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  1. I just ff the other couple because the eng sub will be release tomorrow morning, but approx 2 scene (and a half, if we counted scarlett watching jihwan in tv) for scarlett and jihwan (better than nothing) because my korean is really limited, so this is what i got (CMIW) 1. The fist scene is about jihwan become no 1 search because the ex gf of pyo junsoo (the vloger), in the prev ep she wathing jihwan drama and become his fans... Scarlett got angry with her because of it but the vloger roughly said that fans should be happy if the actor getting popular... in the end scarlett got upset and leave the vloger and jihwan in front of the banner in station. Jihwan run for her but in the end still about the fans and the actor (ugh, the dialogue in here quite difficult to understand)... and they finally walk separately 2. The 2nd scene (its the most important), jihwan asked scarlett to meet and yes he told her he will go to military in about 1month... (what... this crazy drama-scarlett quote about what happen to mother in law) he fell so honor to meet scarlett (the clip from preview)..: scarlett is about to cry but in the end they just shaking hand (ugh...) (I just activate my soompi account after a long time hiatus because of this drama, so please writter-nim don't make it sad ending)
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