a broken record but this drama has done a brilliant job in its adaptation - familiar scenes used in a refreshing way. Will it go down the tragic path of the original, or will we at least, see SJE, with the encouragement of YJW, finally step out to grasp her dream to be an author, carving an identity for herself outside of her marriage or affair? I don't believe NMY is pregnant either, so it is only a matter of time before that lie comes to light. Still, the part I can never understand is how both parties can end up signing an agreement not to see each other anymore. What kind of coercion (is it even legal anyway?) allows such an agreement to be drawn up, and how on earth did SJE and YJW ever find themselves agreeing to it when both were so eager to grasp their own happiness a short while ago, unless it is due to the thought that a baby is on the way? We'll see.
  14. Despite concerns regarding the direction of the drama, I must mention just how much I love the instrumental soundtrack composed by the incredible 谭旋 Tan Xuan, whose other works include the soundtracks for 宸汐缘 Love and Destiny, 三生三世十里桃花 3L3W:Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, 楚乔传 Legend of Chu Qiao. Every motif beautifully captures the scene it accompanies, enhancing it even more - the aching strands that accompany each star-crossed lovers never fails to break my heart; the unmistakable theme that accompanies YR is reminiscent of the mysterious Winged Tribe, even in the early episodes; the opening theme that is both ominous and stirring; the rousing battle theme that accentuates the desperation and valour of the men who fought. Really hope that the complete instrumental soundtrack will be released some time. @firipy I believe the preview in Ep52 shows both LGC and XZ reminiscing about their time together, missing one another. It is interesting that here, his confession to his older brother about loving someone from the Eastern Lands refers to XZ, while originally referring to YR in the book. Since Suma's arc is starkly different from the book, it is highly possible that she has ulterior motives for returning, and very much related to Chenyue. If so, this is a totally different Suma from the book, who loves Asule alone, and would do anything to protect him - this trait appears to be transferred to XZ in the drama. We'll see.
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