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  1. Oh My God. FINALLY I'm so excited about this dramaaa. We will see him in 2021. He will nail this role. POWER HE HOLDS!!!
  2. He nominated for DAESANG in APAN I'm so proud of him. Looking forward APAN and AAA. I miss him seeing in award ceremony I heard a rumour that it will release in 2022
  3. i'm so excited for Bloody finger Soohyun as SERIAL KILLER!!!! ***20201113 Instagram Update
  4. Cosrx Cf Filming Gosh his visual is killing me this year Since He confirmed to attend AAA. Let's vote for him in APAN!!!
  5. Donginbi NEW CF!!! Gosh He is soo handsome Cr to uploader Another ad!! On the October 21st, a domestic underwear and nightwear company Ssang Bang-ul announced that actor Kim Soo-hyun was selected as a model. The selection of this model is part of a new communication strategy to strengthen communication with the younger generation. The company explained the background of the selection that Kim Soo-Hyun's healthy and reliable image and authentic acting matched the goals pursued by the company, and that his global recognition was in line with the future stra
  6. Based on his suit. I think it's from Iotnbo. I really hope he will pick a project soon Hi. He is indeed humble man. People around him always praise his personality. Credit to his mom. She raised him so well. Imagine soohyun with his kids. That'd be so cute. He will be good father.
  7. Hi @willenette thank you for all the update. I don't know if I misunderstand what u said about Instagram account. But He has Instagram account. @soohyun_k216 It has 7.7 million followers now. If anyone want to read excellent and detailed review about It's okay to be not okay. Here it is! https://thefangirlverdict.com/2020/09/23/review-its-okay-to-not-be-okay/#more-40332 Congratulations I'm happy that he is updating. Looking hot !!!
  8. Congratulations his Hanabank ad reached 1.3 million within the week
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