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[Official Thread] Victoria Song/Song Qian (宋茜)

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Name: Victoria Song 


Birth Name: Song Qian ( 宋茜) 

Birthdate: February 2, 1987

Height: 168 cm

Place of Birth: Qingdao, Shandong, China


Assoc. Acts: Former f(x) leader & main dancer in South Korea. Actress and singer in China. 

Specialty: Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance

Education: Beijing Dance Academy


Instagram: victoria02_02


Weibo: @宋茜

MV Appearances:

08. KANGTA new album title song as the Actress

08 SJ-M debut album title song 'U' Actress

Pre-debut CFs:

China's Samsung Anycall along with Rain

SPRIS advertising model With Lee Jun Ki

Nuna In SHINee MV

Smart S Line Uniforms With SHINee


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Guest tenjo*affinity

newborn artist sm...she gonna have big success if sm promote her like the others...

but i agree with the person below me..

they need to freakin promote CSJH MORE!!!!!!!!!

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wow.another SM artist.so she will be in Korea instead of China?

i wonder how well is her korean since she's only found like last year..O_O

But good luck to her and cant wait for her to debut!^^

if this is confirmed..

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Guest orange08

sjdkfljkls omg finally; I've been wondering who the girl in the SJ-M 'U' music video was! She was smoking hot in that music video and she looks very pretty in that picture. Can't wait to see those Spris ads with Jun Ki!

EDIT: wow that was fast! Thank you for uploading those Spris ads <3! I personally think she looks a little awkward in them, but I'm sure she'll improve with time. She's super cute with Jun Ki, though.

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Guest saltnpepper

good luck to sm for trying to promote so many artists at one time..x.x

but i'm interested to see her debut!

she sounds like a really great dancer and she's very pretty

wow she's only been in SM for over half a year and she's already had MVs and CFs

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Guest JTH

wow, havent paid attention to k-media since forever.

cool that sm is supporting more people who love kentertainment :):)

hope she does well and gets a lot of exposure;

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Guest winter.love

Yeah, that's a pretty short training period for a SM trainee.

Those pictures of LJK kind of look weird, but Victoria's really pretty ;D

Wish her success.

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Guest miki_chan

WOW oh my goodness, shes so pretty ! I hope she has a good career.

lets see her more in the future ! :)

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yay, chinese pride lol .__. She's soo pretty! And since she was in a dance academy, she must be very talented in that aspect. Gonna keep an eye out for her. Is she going to debut as a singer or sth?

she should hook up with geng coughs

oh and shouldn't it be 'shan dong?'

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Guest Milk*

She looks prettier in these pictures than in the U mv. Her fringe made her look kind of awkward. D: And she reminds me a bit of Park Hee bon in some pics.

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Guest pinkcafelatte

She looks pretty. ^____^

I have to go watch some of the things she was in to see if she's good or not.

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