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  1. HaoRan in the dinner wrap up for Who is the Murderer S6 with English sub
  2. btw my brother and me share the same opinion....we arent going to vote the next rounds....since they dont respect us and treat this like a games.....they can play with....why should we trust them further?
  3. sigh.....well i guess they need some spice up.....from the Covid-19.... side dishes :x
  4. here we go again @triplem
  5. hahahah lets hope this rd will have better ending....the ending to part 1 is very sad and i didnt watch part 2 :x
  6. hahaha okie...i just bkread it lols hell ....who came up with tht thing? its not like they are swimming without swimsuit @@ @cenching i think the sorry came too late? hahaha it had went viral 838
  7. True Next Person: Looking at a plant now.
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