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  1. You read the book too? It's really good! Humorous and full of heart warming love. I searched the drama after finishing the book for the third time. There are differences between drama and the book, I must say. Cramping 106 chapters into 40 episodes can be tough. I personally liked the LYB and TX in the book better. The way Yu Bing showed his love for Tang Xue was less ostentatious and more private in the book but it was equally great. The kisses were shared between the two in private moments, not publicly, but very frequent. He loved smooching her and doing little bites on her lips. He paid for her first three months of lessons at speed skating because she failed to impress the coach but he believed in her ability. They had dinner and studied together every night, the latter even when he was in Haerbin training via the phone. He taught her maths. They can communicate via their eyes, without talking, like whenever BC bugged TX ( in the book ) LYB would know exactly what TX wanted him to do without her even saying a word. And that was when they were not going out yet. LYB beats himself up every time he thinks about the 6 years he missed of her life. He was also very jealous and kept shooing other 'bees' away from the flower and emphasized: I met her first!' I love their inner thoughts about each other. Of course, the drama was all about teenage and young innocent love. The book had a more adult side to the love. Can't share it here because some of you might be too young!
  2. The novel ended with the sentence ''I understand you will come, so I wait'' I am not sure who she saw. That sentence was meant for Tian You but the cat Dong Gu was with Liang Sheng at the end of the novel, also staying on the island. It was present together with the shadow that met Jiang Sheng when she came back. So was the shadow Liang Sheng? Was it a happy ending? The housekeeper sent a killer to the island to kill Jiang Sheng after they knew Tian You did not have pulmonary fibrosis. It was someone Jiang Sheng will never suspect as a killer. Did she survive? Was the shadow the killer that even Dong Gu the cat felt amicable with? Very interesting.
  3. I feel so late yet excited coming into a forum that has laid dormant for 2 years! I just don't know if I will get a response but I need to say this and get it out of my system (ha!ha!ha!) : I read all 5 volumes of the novel (in the exact mandarin words used by the author Le Xiao Mi) and saw the drama on YouTube. I am so glad Wallace Chung and Sun Yi gave us the sensible, most of the time, dignified Tian You and Jiang Sheng imprinted in my mind and not the confused, immature and self antagonising mess that are the 2 leads in the novel!!