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  1. Awesome news...he won Best Actor for 'Dark Figure of Crime' So well deserved... congratulations Ju Ji Hoon ssi His portrayal of Kang Tae O is gripping and despicable especially when you realise this movie is based on a true story. 축하해요! https://www.soompi.com/article/1339621wpp/winners-of-2019-chunsa-film-art-awards
  2. I'm loving #jaeuckmalion's pics and captions....they are quite different from others I have seen .....hard to know which to choose but a few examples and perfection....
  3. https://www.soompi.com/article/1339154wpp/joo-ji-hoon-receives-minor-injury-on-set-of-kingdom-2 Mmmm seems Soompi will only let me post this as a link?? Also is that his official instagram?? I thought he didn't have one :p
  4. Just dropping in to thank everyone who contributed to this forum I have just finished watching 'Different Dreams' and found many of your comments helpful and insightful in filling in some of the things I had missed while watching. After watching the first episode I thought this drama wasn't going to be for me but I like to give a drama a '2 episode chance' and I am so glad I did. I loved everything about it, the storyline, the characters, the cinematography, the build in intensity. Someone mentioned that the writer had even given the support characters their own stories and this made it all the more interesting. I loved that at the end we learned more about Hiroshi's driver/aide Maru and how Hiroshi had been like a Father to him and that I felt a connection between him and Young Jin in that they both were grieving for this man who had been a father figure in their lives and yet in reality he was a person who would do anything to gain power. I'm not a person who cries easily while watching a drama but I was surprised at how emotional I felt when Won Bong and Young Jin were at the river in the beginning of Episode 20. The intensity of Won Bong's emotions as he thought of his dead comrades and that he is now the last one left - almost trying to justify, rationalise that he was still alive - I could feel his anguish as he yelled out, swearing at them with his whole being Also beside the characters and their stories is the whole story of Japan's occupation of Korea. There is some interesting reading on the net about Korean liberation fighters, the Provisional Govt of Korea, etc. It's made me think again about the country I was born in and how it was 'colonised' in the late 1700s by Britain and how now a lot of the 1st nation people have been disenfranchised Yes this drama is going to stay with me for a while.....
  5. Trying to think of a caption for the top photo that captures his look :p Any ideas ??? Mmmm maybe like - 'Don't blame me - what's a guy supposed to do ???'
  6. @jaeuckismylife @cenching I think we also have to remember that he is an actor :p Also I've seen some pretty raunchy looking model photos around that look very believable :p So who knows what they were thinking - only him and her lol :p This is off topic but .....
  7. @jaeuckismylife @cenching He started his military training in 2011.
  8. @jaeuckismylife @cenching This photo reminded me of a part from 'The Moment Disc 3' @ 27mins where he is with a model in a photoshoot??? ( I don't think it is from a movie or a drama) Anyway the photo above may have been taken before they took most of their clothes off What do you think? I do wonder what it is about cos there wasn't much 'fashion' to show I guess we will find out if JJChastity is able to kindly sub it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvh4BadPtCo By the way the English subs are rubbish on this video :p
  9. @JJChastity Ayame and Kdramaholic - thank you so very much for subbing The Moment Disc 2 You can watch this on JJChastity's blog https://jaenagil.home.blog/2019/06/02/kim-jae-wook-the-moment/ I had watched it raw but of course this gave me so much more understanding, appreciation and love for Kim Jae Wook as a person. I realise this is just a glimpse into his thoughts and personality, and that was 8 years ago, but he seems very genuine and honest. I love his awkwardness when he gets embarrassed, flustered - his high pitched laugh, his hard blinking, going red from the chest up - we see this in his interviews when someone is praising him and I see this as a proof of his genuity (I like this dictionary meaning - free from pretense, affectation, or hypocrisy) - describes him perfectly On a more shallow note - that look at 22.29
  10. I love 'priinger's' recent instagram posts - I guess they are her reaction to the lastest 'Kim Jae Wook - Lee El' rumours. Her posts always cheer me up I love her sense of humour ....and....
  11. Poor Jae Wook ssi - yes he does look so very tired. It's a shame he didn't have more security/bodyguards on hand to help him during that long walk through the airport
  12. Such a beautiful photo at the restaurant with the floral frame and the 'pièce de résistance', Kim Jae Wook as the centrepiece
  13. @faunaHahaha according to this variety show 'Come to Play' he said was drunk :p He didn't used to take alcohol very well and the director gave the models about half a cup of whiskey to drink before going onto the runway lol. You can watch this video on JJChastity's Jaenagil blog site https://jaenagil.home.blog/2019/06/06/come-to-play-episode-219/ - it is such an interesting and fun video to watch and - bonus - it's subbed !!!! And a plug for JJChastity - if you haven't already visited this site don't put it off - this is your Kim Jae Wook 'go to site' Thank you (deep bow) thank you And a big thank from me you to all those who post on here and keep us all up to date - really appreciated On a side note - he often reminds me of a young Hugh Grant - British actor :p - he has similar visuals and that cheeky glint in his eyes
  14. @belenaI just have to come out of lurking mode and thank you for posting that interview https://ssusita.livejournal.com/243069.html It is very thought provoking - at least to me - and helps us see a deeper side to him. His interpretation of Hedwig and Tommy and what he wanted to show the audience impressed me. I am glad he is able to be his own person
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