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  1. You can read at wikipedia all about him... I just love to watch korean variety show which give me good laugh and if you want to have really good laugh.. try watch 2D1N from season 1 until know it never bored me. He is a great singer and about acting, he is not a great but good/not bad. All his dramas had good ratings.
  2. I am following LSG since he start singing, strong heart, watsh all 2D1N's episodes, all his dramas and everything he does... so Its like I am watching my kid grow up. My opinion will not objective but I love LSG and Suzy in GFB... and also wish there is GFB season 2 so I will consider this drama GFB season 2 Can't wait to watch it... I think this drama will suit him the best consider he loves being in the army (if you watch all the butlers) PS: The only LSG's drama I don't watch was A Korean Odyssey
  3. too much dramas with handsome oppa .... so ji sub, jang hyuk, go soo, song seung hoon... I love this drama from ep. 1... when someone say "don't open this room" soooo many times... it will make someone WANT TO open it It kind a clue that you have to open it
  4. First, I just watch it because no wed-thur drama I like and this surprise me that I really enjoy it. I got a feeling that the doctor who make him forgot the accident and anything with his hypnotize.
  5. It is so cute and funny as well.... look like PBY's height is half of KYK's
  6. I still find this drama worth watching and I still enjoy it Actually I have no complain with this drama I still can understand ET from someone who planned to not get own child, and welcome to have ES to became his child when he still does't know that ES is his real daughter because he think it is still save. But after he knew ES is real daughter, he feels afraid because his bad blood and share DNA and he feel guilty. I still love this drama
  7. valentvcd

    The Tollgate

    award #2. the villain you are glad to see in jail or dead ====> It is sure Appa from come and hug me award #5. the drama that is like a good meal and has a bit of everything -- sides, starters, main + salad and even dessert. =========> Drinking solo for sure... when I watched it make me want to go korean restaurant and taste it
  8. I love the episodes story... I do hope there is no villain... When Gong asked to himself what happen to her for the 2 years??? it show that he start to really care. Everything will be reveal when seo ri see the painting... and my feeling, jennifer already saw it. I think she still go to locked room and somehow she can open it. Who is Jennifer??? :D :D let's waiting for the answer.
  9. @USAFarmgirl great and love to see you too sister... Actually I see you at many other places forum mostly I just being silent reader and always lovveeeee to read your posts
  10. Some people (maybe all people) will always remember their first love.... their first wanting to hold, hug or even kiss someone in the first time. No one will say no to the story about that kind of love thats why this drama get good ratings even just 2 episodes and will increase. It will always warm our heart... I laugh so hard every times word POOP comes out What I think we will sorry about is the Doctor, Seo Ri is his first love and he will get heart broken if seo ri with mr.gong And we got their first kiss already
  11. I love the first episode.... this is my drama right now :D after few drama ended this week :D
  12. that 'hammer' always be there from ep.1 to the end... just 2 episode/2 days left why can that hammer rest ... just give us lovely scenes.. at the end it seems become more scary
  13. Ahhhh... yes I remember now... thank you He really looks like attacker :D
  14. Appa is sooooo scary.. this is the first time I watch this kind of drama... I usually love rom-com or family drama Ok... I lost the bet
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