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  1. I am so happy I watched this drama. I loved the ending, it was beautiful.......but I honestly feel that this drama should have been at least 20 episodes. The ending where they alluded that their journey to acceptance would be longer...I am picturing battles in the palace. Given this drama is about the "Gantaek" and the "War between the women", THIS should be in the drama in my honest opinion. I am hoping for a second epilogue or season 2 but.. yeah.. But all the same , kudos to the cast and crew for building the chemistry between the characters and making us fall in love with them. I agree 100% percent with what you're saying. I enjoyed the entire story but i felt cheated too at the end...i would love to have seen Kyung's grandmother accept his son. THAT would have been special...
  2. Okay I need to wait for the subs...but I'm still wondering:- Why did Minister Jo want to put his daughter on the throne so badly? Why did he ask for the Prince to replace Kyung then never think much of him after that? Were all his elaborate plots JUST to make his daughter Queen? But whose Queen...? After all he did plot to kill Kyung too? What did EB's father write that was so damning? Seems like next week is going to be a bucket of tears...I JUST hope that the kiss happens after the confrontation per the preview... Also the Queen Mother, I've been thinking that I think strangely in her cold fish way she is VERY upset that someone tried to kill her grandson. Otherwise why would she would she NOT favour JYJ as Queen.....I mean aren't they from the same clan?
  3. i think its the writters..if this were a longer drama probably could see more character arc development
  4. I think the issue is that Kyung is very young. From watching historiccals and chinese dramas, Kings need time to build their power base and establish their reigns. Hence, their beginning are often quite volatile and tumultous. At this point, Kyung has a powerful maternal family but the issue is that they are concemtrated on building a future liferline and not so much on him. He has no "hold" over them.Some kings use fear and some use brutality and other use their vision but as always they need to establish that Kyung has not really had that time. This is compounded if his father has died young and he is coming from out a long regency - nobles grow complacent................. This is my two cents on this Source: My opinion based on watching endless historical dramas and reading history. EB is already half in love with the King....I highly doubt that at this stage/point she is going to assasinate anyone on their behalf...#sorrynotsorry ....when her anger was fresh yes, now no - unless EB goes through some noble idiocy phase .or the writters have a brain fart.....but would be out of character given her character arc. Another issue...come on one king is the same as another king...why on earth if her father is a revolutionary would EVEN support another king. Like seriously they are teasing us cant they just tell us WHAT WAS SO CONTROVERSIAL about that BOOK.!
  5. Can anyone provide a rough translation of what the preview says? Desperately curious........
  6. i am so excited - i feel conflicted about weekends now. on the one hand, i want to last longer but then again if it does it will be longer before I can watch the series Yup i get the comic angle but her expressions are painful to watch...... I agree that its unrealistic that kings only have one women only......I'd really like to see more of their interactions , think that would allow us to better understand the attraction........... fascniating to watch the hero being all in and the heroine the one ambiguous..
  7. @lizzyd I know right LOL!!!!!! - easiest Saquek romantic trope! I count 100 days my prince and moon embracing the sun, etc etc (list is endlessss..............) having this. I think it's hard for them to do otherwise because of how little time they have........... otherwise adult characters falling in love in a 16 ep drama! challengin unless you have long episodes and ignore other plot points. And I do find it sort of adorables that Kyung fell in love with EB (@raziela hahhahahahah thanks for correcting!). Think given her personality, it was maybe like a huriccane hitting him all at once! She is memorable we have to admit @raziela Omg, my OTP heart is shipping!!! Lol, kiddign! they are adorables together! hahaha my laugh first things today Btw - as a new point, the actress playing Kyung's mother.....is it just me or is her acting slightly painful to watch...............i find her reactions and acting odd....
  8. You know I somehow think Kyung knows that EB is not EK at least at the back of his mind. But I think he is willing to accept it face value because I suspect his guilt is immense. Surprisingly I must admit I'm not too fussed on the dreams etc because looking at overall flow~ it makes sense I agree with you - I think EK sensed that the king knew EB. And that thread connecting her to EB was important to her. I am not convinced that EK loved Kyung. Somehow for me, I find YJ rather pathetic figure....in the end, for her goals, she is willing to allow the others to die. Imagine GP almost killed Kyung and murdered the Queen, in her mind, it's all acceptable as long as she gets what she wants... i am not convinced she loves him to be honest.....it's more a fixation and that she covets him..... That's my read of the scenarios at least!